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I live in New England (USA) where I practice law.


On Wikipedia I primarily focus on articles dealing with my local historic sites and notable people. Over the past years, I've added new articles and stubs about New England's National Historic Places using the Elkman automated tool. Despite receiving several complaints about my brief NRHP stubs, I believe minimal stubs are better than nothing at all. The sooner the stubs are up, the sooner everyone can add to them. Feel free to drop me a message on the the talk page!

Substantial contributions or new articles include:

Popular lists[edit]

List of the oldest buildings in the world (probably my most viewed), List of the oldest buildings in the United States, List of the oldest churches in the world

New England topics (history and culture)[edit]

Swamp Yankee, Little Ivies, Bates College, Stone-ender, Rhode Island Villages, Rhode Island History, Roger Williams (A Key Into the Language of America & The Bloudy Tenent of Persecution), Smith's Castle, White Horse Tavern, Rhode Island Historical Society, Rhode Island Greening, Haven Brothers Diner, Jonathan Edwards (Religious Affections & A Faithful Narrative), William West, National Register of Historic Places listings in Rhode Island and National Register of Historic Places listings in Massachusetts, and various others

Law articles[edit]

West v. Barnes (first U.S. Supreme Court case), Van Staphorst v. Maryland, Collet v. Collet, Georgia v. Brailsford (1794) (jury nullification precedent), Ghen v. Rich (a law school favorite), Trevett v. Weeden, Stoddard v. Martin, Stewart v. Preston, Gold v. Eddy, Tomson v. Ward, Rhode Island Bar Association, Massachusetts Bar Association, associate attorney, reception statute, post road, legal clinic, Suffolk University Law School, and other random law articles.

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