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Born (1997-09-19) September 19, 1997 (age 21)
Bath, Somerset
NationalityUnited Kingdom British
CountryUnited Kingdom
Current locationTrowbridge, Wiltshire
LanguagesBritish English
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AliasesThe Guy Who Always Gets People to Listen to Dazzle Ships and D. I. Go Pop Somehow
MoviesMr Jolly Lives Next Door
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JoinedJanuary 2009 (as an IP)
1 August 2011 (this account)
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Talk talk, and all that.

Hello, I'm Tango Tizer Wolfstone, or Lee, and welcome to my bloated userpage. I've been editing Wikipedia since January 2009, though it wasn't until I made so many edits in 2010 that I became addicted to editing Wikipedia for the first time as opposed to just reading it. Regardless, I only created this account in August 2011, a month before my 14th birthday. Music is definitely my primary obsession and some of my favourite bands and artists include XTC, The Cure, Disco Inferno, Talk Talk, Julian Cope, Show of Hands, The Beta Band, OMD, Basement Jaxx, The Divine Comedy, among others.

Indeed, most of the articles I have written are about music and especially albums (and especially electronic albums in recent times), but there's a lot more about that below.

Other interests besides music include hill figures, advertisements for products such as Tango and Tizer, television idents (especially the lovely BBC Two '1991-2001' idents), follies (especially those local to me in Wiltshire and Somerset), and I'm not impartial to other seemingly trivial stuff. I also love a lot of television, especially British comedies and game shows. Favourite shows include Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle, The Day Today, The Comic Strip Presents, Green Wing, Jam, Only Fools and Horses and, although I haven't watched it in years, the T Davies era of Doctor Who. I comically dislike the game show Defectors because of my old best friend's unjustified outright hate for it, but I love a lot of awful game shows too, especially because of how bad some can be.

My friends on Wikipedia who I also know outside this website are WhittleWaffleBass, PorridgeTF2, Flyest nihilist, Myxomatosis57 and my very close friend Humbledaisy, the latter of whom I collaborated with when re-writing the page to Himself by Gilbert O'Sullivan.

My top 3 albums of all time are Dazzle Ships, Apple Venus Volume 1 and Spirit of Eden.

My favourite music writers include Tom Ewing, Marcello Carlin, Simon Reynolds, David Stubbs, Mark Fisher, Mark Sinker, Ned Raggett, Bob Stanley, Paul Morley, Simon Price, Lena Friesen, David Toop and Cope again.

Brand new TangoTizerWolfstone look for May 2012! But I didn't trade in a Lambretta for a three wheel van!

"Fine art never moved my soul

No vintage wine or designer clothes
But my world shakes for me
My bird sings sweetly
A different kind of tinsel decorates my tree"
– XTC, "My Bird Performs" (1992) (the "world", "bird" and "tinsel" in question are of course editing Wikipedia)

WikiProject boxes[edit]

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WikiProject Albums.
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Full articles I have written/rewritten[edit]

Alton Barnes White Horse, one of my own creations (the article I mean, not the horse itself).

I mostly write out full-length articles for albums I enjoy and find interesting (of course, its the same for anyone who does that, but anyway). To take albums I love and make sure they get informative, neat Wikipedia articles. I used to be quite bad at this and, as such, a lot of my old such articles are rather messy. Not written very well and laden with badly formatted refs and bad prose or whatever. But then I got better at it, basically. Some of my best album articles, I recon, include Silver Apples of the Moon, Confessions of a Pop Group, Nonsuch, More Specials, Wha'ppen?, Zero Time, Penguin Eggs, One Thousand Years of Trouble, The Beta Band, Back to Front, Handful of Earth, Boulders and Storm the Studio.

It would appear that, among my friends, the best-known Wikipedia page that I've written is D. I. Go Pop, which is still one of my longest although, if I was to have written it today, I wouldn't have written it in the way I did back in March 2016, as its in a right state if I'm honest.

I don't just write articles for albums. I have written full-length articles for several other interests of mine, like KX telephone boxes, the Tango advertisements Orange Man and St George, The Pepperbox folly, and several local hill figures, including Alton Barnes White Horse, Broad Town White Horse and Devizes White Horse. So far my only fully fledged Wikipedia collaboration is the Himself article with Humbledaisy.

Examples of large articles I've written or rewritten[edit]

Some of the older articles aren't as good as the later ones, and the list is incomplete anyway as there is a few pre-2016 articles not listed, but here's the bulk of the work



Articles I have started working on but not completed

Articles I've created[edit]

While the above list is full-length articles I have written or rewritten, here is a scroll list of articles I've created, no matter how long they are (so that includes a lot of the ones in the above list and a lot other articles that are just stubs or not very big). This list is nowhere near as interesting as the above one, if I may say so myself (indeed, I think I've missed a few out but am not terribly interested to go and find out to make sure, cus that's hard work that can I can put into editing instead).

Here's a few more I made on my friend's old account Lewi6400

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My interests[edit]

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Closing announcements[edit]

Thanks for tuning into The TangoTizerWolfstone Variety Hour.