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Hello you,

I am Taketa from the Netherlands. I mostly write articles and add images to pages. On wikipedia you will see me working on Netherlands related topics like listed buildings, politicians, tv-shows or large corporations. The help desk and the teahouse are some of the places I keep an eye on, and every few months I update the translators list.

Some of my work on other projects can effect en.wikipedia, namely; I am a global renamer, OTRS volunteer, admin on wikidata and file renamer on Commons.

Some things you won't notice but ought to know, namely; I am a bureaucrat and former arbcom member for nl.wikipedia, where I maintain the admin and crat mailing lists, am a former steward, former member of the ombudsman committee, member of Wikimedia Belgium and board member of Wikimedia Netherlands, board member of the WikiJournal User Group, have identified myself to the WMF, visited Wikimania '11, '12 and '16, and assist/coordinate offline wiki starter courses and activities.

If you have any questions or remarks let me know on my talkpage. I can be found on IRC from time to time where I have the same name. For Wikipedia related communications I use I look forward to our cooperation.

Kind regards, Taketa (talk) 20:16, 13 October 2009 (UTC)