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Currency debasment is the act of printing more and more fake money, which drives up prices, incorrectly called "inflation". Currency debasement is official policy of nation states who decide to print fake paper money or debt instruments called "Federal Reserve Notes" in the United States. When one group can print fake one hundred dollar bills for four cents each, and another group works all day for one, four cent, fake, $100 note, the group that works all day, will always lose. Ruling elites benefit from currency debasement because their assets go "up" in value without doing any work, or effort on their part.

In the United States, printer of the world's reserve currency, fake paper money supply has expanded by 7.63% on average, every year, since going off the International Gold Standard. This is known as the "M3" money supply. United States President Richard Nixon took America off the international gold standard on Sunday, August 15th, 1971. Since then US public debt has grown, and the currency has been debased, for thirty five continuous years. Government and taxes have exploded. President George W. Bush created three trillion dollars in additional public debt from the year 2000 to 2006, as a "conservative" Republican. Public debt, and the printing of money, both debase the currency, reducing it's buying power.

Since 1971, the money supply has been debased, or expanded, by over 1,000 per cent[citation needed]. In 1964, one legal United States silver dime bought one gallon of gasoline. In 2006, one legal United States silver dime still bought a gallon of gasoline, even though it took three fake, one dollar, Federal Reserve Notes, to buy the same gallon of gasoline. That is currency debasement.

Gold, silver, copper, gasoline, oil, real estate, vacant land, cups of coffee are all up about ten time more, or 1,000 per cent, since 1971. This is due to planned government currency debasement. The Federal Reserve creates fake, pretend, fiat dollars, which are debt intruments, not money. Money must be accepted in circulation, hold value, and be divisible. Gold, silver, and copper coins can not be printed, but represent labor, hard work, and a limited supply of something that can store value. Fake paper money can not hold value. All fake paper money is eventually debased, printed to oblivion, as it returns to it's true intrinsic value of ZERO. Credit cards are not money. Federal Reserve Notes are not money. America is bankrupt and has no real money.

In 2006, all nation states of the world have fake paper money. Not one nation has money with true, private, intrinsic value, that can be stored as private, secret, wealth. Empires and governments, central banks and ruling elites, choose to debase the currency because it drives assets up in value, giving the ruling elites, free wealth. Taxes also rise in a currency debasement regime, such as the one we have today.

A $25,000 home, in 1971, is now a $250,000 home. The Dow Jones Industrial Average cost close to $1,000 to acquire in 1971 and rose to about $10,000 in 2006. Silver was $1.29 in 1971 and rose to $12,90 in 2006. The money supply was debased, or expanded by 1,000 per cent, driving prices of long term goods up about ten times the cost of their 1971 price.

Of course, nothing has changed. A gallon of gasoline is still a gallon of gasoline. Only the price has changed. None of these prices has gone UP in relation to each other. It is the dollar that is going down in buying power, being debased, by the Federal Reserve bank, to fund the debt, deficits, and operations of the US. Federal government. Public debt is also used to fund unpopular wars, such as the Iraq war. Currency debasement and public debt is good for ruling elites, those with assets, and governments. Currency debasement is bad for wage earners and unborn children who inherit the interest only debt of their parents and grand parents. Wages do not keep pace with currency debasement as wages fall behind the inflation, or debasement rate. Currency debasement leads to a separation of the classes.

Currency debasement is planned inflation, as a government policy. The money supply is inflated, or debased, by printing more and more fake, pretend, fiat, Federal Reserve Notes, to fund government and bank operations. Many believe the current policy of permanent currency debasement is directly related to the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank, a secret, privately owned bank, that is not Federal and has no reserves, but is controlled by and through ruling elites in Great Britain.

Currently many citizens the world over have aligned their investments to rely on inflation to drive up the price of their real estate, gold, silver, copper, stocks, and other long term investments. Currency debasement could end with the coining of real money, which is gold and silver coins. This would also require massive government layoffs, which have been funded by printing fake money, which debases the value of the currency in circulation. Banks and credit cards also debase the currency, since this debt is alleged money, created out of thin air, further debasing the value of those foolish enough to hold cash, real Federal Reserve Notes, which have no real value.

If, or when, the current currency debasement regime collapses is anybody's guess. Possessing real assets such as gold, silver, and real estate, are traditional estate building techniques to reduce the governments planned debasement of the currency which robs everyone of their buying power.

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