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Syncategoremata (talk · contribs · count · logs · block log · lu · rfa · rfb · arb · rfc · lta · socks)

The Signpost
17 January 2017

This is my main account, which I now use for content work. I have another account, Unsyncategoremata (talk · contribs), which I (only occasionally) use for maintenance work.

I did come here to do content work and I would still like to do content work, but I seem to have got stuck in various anti-vandalism efforts, partly as a clean-up from this. I plan to empty my watch list in a week's time and just clean-up and content work for a month.

Well, I managed to empty my watch list on 00:00, 7 June 2010 (UTC).


I'm currently interested in the history and philosophy of science and mathematics, and more specifically, in the beginnings quantification in science. I'm currently looking at the laws of motion and the development of modern chemistry as test cases, though I mostly focus on the late antique and medieval periods, both Islamic and Christian.

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