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Power Player
Origin Brooklyn, New York
Genres Indie rock
Years active 2002–present
Labels self-released
Website [1]
Members Ryan Smith
Kevin Thaxton
Thayer Mcclanahan
Peter Smith
Gretta Cohn
Past members Andrew Greenwood
Zachary Greenwood

Power Player is a Brooklyn-based electronic-rock project led by Ryan Smith (Twin Thousands, Stars Like Fleas, A Million Billion). The current band includes Ryan Smith (synthesizers, programming, vocals), Kevin Thaxton (bass), Thayer Gibbs Mcclanahan (guitar), Peter Smith (drums), and Gretta Cohn (cello and vocals).


Power Player's first release was the Here We Go! EP, recorded in 2002 with original lineup of the band, which included Ryan (synthesizer, programming, and vocals), Zachary Greenwood (guitar), and Andrew Greenwood (bass). This EP (which exists in a very different form now) was never given a proper release, although it was available as CD-R's at shows.

Between 2002 and 2007, Power Player was primarily an on-again/off-again solo project, sharing time with Smith's other projects, A Million Billion and Twin Thousands (which features all members of Power Player, and regularly covers PP songs in concert). Performances were usually laptop-based, with or without extra musicians. In 2007, the current line-up of Thaxton, Mcclanahan, Smith, Smith and Cohn re-worked and re-recorded the songs on the Here We Go! EP, and in 2008 recorded Power Player's first LP, Fat Belly Had A Bull with the help of engineer/mixer D. James Goodwin.

The Here We Go! EP is now streaming on Power Player's website (, and will have a proper release in late 2009/early 2010, followed shortly by their first LP, Fat Belly Had A Bull. A mini-EP of B-sides will also be released in 2009/2010.


Year Title Label
2009 Here We Go! EP self-released
2009 Fat Belly Had A Bull LP self-released
2009 thirds+extras mini-ep self-released