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Hi! I'm Don Gillies, a PhD in theoretical computer science from the University of Illinois (1993.) My father was a computer science professor, also from the University of Illinois.

My interest areas are theoretical computer science (algorithm analysis, optimization) and computer systems design (specifically, hardware-software co-design.) My published areas of work concern mostly real-time systems - scheduling algorithms with hard-real time admission control formulae - but I have also published two protocol designs (the ICAP protocol, RFC3507, and the XNS mailing protocols from Xerox, published in 1989), and on TCP Performance Analysis, and I was secretary for the IEEE 802.20 Standard and a contributor. I have also patented some improvements to the Radio-Link Protocol (RLP), a wireless fragmentation and reassembly protocol, while at Qualcomm.

As someone who enjoys building systems software, I implemented a very early version of TCP known as nTCP in PC/IP, which was used by FTP Software as the first multi tasking TCP for the IBM PC[[1]]. This was part of an early project to build an SMTP mail proxy server at MIT, under Deborah Estrin and Jerry Saltzer.

Please feel free to contact me (at e-mail) with any requests or comments. You can also learn more about me at my web page Here.



  • ROHC - added section on compression states and loss tolerances.

Real-Time Systems[edit]

Early Computing[edit]



  • 2005 civil unrest in France - frustrated nonsensical right-wing reporting, I wrote or added large chunks to this web page, they've probably all disappeared by now.