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A Bit About Myself[edit]

I live in Portland, Oregon with my Japanese wife. I have been studying Japan for more than 20 years now; language, religion, literature, culture, music, art history, architecture, landscape design, and specifically Shinto spirituality for more than 10 years. I saw an opportunity to share accurate Shinto study with others when I noted the real need to get on top of the Shinto project here on WP. Many of the articles wer badly put together, incorrect, uncited, or simply done without any real knowledge. Shinto is a ancient spirituality that is easily misunderstood due to the "surface experts" here at WP. I decided to change this. I have now a small library (60+ books) on this topic alone, and will endeavour to create a legit source for Shinto online. I recruited Shinto priests/historians, to give me good references and expert information on this topic. I have also recently recruited a Japanese linguistics expert for convention and language usage. I do speak Japanese, and read, but will want to learn how to use the Japanese language system here on WP a bit better. I admit that my markup programming skills have weakened over the years. I have been to Japan many times and have a significant library of images to contribute to this project. I go back almost every year and will take on new pages about Shinto to photodocument each time I go there. I have also recruited 2 other photographers recently to add to this resource.

Please take the time to understand that I am going to make a lot of changes and am happy to discuss my additions, changes and progress. Please also understand that I am not simply a novice at this topic. I welcome discussion, but please do not just revert because you do not undertand my changes....ask me. I will always have a reason. Nothing gets changed without a purpose. No disrespect, but if you are not going to take the time to understand the true depth and importance of a topic, get out of the way.

Shinto is a major world religion and deserves the right to have accurate, respectful, and in-depth information published about it on its own terms. I am going to do that.

Interference and vandalism is not welcome.

Articles that I am currently taking a lead on[edit]

Many linked articles to come.

People that I trust[edit]

Shii - A darn Good Sysop who understands issues with Japanese topics.