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I'm a legal academic and a lawyer that runs a non-profit project that represents consumers and class members pro bono, occasionally winning a few million dollars for them here and there. I practice in Washington, DC; some say that I do so notably, though I suspect that reflects a systemic bias in Wikipedia. I'm an elected member of the American Law Institute, which entitles me to a cup of coffee at Starbucks if I also give them $3. Someone much better-looking than me is playing me in the HBO movie.

I have no relationship to Berlin Tempelhof Airport or Tetrahydrofuran.

Wikipedia is a hobby. While I have strong political views off-wiki, I aspire to uphold WP:NPOV on-wiki. The fact that my Wikipedia editing has inspired attacks from both Michael Moore and Orly Taitz accusing me of participating in conspiracies suggests that I've succeeded. The fact that Wikipedia took one of those implausible complaints seriously suggests, among other evidence, that Wikipedia has a systemic bias that interferes with WP:NPOV.

Wikipedia has no deadline. If I don't respond to your article talk-page demand immediately, it might be because I'm working on a notable case in real life, and I care more about that case than a Wikipedia dispute.


Articles created

There are so many holes in Wikipedia that I tend to prefer to wikignome with incremental improvements and to fill interstitial gaps with stubs to avoid red-links, but I did create a good article just to show that I could.

Essays and templates created

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