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About me[edit]

'I am a drifter throughout life, seeking higher planes of knowledge and dreamy locales.' I work as an engineering technician during the week, and attempt to make it all disappear by Sunday night. I write - here at times, other places on occasion (usually a bar)- forever searching for some sense of cohesive meaning in my words. Sometimes stories, and sometimes just a thought. Gods, how I wish I had talent. Good thing I can be a productive Wikipedian!

In reality am an engineering technician involved in aerospace and planetary geophysics, and an avid follower of all things related to homebuilt RC land vehicles and light gas gun aerodynamics and impact research.

Wikipedia contributions[edit]

I've been working on Wikipedia articles since late 2006 under my current ID, and before that I was a 'noaccount' ;-)

My contributions to Wikipedia are generally centered upon articles relating to Light Gas Gun operations, and facilities at NASA's Ames Research Center in California. In other areas, I have edited for grammar and offered a bit of typo correction, but nothing significant as of yet.