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I intend to make a more flashy bot page later, for now if you need to disable any of the features, see these subpages and change them to anything but: enable, yes, run, go, or true

Job Task Run Page Source Code
Cratstats TPBot 1 User:TPBot/Run/Cratstats cratstats.php
Adminstats TPBot 1 User:TPBot/Run/Adminstats enwiki-adminstats.php
RfX Tally TPBot 1 User:TPBot/Run/Tally rfx-tally.php
RfX Report TPBot 1 User:TPBot/Run/RfXReport rfx-report.php
USGS Coords TPBot 2 User:TPBot/Run/USGS usgs-bot.php
Featured Articles By Length TPBot 3 User:TPBot/Featured_Articles_By_Length