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Tools and reports[edit]

To do list[edit]

  1. Template:National rugby union – talk → /doc
  2. Token bucket
  3. Clementinum – images
  4. National Library of the Republic of Tatarstan
  5. Parliament of the Czech Republic
  6. Extreme points of the European Union – incl. update Easternmost Point – is probably in Romania
  7. Sony timer – cleanup, rm OR
  8. Czech Wikipedia
  9. Emily Haines
  10. Vision thing
  11. consider creating Tryad (make sure it passes WP:MUSIC)
  12. Subatomicglue
  13. USB human interface device class
  14. Template:Infobox rocket engine{{infobox}} and {{doc}}
  15. Davidson County Community College
  16. Detroit Financial District
  17. Google SearchWiki
  19. Post University
  20. Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – fix bunching
  21. Entropy (information theory)<math>
  22. Universal code (data compression) – ELs → <ref>
  23. Arithmetic coding – needs rewrite
  24. Capstan equation
  25. Template:Infobox Simpsons episode – use {{Infobox}}
  26. Context-free grammar
  27. Template:Infobox Muslim scholars
  28. Closer to Myself
  29. TOP 09
  30. de Casteljau's algorithm
  31. Smooth function
  32. maybe Buddy tree
  33. Longital
  34. List of Buffyverse comics#Dark Horse Comics – divide table by series
  35. Template:Southern California major watersheds
  36. Life (TV series) – list of characters should be a list XOR prose
  37. ENN
  38. {{Newinfobox}} – unused parameters and their categories should be removed
  39. {{Iran intel}} – navbox
  40. Ali Younesi
  41. Sangha (surname) and similar – create and de-subst infobox
  42. Public transport timetable – rearrange images
  43. Data cable
  44. Routing
  45. Choate Rosemary Hall – use correct infobox
  46. Pado'el
  47. Karel (programming language)
  48. Template:Subdivisions of Estonia
  49. Template:Infobox Paranormalplaces
  50. Address space layout randomization<math>
  51. Max Guevara
  52. X5 (Dark Angel)
  53. Template:Infobox television episode – use {{Infobox}}
  54. Template:Aircraft piston engine components{{Navbox subgroup}}
  55. Template:Media based on Stephen King works{{Navbox subgroup}}
  56. Hilbert R-tree
  57. Manifest (.NET Framework)
  58. Template:Infobox space station
  59. Template:Infobox lake
  60. Template:Line A (Prague Metro), Template:Line B (Prague Metro), Template:Line C (Prague Metro) – use Route diagram template and categorize
  61. Cross-platform interchange – fix bunching
  62. Giants series
  63. Template:Infobox language – image should have colspan=2
  64. Test fixture
  65. varchar
  66. Smoke testing
  67. Plain Old CLR Object
  68. Sparse matrix → rm ELs
  69. Multifactor Design of Experiments Software
  70. Category talk:ArticleHistory error# Suggestion
  71. Site map
  72. Dose area product
  73. Skip list
  74. Windsor chair
  75. Chroma subsampling – ELs
  76. Home of the Underdogs
  77. Category:Pages needing cleanup – CfD if not used
  78. Čaška Municipality
  79. Esmeralda (telenovela) – IBX
  80. Luboš Motl
  81. American Equestrian Trade Association
  82. Global.asax
  83. The Sikh Missionary Society UK
  84. cs:Binární halda
  85. Cross-platform Audio Creation Tool
  86. MongoDB – ELs
  87. Hough transform
  88. Template:Infobox VG – use {{Infobox}}?
  89. Virtual Audio Cable
  90. Střevelná
  91. IKVM.NET
  92. Template:Infobox ice hockey game – use {{Infobox}}
  93. Discworld (world)
  94. Other dimensions of the Discworld
  95. Special:WhatLinksHere/Discworld_characters
  96. Battle of Santa Cruz – one link per line
  97. Exterior dimension
  98. Coober Pedy, South Australia – ELs
  99. Gnocchi – fix bunching
  100. Critical section
  101. Somaliland – table style
  102. SOAP – See also shouldn't contain references
  103. Bad News (How I Met Your Mother)
  104. Software Factory (Microsoft .NET) – rm ELs
  105. National Fire Fighter Near-Miss Reporting System
  106. Haiǁom people
  107. John Mitchell (composer)
  108. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
  109. Golden Axe (series)
  110. Pentagram – use some Infobox instead of hard-coded table
  111. James Kim
  112. Eggshell
  113. wikibooks:Ruby Programming/Syntax/Classes – heading capitalization, too wide code
  114. Roc – rm EL
  115. Software categories – probably AfD
  116. Voucher – ELs, rm refs to WP
  117. rekonq
  118. What Else Is There? – chart table, <ref>s
  119. Shin Shinano
  120. Martin Schoeller
  121. Template:Infobox European Parliament group
  122. B-tree – harv errors
  123. Web SQL Database
  124. Covariance and contravariance (computer science)
  125. Right turn on red – ELs
  126. British diaspora
  127. Platform Invocation Services
  128. Ceylon Project – deconfuse
  129. IKVM.NET
  130. Microsoft Jet Database Engine
  131. StAX
  132. Police Academy (franchise)
  133. Bald Hills War
  134. Finger tree
  135. Left Front (Russia)
  136. WikiWikiWeb
  137. A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications – refs
  138. District of Kosovska Mitrovica – infobox
  139. Moon Bloodgood
  140. Virtual address space
  141. Pabna Zilla School
  142. wikia:microsoft:Template:Wikibooks
  143. {{Cquote2}} – displays incorrectly when source is used, but not person
  144. Sound level meter
  145. Marzullo's algorithm – list formatting
  146. update {{.NET}}
  147. Bond (band)
  148. Decimal data type – add .Net
  149. Live with Me (song) – (probably) better DAB; ELs
  150. Blickensderfer typewriter
  151. Chroma subsampling
  152. Qanat – take care of links
  153. Radiosity (computer graphics) – ELs
  154. Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania<ref> cleanup
  155. Identity transform – formatting of inline code
  156. Shipping (fandom) – ELs
  157. 1963 Skopje earthquake – ELs → <ref>s
  158. {{RTCA standard}}
  159. Actor model
  160. Routing transit number
  161. General Services Administration – EL
  162. RSA problem – EL
  163. Type signature – the whole article is a mess
  164. Confetti – ELs
  165. cs:Šablona:Volby v Česku
  166. Platform Invocation Services – ELs
  167. Futures and promises – clean up list of ELs
  168. Disc golf – ELs
  169. Segment tree – fix refs
  170. Telephone numbers in the Czech Republic – use {{Infobox country telephone plan}}
  171. Duck call – refs
  172. Play Framework – ELs
  173. World energy consumption – tables
  174. Czech language – middle dot is not used for decimal point

To read list[edit]


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