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Hello all of Wikipedia,

I am new to the internet options things, like creating pages, making userboxes, editing pages, etc. I do, however, know how to click on the edit button and start typing, which is what got me started thinking about getting a user account for here. My typing is slow and bad, so my edits may be a bit slower than most peoples' edits are. If you see something wrong, pleas just send me a mail, or you can click on the edit button and type it in. I'll notice it faster if it was marked with something like this " **edit: you spelled summarize wrong**" at the bottom of the page or something like that. Once I get used to it, I'll probably delete this message so my page isn't too... 'newb-ish'

About Me[edit]

My name is Will Bachman, and I am from Delaware. Not from any certain city because I moved around a lot growing up. I like random topics and conversations, manga and anime, wrestling, ice hockey, playing just about all card games, but I don't know how to play spades, even though it's been explained to me about a hundred times already. I now live in North Carolina, but wish I was back in Delaware, because thats where I would be if I wasn't here.If you didnt notice it before I'm mentioning it now, my 3 favorite manga are Suzuka, I'S, and Ichigo 100%, followed by too many manga and anime to mention now. Well, that's all for now, I will be back on just about every day so I can edit and add things. I dont know off the top of my head what is and isn't allowed on the user page, so if I said something I shouldn't have said, please let me know so I dont get banned or deleted. Thanks.

    • I would like to thank SWik78 and Ceyockey for helping me learn to work wiki. I also would like to thank those that have shown me something I may use on my own user page. (like userboxes, sections, links, etc.)