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Hey! My name's Matt Flaschen. My original username was Superm401. I'm from Lower Merion, Pennsylvania. I'm 31. I graduated from Georgia Tech in December 2010, with a BS in Computer Science. I'm currently living in Philadelphia.

I am a Wikipedia administrator. Feel free to make requests on my talk page or on the administrators' noticeboard.

I am also a software engineer on the Wikimedia Collaboration team, but this is my personal account. Mattflaschen-WMF is my account for edits I make as part of my job.

I work for or provide services to the Wikimedia Foundation, but this is my personal account. Edits, statements, or other contributions made from this account are my own, and may not reflect the views of the Foundation.

The Signpost
30 September 2019
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Wikipedia Quotes[edit]

  • "There wasn't a big encyclopedia, then people were allowed to edit it just for fun. There was nothing, and people were allowed to create an encyclopedia." -- Notinasnaid
  • "At the end of the day we are all flawed meatbots trying to build a great encylopedia together." -- R.D.H. (Ghost In The Machine)
  • "I'm addicted to reading Wikipedia, it's the only encyclopedia that grows faster than you can read :D" -- Taraborn


I'm mostly a wikignome. Besides admin duties, I do verification and referencing, and update diagrams and illustrations to use SVG, an easily editable vector graphics format. Below are a few of my other contributions.



  1. W.R. Grace Building (stub)
  2. John Lovewell (Junior) (stub)
  3. Damballa (company)
  4. Nissan Altra
  5. Qassem Suleimani (stub)
  6. Alan Joyce (executive) (stub)
  7. Somchai Wongsawat
  8. Cavanagh Company
  9. LaserMotive
  10. Air India Flight 812
  11. Meyer v. Grant
  12. Goldenberg restaurant attack
  13. Oracle v. Google
  14. Libor scandal (converted redirect to article)
  16. Chalk Hill Middle School (stub)
  17. School resource officer (stub)
  18. Friedrich Beer (stub)
  19. History of Iraq (2011–present) (stub)
  20. Vladimir Kononov (military) (stub))
  21. 2015 bombing of Médecins Sans Frontières hospital
  22. USS Fitzgerald and MV ACX Crystal collision


  1. Template:rlk
  2. Template:email
  3. Template:AdopterRow
  4. Template:Afd2 starter
  5. Template:Afd3 starter


  1. A Dream Play
  2. Golden angle
  3. Bruce Harris
  4. Arthur Gonzalez
  5. John Granville
  6. CloudStack
  7. Trump campaign–Russian meeting


  1. I was one of the developers of ProveIt, a graphical tool for Wikipedia referencing. Georgia Tech paid me as a research assistant for some of the software development.


Thank you to everyone. I appreciate your kindness.