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My real name is Luke, although recently I have been referred to as Lukas; it's more unique to me and I prefer it more. I am seventeen years old and live in the UK. I am a WikiGnome and thus I have contributed to Wikipedia numerous times fixing grammar and spelling mistakes to tidy up the place. I don't have the time to make several edits like I used to since the beginning of college, I quite frankly don't have the time.


I have contributed to many articles fixing typo's and grammar; below are my major contributions (started).


Other than the three above, I have contributed to over 200 different articles on Wikipedia fixing typo's, spelling mistakes and grammar. I'm choosing not to list the pages here otherwise it would go on forever. I intend to make thousand's more.


External Links - This is my personal website. It is aimed to aid beginners in computer related problems with the use of in-depth tutorials.

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