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WebSphere Portal
Developer(s) IBM
Initial release 2001 (2001)
Stable release
6.1 / June 24, 2008; 9 years ago (2008-06-24)
Preview release
Platform Java
Type Enterprise web portal software
License Proprietary
Website IBM WebSphere Portal Software

IBM WebSphere Portal is a set of software tools that enables companies to build and manage web portals.

According to a Gartner Research comparison of software for horizontal portals, WebSphere Portal software is a leader in that market, having delivered "significant product innovation," and being "successful in selling to new customers across industries."[1] WebSphere Portal software has been reviewed numerous times in the IT industry press, and honors include eWeek Magazine's 2004 Excellence Award in the category "Portals and Knowledge Management",[2] Java Pro Magazine's 2003 Reader's Choice Award for "Best Team Development Tool",[3] and the Software & Information Industry Association's 2003 Codie Award for "Best Enterprise Portal Platform".[4]

The WebSphere Portal package is a component of WebSphere software. Like WebSphere, the WebSphere Portal package is developed and marketed by IBM. Available since 2001,[5] it is now sold in five editions.[6]


The WebSphere Portal package is available in five editions; WebSphere Portal Server, WebSphere Portal Enable, WebSphere Portal Enable for z/OS, WebSphere Portal Extend, and WebSphere Portal Express [6]

The basic package common to all five includes a web server, WebSphere Application Server, development tools, web site templates and other essential site management tools such as a configuration wizard. In addition, some editions of WebSphere Portal include limited entitlements to Lotus Web Content Management, Lotus Quickr document management, Lotus Sametime instant messaging, Lotus Forms electronic forms, and Lotus Expeditor rich client software.

Industry standards[edit]

The WebSphere Portal software suite adheres to industry standards; the Java Portlet Definition Standard (both JSR 168/v1 and JSR 286/v2 specifications) defined by the Java Community Process, as well as the Web Services for Remote Portlets (both WSRP 1.0 and 2.0) specifications defined by the Web Services for Remote Portlets OASIS Technical Committee.

The markup delivered to clients (i.e. to web browsers) adheres to the xhtml and css standards as defined by the W3C, the World Wide Web Consortium. WebSphere Portal's Javascript is ECMA-compliant.


IBM first announced WebSphere Portal Server for AIX in 2001.[5] Since then, IBM has released versions that run on Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, i5/OS, and z/OS. As of March 2009, WebSphere Portal was at version 6.1.


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