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Most Problematic Articles[edit]

  • 2003 Invasion of Iraq- Oh god. I think "unprecedented terror" is POV, and I get sucked into an edit war with an anon who insults me repeatedly on my talk page. Page is now protected. I've filed a RfC on the anon, which appears to be successful so far, and a RfM on the thread.
  • U.S. Army Rangers- Some ex-ranger doesn't want Pat Tillman's name on the famous rangers section.
  • Cindy Sheehan- Anti-war fanatics occasionally mess up my edits on the correct style of Casey Sheehan's name, rank and branch.
  • Greenpeace- Calm lately, but every now and then, some hippy wants to dispute that it's listed as a terrorist group.
  • Florida State University- Slander from gator fans! Also appropriate info about the alumni.
  • List of Half-Life 2 mods- Keeping the red links out of this one, and style/spelling edits.
  • List of terrorist organisations- Keeping POV out of this one.
  • Talk:Evolution- I don't edit the article, but am involved on the talk page.
  • Advanced Commando Combat System- I started the AfD on this one.

All Watched/Maintained Articles[edit]

And notes for some.

  1. 101st Airborne Division
  2. 173d Airborne Brigade
  3. 187th Infantry Regiment
  4. 1st Ranger Battalion
  5. 2003 Invasion of Iraq- Good thread for vandal watch.
  6. 2nd Ranger Battalion
  7. 327th Infantry Regiment
  8. 3d Infantry Regiment
  9. 5/52 ADA BN
  10. 502d Infantry Regiment
  11. 503d Infantry Regiment
  12. 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment- Going through stylistic editing.
  13. 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment
  14. 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment
  15. 507th Infantry Regiment
  16. 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment
  17. 509th Parachute Infantry Battalion
  18. 517th Parachute Regimental Combat Team
  19. 555th Parachute Infantry Company
  20. 5th Ranger Battalion
  21. Achille Lauro [disambiguation needed]
  22. Addison Mizner
  23. Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight
  24. Air Force Special Tactics
  25. Air traffic control
  26. Air traffic controller
  27. Airfield traffic pattern
  28. Anti-terrorism
  29. Assault rifle
  30. Automatic revolver
  31. Bak Middle School of the Arts- Gets vandalised a lot.
  32. Battle of Mogadishu [disambiguation needed]- A lot of bogus POV claims.
  33. Battlefield 2
  34. Battlefield 2 Armored Fury
  35. Battlefield 2 Infantry Classes
  36. Battlefield 2 Euro Force
  37. Battlefield 2: Special Forces
  38. Boca Raton, Florida- Vandalised a LOT.
  39. Boca Raton Airport- usually covandalised with the above.
  40. Bohemia Interactive Studio
  41. Breast-Vandalised several times daily.
  42. Brigade Combat Team- I didn't create this, but significantly contributed.
  43. Bunny hopping
  44. CQB- Merge with MOUT discussion.
  45. CQBR
  46. Carlos Hathcock
  47. Chalk (military)
  48. Cindy Sheehan- Lots of vandalism, near daily. Slacked off lately (1/27/06)
  49. Circlestrafing
  50. Civil Air Patrol- Bad information.
  51. Clitoris- Vandalism.
  52. Commando
  53. Comparison of the AK-47 and M16- Bad information some of the time.
  54. Computer role-playing game
  55. Conc jumping
  56. Counter-Strike
  57. Counter-Strike culture
  58. Counter-terrorism- Was grossly miswritten, significant rewrites by me. Merged with anti-terrorism.
  59. DEVGRU- merge with Seal Team 6 debate.
  60. David Petraeus
  61. Delta Force- vandalised a bit.
  62. DragonRealms- I plan to contribute much more here.
  63. Dreyfoos School of the Arts- I graduated from here. Vandalised a fair amount.
  64. Doom
  65. Double jump
  66. E-fluentials- contributions.
  67. Evolution- Talk page only. I don't touch the article. Lots of POV/personal attacks on the talk.
  68. Firearms (computer game)- I monitor this, I was on the development team.
  69. First-person shooter
  70. Florida- I live there.
  71. Florida's Turnpike
  72. Florida State University- Went to school there, do a lot of fixing of alumni information. Good place for new Wikipedians.
  73. Florida State University College of Law- Took classes there. See above. Needs expansion badly.
  74. Florida State University High School
