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Amateur Radio[edit]

I am SV1XV, formerly G7AHN. More information about my amateur radio activities is available at QRZ.COM [1].


This user is no longer very active on Wikipedia as of October 2013.


Fair use images[edit]

File:HAF-116cw t.jpg File:Hellenic Coast Guard Arms-rls.jpg File:HS Hermes A373.jpg
File:Namfi-CoA.png File:Naval Dock Crete-CoA.jpg File:NDC-GR CoA.jpg
File:SalamisNavalBase-CoA.jpg File:SNMCMG2 CoA.jpg File:ISAP-logo.png
File:OSE-Logo.png File:Thessaly Railways-logo.png
File:OSE-Logo-old.png File:ISAP LEW GIII.jpg
File:ILPAP-logo.jpg File:Trainose-logo-new.png
File:RAAG logo.png

Philately - Postage stamps[edit]

Philately - Revenue stamps[edit]

Public domain photos[edit]

This section contains anonymous pre-1923 pictures, which cannot be safely uploaded on Commons due to the extremely restrictive views of the administrators there regarding anonymous works (they insist on 160+ years after publication and extensive research about the authors/creators). These images can be safely published in English Wikipedia articles, as they are {{PD-US-1923-abroad}} or {{PD-US}} in the USA.

Railway line diagrams[edit]

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  2. Template:ISAP_railway
  3. Template:Diakofto Kalavrita Railway
  4. Template:Acharnai Railway Center
  5. Template:Pelion Railway
  6. Template:Thessaloniki Metro
  7. Template:Inoi-Chalkis Line
  8. Template:Kozani-Amyntaio line
  9. Template:Piraeus-Perama tram
  10. Template:Attica Railways 1
  11. Template:Attica Railways 2
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  13. Template:Thessaly railways 2009
  14. Template:Aliveri industrial railway
  15. Template:Ptolemais industrial railway
  16. Template:Piraeus railways (2009)

Railway service diagrams[edit]

  1. Template:Proastiakos services
  2. Template:Amity Express RDT

Other templates[edit]

  1. Template:Ranks and Insignia of NATO Air Forces/OR/Greece
  2. Template:Talkback

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