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Takeitupalevel, as in "it's time to take it up a level" if we're going to save the planet from the ravages of humans.

My main interest at this time on Wikipedia is the robot article and all related articles. With the help of others, I intend to rewrite it to be much more clear, unbiased, and structured; and to link it to all the related articles in a more straight forward manner.

The main article will contain a history of the word and the concept and a definition of the word as it is commonly used today.

The goal is to make the article more useful to the general public, including everyone from first graders to the elderly and from technogeeks to technophobes.

Feel free to put in my discussion page your thoughts about anything related to this project.

Formatting cheat sheet (one equal sign at both ends for this heading level)[edit]

'single quote at both ends'

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three quotes at both ends

five quotes at both ends

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One equals sign at both ends[edit]

two equals sign at both ends[edit]

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four equals sign at both ends[edit]

five equals sign at both ends[edit]
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        1. four pound signs