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Show some respect. I have 56 articles

User: Supershow is a web genius, junior song-writer, junoir color analyst, and a member of various poular websites.


“I don’t need the world, or anything in the world, but my family, but the world needs me and when it doesn’t need me, I’ll make it need me because I have a strong intellectual and spiritual sense of mind is something one's author lives by. This summarizes the spiritual belief and intellectual beliefs of the world of the author. "In the since God made me who I am, and gave me the privilege to be my own individual." This year a determination to think intellectually and live spiritually is this author. These beliefs are what made/make hie grow as a person and student.


In the next 20 years, I can picture myself doing either of three things. One life is myself working on a huge 10,000 word autobiography, and whatever house my parents decide on, I’ll finish paying off. I might become a doctor, would make $2,000 per week, and occasionally miss my children’s soccer game or award’s promotion, but having the right to be there. Last but not least, a lawyer, and the same situations would happen in life 2. But if all else, Those are my dreams.


  • Various medals, ribbons, and pins achieved over many years.


Supershow has many gimmicks(Alter egos) such as when pretending to be Superman, I'm your boss and everybody in this website is below me. He likes all music genres except for country. He likes Wrestling and Basketball. He writes for a hobby.

My Works Here[edit]

The articles from this user mainly come from Geography 22, Music with 20 and Sports with 13. My first Muic article was on Ray Cash. Not due to him being a limited star, or should I say beginning musician, my hopes for the article never met what I wanted. The Twin Towers was my first article in Wikipedia and in sports or Sports entertainment, this was my first article to sucessfully stay on the Encyclopedia for more than a week, and was a summary style article. I never thought of doing geography until I went to the requested articles in Philosophies, and culture, and then I thought it would make me an impressive writer. It has recieved the highest success, through becoming the Geography project's Featured article as of September 27 2006. Basketball (ball) was/ and is my favorite sports article, it nearly achived GA Status, but still needs repair. My first article was created on July 21st this year.

Whenever I make/or made a Music article, I do like to give my opinions in the article. Though that is a WP:NOT. Therefore I try to avoid, as much details that are not NPOV when making an article. However, I feel qoutes are important in Music articles. My most arguable moment in Music, was in joining the Wikiproject Music Genres a while back when I was still trying to find myself as a Wikipedian. I made a enormous article name 1980s Rock now just Rock, which is the longest article I'd made, and Acid Blues, which already knew about before researching. My favorite article is sort of about a female jazz singer, Lonie Walker. When I first wrote the article, I was disappointed in the grammar (Note: I read all my articles), and added 5 cleanup templates on the top. I decided to clean it up lately. In addition, almost all articles, had required an infobox, which were hard to do. They were also fun to do but annoying. I did infoboxes on singles(e.g. Bumpin' My Music), an album (C.O.D.(Cash on Delivery), and etc. Music is a great way to start a francise of articles include ones on Ray Cash, and.Acid Blues. What I enjoy most about Music articles is that one article leads to another.

Geography, was the only subject I'd never find myself researching, naturally. However, I have made to solid or better Geography of... articles. I was so impressed on doing my Geography of North America article, that I wanted to other articles under Geography to stand with its greatness. I read geography articles to get a taste of what my article should be like, a good amount of them are well-done. In contrast, I'm beginning to think that an article like that comes once in a while, I'm right. To achieve a wonder like that one, I made careless articles that went on to be deleted to my dismay. I moved on to articles that had to deal with no people, but the environment. These include Natural resources of Ireland and the Weever fish article series. What I pretty much learn from researching and reading my texts are the physical appearance and actions of the living things in a certain region. I've even made an article on European country capitals. If I create another geography article, it'll have to be on a country, I've done a continent and province or state. Those were pretty good. Ignore the stupid editors with no names. What I enjoy most about this field is how the environment reacts in certain regions. I consider politics under Geography. And what not.

Last but not least, Sports, Sports articles are fun, infact probably hands down, are in, with probably the hardest thing to cover is statistics. Statisics are to me a fun way to compare, contrast, or interpret a developing subject or person. Though this hard to do for a basketball player, whom one plays the sport for several years. The Basketball (ball) article was my first success as an article, due to the fact, it nearly passed as a good article. It was fun to read, and the feedback on the article I'd mostly agreed with but did not enjoy. This was my first success (now others), but not first basketball article. Hoopfest, which I already knew what was about before I wrote it, was my irst basketball article. I belive it has good paragraphs, but not all sections are compelted, I'd just finished. I did my best to describe the event. I made three professionl wrestling tag-teams articles, "to start me off" and work myself up big when it came to Basketball. A forgotten article includes the Louisville Catbirds, which I cleaned up, but if you know who they are, you'd help this article. It was a start-off as well as others. What's good about sports articles is that it is easy to relate to, put yourself in the story, and deals alot with statistics.

Overall, looking at my work, I feel I am an okay/becoming better writer who deserves more respect. I'm not stubbist, I just consider myself really good at summarizing material? Some articles I do not research to be full, though some I do. I've wrote many great writings outside my time here, which is why I decided to join. If any of my articles a) Make it to Wikipedia's CD selection, b) Is referenced on the internet, found on the internet, or in my school or c) recieves good feedback then I would've found my works notable here. I've found about 5 articles, I've made on the internet, and I belive 45% of my articles are currently being researched. I plan to stop with 100 articles and stop in 2008 Thank God 2007 is going fast. I have went from being naive to the website, to being able to navigate all around the site to find work. What I enjoy most about being a wikipedian is that I have more articles than most of you.

Articles on Geography and Environment[edit]

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Articles on Sports[edit]

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This day, July 16th marks the 12th month I've been writing. I have a rate of 10 articles per month.


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