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I'm a male college student from Massachusetts. Scintillating! What goes on in my real life is (mostly) irrelevant to my work as an editor here.

I've been using Wikipedia under this username since March '06; I'd been doing small changes anonymously for a few months before that. I've made about 5800 edits. A lot of them were on now-defunct pages, though, since I do a lot of speedy deletion tagging.

Switchercat is my unique login for all public Wikimedia projects, though I don't do much anywhere but here. My personal website is

wikifacts and useful links

At the moment, my signature looks like this:

Switchercat talkcont 00:00, 0 Month 0000 (UTC)

Some links for me to access easily:

Some interests in Wikipedia editing, sorts of pages that I usually work on:

  • Body modification
  • LGBT issues, particularly trans issues, particularly trans children's issues
  • Mythology
  • Magic (the occult kind, not the rabbit-in-hat kind)
  • Miscellaneous subcultural social stuff

I also like to patrol new pages and help clear out Category:Stubs.

wikipedia goals

pages created or translated


These are my subpages:


WikiDefcon 4

Low to moderate level of vandalism.

2.63 RPM according to EnterpriseyBot 07:00, 25 July 2017 (UTC) (change)