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The following content is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license, as confirmed in OTRS ticket # 2007111210016632:

  • all photographs on taken before October 22, 2007;
  • all photographs on;
  • photographs that were present on before 08 August 2001.

On the Wikimedia Commons, you can tag these photographs with:


Email exchanges[edit]

Note: regarding the various pictures taken by Luke Ford, I had an e-mail exchange with him on that topic:

Hi... I have a question for you. I'm a volunteer who does a good deal of work on Wikipedia updating the various articles about the ladies in the adult film industry. One of the problems we have is finding fair use pictures of the various girls. I was wondering... Could persuade you to contribute the photos you've taken over the years to Wikipedia?? Strictly for identification purposes

Luke Ford:

Sure, as long as you attribute them to the website where you took them from...

Problem was that others objected, asking if the photos could be licensed according to the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license.

My email to him:

Hey Luke... there's been a snag with your photos on Wikipedia, so I just want to verify your intent when you said I could use them.
They're asking that the photos be released under a Creative Commons license. Essentially the license says:
Attribution. You let others copy, distribute, display, and perform your copyrighted work — and derivative works based upon it — but only if they give credit the way you request.
And you wish me to credit as the source of the photos? Nothing more beyond that needed?

Luke Ford's full reply to me:

You have my permission to do what you stated (to use my photos). Please just credit rather than my full name Luke Ford.

But that's still not good enough... as one person said:

You need to get him to say the words "Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license". All he's said so far is "You have my permission ... to use my photos".

To me, that's being anal, but I went and traded more email with Luke:

Hate to keep at you like this, but they're being anal on the topic. I posted your reply, and here's their response:
Sorry, not good enough. You need to get him to say the words "Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license". All he's said so far is "You have my permission ... to use my photos"
So could you please reply explicitly saying something closer to what they want to hear?

Luke's full reply:

I give you Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license to the photos on
If that is not good enough, then write what you want me to write to you and I will reply with those exact words.

And I even went one step beyond that. As you may or may not remember, Luke Ford had an earlier website, lukeford dot com. Well I wrote to him about the material that was on that site (accessible through the Wayback Machine), and his answer on that score:

Sure. That's fine with me that you use everything i put on (through aug 8, 2001)... If you want me to write back something to give you permission, just compose it and email it to me. I will email it back in my name.

End result: all photos on, as well as all photos on that were present on the site before Aug 8, 2001, are usable on Wikipedia under a Creative Commons license.


Addendum: Luke has also extended his licensing of his images to cover as well. His original email (in full) to me:

I don't know if you check out, but I'm getting a lot of photos of Hollywood actors as well as some porn stars on there these days and of course wikipedia is welcome to use any or all of these photos.

My reply to him:

Great.. I'll start taking a look through there to see what I can use. And just to confirm, you are extending your earlier consent for the images from to conver as well?

His reply, in it's entirety!:


Above email exchange has been forwarded to OTRS.

Addendum 2: Luke Ford sold on October 22, 2007. Thus the rights to the photos on that site extend only to photos that he took prior to that date.