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Hi! I'm Don Gillies, a PhD in theoretical computer science from the University of Illinois (1993.) My father was a computer science professor, also from the University of Illinois.

My interest areas are theoretical computer science (algorithm analysis, optimization) and computer systems design (specifically, hardware-software co-design.) My published areas of work concern mostly real-time systems - scheduling algorithms with hard-real time admission control formulae - but I have also published two protocol designs (the ICAP protocol, RFC3507, and the XNS mailing protocols from Xerox, published in 1989), and I contributed to the IEEE 802.20 Standard. I have also patented some improvements to the Radio-Link Protocol (RLP), a wireless fragmentation and reassembly protocol, while at Qualcomm.

As someone who enjoys building software systems code, I implemented a very early version of TCP known as nTCP in PC/IP, which was used by FTP Software as the first multi tasking TCP for the IBM PC. This was part of an early project to build an SMTP mail proxy server at MIT, under Deborah Estrin and Jerry Saltzer.

Please feel free to contact me (at e-mail) with any requests or comments. You can also learn more about me at my web page Here.



  • ROHC - added section on compression states and loss tolerances.

Real-Time Systems[edit]

Early Computing[edit]



  • 2005 civil unrest in France - frustrated nonsensical right-wing reporting, I wrote or added large chunks to this web page, they've probably all disappeared by now.