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Aloha! I'm Matt! Congratulations! By clicking on my username, your computer has automatically accessed your online bank accounts and transferred everything you have to my offshore accounts! This is something you can't fix or fight because your bank will disavow any knowledge of you ever having money. Just let it happen. :)

Oh, but I kid!


I have been coming to Wikipedia since 2002 but haven't been "nerdy", "stubborn" or "anal" enough to start my own Userpage. :)

Minor Contributions to Wikipedia[edit]

  • Good article V (2009) - Started the "Controversy" section.
  • Good article iMDB - I am pretty much responsible for the "Ratings Criticism" section. :)
  • Good article Marc Ecko - I was largely responsible for the re-write on the Barry Bonds' #756 baseball section of the Ecko article.
  • Good article Mr. & Mrs. Smith - I helped write the differences between the Theatrical Cut and Director's Cut.

Major Contributions to Wikipedia[edit]

  • Good article Paranormal State - Wrote the entire "Controversy" section.
  • Good article Paranormal Activity - Tried my hand at helping build this page. My edits put some meat on a barebones article but it still needs a LOT of work.
  • Good article Luther Stickell - This was supposed to be the VERY first project I EVER did...but, alas, my weak Wikipedia skills didn't help things so I had to put things off 'til I learnt me some things. For those who don't know, this is the supporting character Ving Rhames plays in the Mission: Impossible film series. It has a LONG way to go before I submit it but this is a good start and I'm pretty sure others will add to it. :) Consider this a start to a growing "character list" from the films.
  • Good article BMW Films' "The Hire" - This was my first major project. Before I got to it, it was a wad of cookie dough. The original edit of the page had a weak two or three-paragraph history and a short trivia section. The article, on the whole, was pretty much unsourced. The film also had no pictures, poster, or infobox. Now it's nearly carved out of wood. :) It has a diverse and rich history section illustrating how many DVD releases the movie got, the reasons why producers hopped on or off the project, and the influence the series had on advertising. Users Bignole and Erik helped me out with the page. Since my tinkering, the page has now received a "B-rating" and has attracted more attention. :) It has a little ways to go before it's complete but I think it's nearly done. That's really my baby.
  • Good article Miami Vice (2006) - After reading this article, I decided it needed a major overhaul. I integrated the "trivia" in the article into the "Production" section, re-wrote the entire "music" section (which actually is interesting since Mann uses different or additional pieces of music that aren't on the soundtrack), and added in a section detailing the differences between the Unrated and Theatrical cuts of the film. It's another article that needs to be finished but it's come a long way from where it's been.
  • Good article The Path to 9/11 - I helped build this article by starting and contributing to the controversy section. It was my first official "edit" to Wikipedia under my username. It's grown since then into a monster of an article but my spirit still lives somewhere in there. :)
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The "Satisfied Customer"[edit]

This is an idea I ripped off--um, I mean, an idea which was inspired by Bignole and Erik. It's a list of those oh-so-special users of Wikipedia who love to say sweet, loving things to me that make me feel so tingly inside.

The Editing Ecko Saga[edit]

It's a conspiracy![edit]

"ErikBigNolePedia" - In a fit of frustration over having my edits erased by Wikipedia users, "Erik" and "Bignole", I referred to Wikipedia as "ErikBigNolePedia". Since then, the comment has been listed on both of their Userpages as a source of humor and levity. I think we've all come to laugh about the comment since it's pretty harmless. I have nothing but respect for those guys. They take themselves and their editing seriously and Wikipedia is a better place for it. Heck, I'm game for self-deprication. :)