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I am not a hierarchical thinker and rarely believe in absolutes. You and I both recognize blue because someone once pointed at a color and told us it was named blue. I have absolutely no idea whether your eyes see the same color as mine do, only that we call it the same thing. If you want an answer about right and wrong, higher or lower, worst or best, I am probably not the person to ask.

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After a <ref> tag and a citation template such as {{cite journal}}, add:

   then= |via = [[]]}} {{open access}}</ref> 
   then= |via = [[]]}} {{open access}}</ref>

Library projects[edit]

After citation

  • {{subscription needed|via=[[Project MUSE]]}}
  • {{subscription needed|via=[[Cambridge University Press|Cambridge Core Orlando Project]]}}
  • {{subscription needed|via=[ Oxford University Press]'s Reference Online}}
  • {{subscription needed| via=[[Alexander Street Press|ASP: Women and Social Movements]]}
  • {{subscription needed|via=[[Cambridge University Press]]}}

adding a note[edit]

{{#tag:ref|Blah blah all the text I'd like to include in the note <ref>reference for that text</ref>|group="Notes"}}
and then at the bottom of the page, above the usual {{reflist}}, in a subsection called "Notes",

Things I work on[edit]

Good Articles I have worked on[edit]

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  3. Good article Amelia Bence
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  20. Good article Marjorie Schick
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  22. Good article Carmen Casco de Lara Castro
  23. Good article Vera Gedroits
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  34. Good article Alicja Iwańska
  35. Good article Jeni Bojilova-Pateva
  36. Good article Adele Zay

My DYKs[edit]

Articles I have written[edit]

Articles I have substantially contributed to[edit]

(In no way am I insinuating that there are not others whose contributions may have been greater than mine)