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Username: TanizakiChoson
Date of birth: 1975
Address: Prague, Czech Republic

I have been using Wikipedia for years and years, but until 2007 only as an unregistered user. I think Wikipedia is great, but I have encountered pages or views that I could not agree with or that I would like to express my opinion on. As a result I have registered and am trying to do my humble share now. I am not a computer wizz, thus I make mistakes, but I am a fast learner or so I hope :-)


I like reading, mainly fantasy and sci-fi in recent years. I shall not name my favourite writers as the space provided here would not suffice. However, I bet you can guess some of the names ;-)
I am escaping the everyday reality by watching movies. And as s "film consumer" I prefer films that are undemanding, pleasing and soothing in certain ways.
Some of you might have guessed that I am interested in Asia, East Asia in particular.