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My aim is, and has always been, to make fair edits that benefit the encyclopedia as a whole. I will occasionally make mistakes; if you notice, please feel free to leave me a message on my talk page.

I help newcomers get accustomed to the project, and participate in a number of housekeeping duties. I also translate articles from the Japanese Wikipedia into English articles here. In addition, I am one of the people answering the info-en OTRS queue, and an administrator on Meta and the Simple English Wikipedia.

You may be interested in some of my toolserver tools: Whatredirectshere, Milestone, RfA Analysis, and Nubio, a searchable Wikipedia FAQ.

About the name

According to Tangotango, Tangotango is a woman in Polynesian mythology "who had intercourse with Tawhaki and was the mother of Arahuta". Having never studied Polynesian mythology before, this makes no sense to me whatsoever. In fact, I found out about her after creating my account.

A recent revision to the article reveals that Tangotango is also called Hapai, and that "Tawhaki and his brother set out on a great adventure to find her".


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I have a few personal guidelines I follow on Wikipedia. I may, however, deviate from them at times, in the spirit of Ignore All Rules.

  • I will not speedy delete articles unless they are obviously nonsense or disparage the subject. In all other cases, if I feel an article should be speedy deleted, I will tag it with the appropriate tag and wait for another admin to delete it.
  • I am not party to any of the various deletion philosophies. I delete when articles do not add anything useful, or degrade the quality of, the encyclopedia.


Here are some delightful barnstars awarded to me by fellow editors. Spread your WikiLove by sending barnstars to those who deserve them!

Janitorial Ribbon.png The WikiMedal for Janitorial Services awarded by Omicronpersei8 "for helping keep the legal monster at bay, and... for being so prompt about it" - 3 November 2006
RickK Anti-Vandalism Ribbon.png RickK Anti-Vandalism Barnstar awarded by Jam01 "for your continued vandalism reverts and vandal blocking efforts" - 10 August 2006
Tireless Contributor Ribbon.png Tireless Contributor Barnstar awarded by Natalya "for creating the awesome Searchable Wikipedia FAQ." - 5 August 2006
Original Ribbon.png WikiProject Japan Barnsensu awarded by Nihonjoe "on behalf of WikiProject Japan and WikiProject Trains in Japan...for your amazing efforts in founding and coordinating the organization of all of the train-related articles for Japan. Thanks for your hard work! It's definitely appreciated." - 30 July 2006
Original Ribbon.png Mediation Committee Barnstar awarded by Essjay on behalf of the Mediation Committtee "for your dedicated service to the Mediation Committee in programming and bringing MediationBot online" - 20 July 2006