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Wikipedia Category Watchlist is a web tool that allows users to watch additions and removals of pages to categories of Wikimedia wikis. Special:Watchlist isn't able to do this currently. It has a web interface and an XML feed.

If you need any help, find a bug or like to change this application in any way, please, let me know on the talk page.


First steps[edit]

  1. Go to
  2. You are going to create a list of the categories you want to watch. Think of a name for this list and enter it there. You may use for example your user name.
  3. Click “Edit this list”.
  4. Enter the name of one of the categories you want to watch, select to which wiki it belongs from the drop-down lists and click “Add category to list”. You can repeat this as many times as you want.
  5. Click “Back to list details”.
  6. From now on, all changes of categories you entered in step 4 will show there. Be patient, the changes won't show up immediately.


Anybody who knows the name of your category list is able to edit it. If you are concerned about this, create a category list with a name that is more difficult to guess.

Once a category is in a list, the tool will periodically check it for additions and removals and list them on the page of your category list. It tries to find out, how often is a certain category changed and checks them accordingly.

List of recent changes can be limited by count (show at most changes) and by time (show only changes for the last days). Changes older that one month are deleted.

Deleting a list[edit]

Lists that aren't used for a month are automatically deleted.

XML feed[edit]

XML feed is available at This is intended for use by other tools, normal users won't need it. For more information, see the XML feed documentation.

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