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To donate to the Wikipedia Treasure Hunt, see my Fundable page. Donating is free, and donations will not be drawn unless the desired goal is met ($1000).

I will choose a number of Wikipedia articles on encyclopedic and scholarly topics, and will mail myself a list (so that its postmark and sealed envelope prove the list wasn't changed). When those articles achieve Featured Status on the online encyclopedia project Wikipedia, I will send the person(s) responsible for it a check as a reward.

Exactly how much the reward will be, and how many articles will be chosen, will depend on how much money I can raise. I hope to be able to give at least $10 for 100 different articles, and I promise that I will not choose obscure subjects -- all articles will be fairly likely to become featured in the next few years anyway.

On a subpage of my Wikipedia userpage, I will keep a list of the rewards yet to be claimed, with a broad clue about each article (e.g. "there's a $10 reward outstanding for an article on a professional boxer"). Hopefully, this will spur work towards improving articles on a given subject, towards the featured criteria.

Please note that I reserve the right to make the final call on who will receive how much of the reward if work has been shared among more than one people.

Scavenger Hunt checklist[edit]

If this project raises the requisite $1000 through the Fundable page, I will place a $10 reward on each of 100 articles. To earn a reward, improve one of these articles to featured article status. The catch is that you won't know which article carries the reward! Here's the clues (currently an incomplete list, as the scavenger hunt will not begin until the fundraising goal has been reached).
  1. An article on the "culture of" a country
  2. An article on a famous mathematician
  3. An article on a country
  4. An article on the "history of" a city in Europe
  5. An article on a tribe, race or ethnic group in Africa
  6. An article on a number
  7. An article on the "government of" a country
  8. An article on a civil war
  9. An article on the current monarch of a European country
  10. An article on a 20th century literary work
  11. An article on an opera composer
  12. An article on the "history of" a province or territory of Canada
  13. An article on a figure prominent in World War 2
  14. An article on a specific painting
  15. An article on an assassinated world leader
  16. An article on a current member of the United States House of Representatives
  17. An article on an Atlantic hurricane
  18. An article on a fruit
  19. An article on a species of mammal
  20. An article on a genus of plant
  21. An article on a kind of insect
  22. An article on a species of reptile
  23. An article on a taxonomic unit of fungus
  24. An article on a musical instrument
  25. An article on an extinct animal
  26. An article on a common food source
  27. An article related to the country of Eritrea
  28. An article on a Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
  29. An article on a subnational unit of Russia
  30. An article on an island of the Pacific Ocean
  31. An article on a subnational unit of India
  32. An article on a place in New Zealand
  33. An article on an organ in human anatomy