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Hello! I've been a musician most of my life (I play keyboards and piano) and I've been very interested in synthesizers and music technology since Jr. High school. After buying my first synthesizer right around High School graduation, I began a hobby that's continued on to present day, even as technology has moved on to software instruments and computer-based music-making. It wasn't until 10 years after earning my B.A. in English that I began working for a music instrument retailer. In the interest of full disclosure, I want to state that I still work for a music instrument retailer today, but I am most interested in the many lesser-known connections between pro audio and music instrument inventors, designers, manufacturers, and products, as well as some musicians and the instruments they've used. My contributions to Wikipedia are in the spirit of that, and I, as a former English major, can confidently say that I contribute very conscientiously, careful to maintain a neutral point of view and support my contributions with references. I welcome constructive criticism and other feedback.

Articles Created[edit]

(in chronological order)
Chris Huggett
Phil Dudderidge
Eventide, Inc
Tim Ryan (engineer)
Alan R. Pearlman
Korg Kronos
Malcolm Toft

Major Rewrites & Expansions[edit]

Thomas Dolby
Dave Smith (engineer)
Moog Music
Tom Oberheim