  75. Force Protection Condition- significant contribution.
  76. Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport
  77. G-Unit-Daily vandalism.
  78. Gary Gordon- added Gordon's weapon info.
  79. Gold Star Families for Peace
  80. Great Seal of the United States- religious vandalism for some reason.
  81. Greenpeace-daily vandalism. Significant protection of the terrorism issue.
  82. Half-Life-vandalism and style
  83. Half-Life 2- vandalism and style
  84. Hand to hand combat-- linkfarmers.
  85. Henry Morrison Flagler
  86. Hookshot
  87. Interstate 95- technical editing needed. Expansion of florida section needed.
  88. Intracoastal Waterway
  89. Iraq War- vandalism.
  90. Iraq War Veterans Organization- created article.
  91. Jack Thompson
  92. James S. Rickards High School- vandalism.
  93. Jews for Allah
  94. John Abizaid
  95. Jonathan Netanyahu
  96. Juba (sniper)
  97. Juno Beach, Florida
  98. Jupiter, Florida
  99. Justin Knoedler
  100. Kool-Aid Man- my favorite article. Don't fuck with this one.
  101. Lake Park, Florida
  102. Leet- Lots of vandalism here. Check the talk page.
  103. Leet/1337
  104. List of Battlefield 2 maps
  105. List of Half-Life 2 mods- Style, and vandalism. I check every entry here.
  106. List of shock sites- vandalised several times daily.
  107. List of terrorist organisations- vandalism.
  108. M4 Carbine- bad information, I fixed some.
  109. MCSOCOM Detachment One- bad information and needs rewrite.
  110. Marching Chiefs-added MCATDT info.
  111. Marine Recon Battalions- needs rewrite, working with User:Looper5920 on it.
  112. Mateba Autorevolver- my favorite handgun.
  113. Max Hardcore- vandalism and bad information. Censorship.
  114. Miami International Airport
  115. Mod (computer gaming)
  116. Mountain Dew AMP- basically created it.
  117. Muslim Jew
  118. Natalie Portman- vandalism
  119. Night Stalkers
  120. North Palm Beach, Florida
  121. Operation Anaconda
  122. Operation Entebbe
  123. Operation Flashpoint
  124. Palinode
  125. Palm Beach, Florida
  126. Palm Beach Community College
  127. Palm Beach County, Florida
  128. Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
  129. Palm Beach International Airport
  130. Paramilitary
  131. Pathfinders (military)
  132. Phantasy Star Online- surprisingly, vandalised a lot.
  133. Police
  134. Post-invasion Iraq, 2003–2005- I don't watch this one enough.
  135. Pwn
  136. Ramp jump
  137. Randy Shughart-added Shughart's weapon info.
  138. Real-time strategy
  139. Red Cell- see Richard Marcinko.
  140. Red Ring Rico
  141. Regulated prostitution
  142. Richard Marcinko- fixed information regarding Marcinko's incarceration....users try to hide it.
  143. Rocketjumping
  144. SWAT- bad information.
  145. Sandwich (disambiguation)- keeping the link to the article about sex alive.
  146. Scott Speicher- lots of information.
  147. Search and rescue- What I do.
  148. South Florida metropolitan area
  149. Specialist [disambiguation needed]- wrote entire E-4 mafia section.
  150. Star Destroyer
  151. Starsiege: Tribes
  152. Strafe-jumping
  153. Straferunning
  154. Tactical shooter
  155. Tallahassee, Florida Where I live.
  156. Task Force K-Bar
  157. Trickjumping
  158. Triumph Motor Company
  159. Triumph TR3A- My dad's car.
  160. Triumph TR3B
  161. U.S. 2d Infantry Division
  162. U.S. 4th Infantry Division
  163. U.S. 4th Marine Division
  164. U.S. Army Rangers-Edit war with user over Tillman.
  165. U.S. Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance
  166. U.S. Navy SEALs
  167. United Iraqi Alliance
  168. United States Army Special Forces
  169. United States Marine Corps Reconnaissance Battalions- reworking with User:Looper5920
  170. United States National Guard
  171. United States Navy Mark 12 Mod X Special Purpose Rifle
  172. United States Special Operations Command
  173. United States Special Operations Forces
  174. Vagina-vandalism like no other.
  175. Veterans for Peace
  176. West Palm Beach, Florida

Disputes won[edit]

  1. 2003 invasion of Iraq regarding "unprecedented" vs. anon
  2. WP:3O regarding eligibility vs. Get-back-world-respect.
  3. Crimes against humanity regarding citing sources vs. Get-back-world-respect.