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Ogongo is a village situated in Omusati Region in Uukwambi, at the North West of Oshakati about 60 kilometres and it is a village with very small population.

Agricultural and Education[edit]

There are a lot of natural resources in Ogongo. Teachers from different schools in Omusati and nearby regions always bring their learners to come show them scarce animals like gemsbok, springbok, and kudu and many more. Ogongo is the only village at the northern regions that have agricultural college which is now renamed to University of Namibia-Ogongo Agriculture Campus.There is a field that used to supply mahangu to the whole country but now they cancelled it and turn it into ervens because of land issues. Many of the young people from all over Namibia especially Northern regions, who are interested in agricultural apply here to further their studies[1]. The University have projects for vegetables like tomatoes, onions, carrots and green pepper. There is a vocational training centre (Marco Mpollo Training Centre) which accommodates many young people who cannot afford to pay for themselves at the high institution or who did not get a loans or bursaries. Many of them perform very well and some are self employed.This vocational is really helping young people in the village as well as the nearby villages because it has accommodation for students from distance places People in the community benefit from it as create job opportunities to the community.


This decreases unemployment in the community because it employed young people and elders from the community who can still work or have energy to work. People don’t go to Oshakati to buy meat, milk, eggs and vegetables so the community will supply for them.There Namibia water Corporation LTD that purify the water and supply it to the Northern regions.


During colonialism the base for the South African soldiers was based here and people used to suffer a lot if the South Africa soldiers involved in the fight with swapo soldiers[2]. During rainy season the community suffer from flood water as there are too many natural pans that over flow in the field that affect their crops[3]. Ogongo is a beautiful place and very attractive to everyone.