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I love Wikipedia, but I don't know anything about the internet. I'm getting used to the wikipedia codes though........let's see, we got [[ ]], {{ }}, {{citation}}, and so on......Next thing to tasckle is those damn WP: pages, they're valuable, but just soo boring to read.

My basic Interests are: Baseball, Toronto Blue Jays, The Meeting House, Jewel, Gwen Stefani, Christianity, toronto, Brampton, Aviation, not so much that I've written any of these larger, more established atricles, but often many of the smaller, related articles.

This is not my first account, It's my second (possibly third). I created it because my former account included my first name, and I wanted a little anonymity. I maintain on my Facebook page that Wikipedia is and always will be cooler than Facebook. In my opinion, Facebook ought to be part WIKI. Perhaps if I learned to type properly, i could edit a heck of a lot faster, ya think? Yeah, I'm good at surfing the internet, but anything else computer related is Grey matter to me.

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