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Xanda is the name of a fictional continent and ancient kingdom located in the northern hemisphere of Nibiru,[1] the current imperial capital of the Galactic Empire. Xanda was the theatre of the most important events from the second part of the novel Time travellers writen by Bogdan Cristian Blascioc. Its relief consists mainly in long shiny plains and hills, with a relatively discrete network of rivers and just few lakes. The main river is Hyon. The continent is encircled by the only Planetar Ocean and has a large seaside, where several harbours were established even from immemorial times. The weather is warmer in the center of the continent, area which together with the south part of the immense mass of land is characterized by sub-tropical climate. Long time ago, when the current dinasty was enthroned and weather-control wasn't even imagined by the people, vast deserts were formed in Xandia, all of them being extinct by now and replaced with dense urban areas. The capital city is located in the middle of continent, while the second city, The Summer Palace, was built and extended far beyond of the walls of the old royal residential city, still having in its historical downtown the ancient Summer Castle and the small island where it was originally settled. The last king of Kingdom of Xanda before the present Empress, Ishtar, was Jykkw Kingu, her first husband. After the violent death of Jykkw and the following seizure of power made by Ishtar, the Empress become implicitly the Queen of Xanda.[2]


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