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Hello, welcome to the Barnstar Battalion Project Page! This is a project run by User Swirlex where we give out Barnstars and strive to make all Wikipedians get the credit they deserve. This page is still under construction an you can feel free to offer suggestions on how to design it on the Barnstar Battalion talkpage.

Original Barnstar.png The Original Barnstar
This is an example of the format used to give Barnstars.
Original Barnstar.png
Two Original Barnstars
This is the example format used to give two Barnstars.
Original Barnstar.png
  • Bribes are not to be accepted in order to obtain a Barnstar.
  • A Barnstar is not ever used as a mock award or insult.
  • Revenge against Wikipedians by the use of Barnstars is absolutely forbidden.
  • Never brag about how many awards you may have.
  • Stars should not be uploaded if there is no use for them.
  • Trading Barnstars between friends in order to obtain more awards is not allowed.
  • Awards are not for EVERY edit done. Don't give out random Barnstars.
  • Remember these rules, have fun, and don't stress yourself out!


Interbarn2.png This user is a member of the Barnstar Battalion.
  1. Swirlex
  2. Editor510
  3. Barkjon
  4. Freshbakedpie

Jobs you can do[edit]

Barnstar Naming[edit]

If there is any Barnstar you find that needs naming discuss this on the Barnstar Battalions talk-page. This job is important because there are some images of barnstars through out Wikipedia without a purpose, and we can take a step toward naming them. Barnstar Battalion members will be able to share their opinions on what the Barnstar should be named. The User Page of Swirlex is a good place to start.

Group Awards[edit]

If there are any group of users that you think may need a Barnstar notify your fellow members so we can give it out together. This may be the case if a Wikiproject has Wikipedians that work together to perfect an article. If so you can design a group award on the Barnstar Battalions talk-page.