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Flag of Missouri.svg
This user is a cat lover.
Lipotes vexillifer.png This user misses the Yangtze River dolphin.
Summer time.jpg This user loves the Summer.
LJ This user maintains a LiveJournal.
Ps This user contributes using
Adobe Photoshop.
Nuvola apps kcoloredit.svg This user is an art lover.
Caffeine.svg This user believes that caffeine is necessary in large doses daily.
Pizza.jpg This user largely subsists on cold leftover pizza and credits this diet for their health & success in life.
CDC spinach1.jpg This user eats spinach.
Dark chocolate Blanxart.jpg
This user prefers dark chocolate
CachacaDivininha.jpg This user drinks. Period.
Actually, could you return her sweater for this user? This user knows your mother
(and will say "hi" to her for you)
Glass box of emotion.png This user is in a glass case of emotion.
This user is not a beautiful or unique snowflake.
300 Tonight this user dines in hell!
FR for Futurama Userbox.svg Good news, everyone! This user is a fan of Futurama!
Oso.jpg This user knows that bears are Godless killing machines.
off This user would choose their employees over a one night stand.
This user prefers the cuteness of Chibiusa.
This user prefers to keep their notes in their watch.
Nuvola apps bookcase.svg This user is a college student.
ACT This user obtained a 30 on the ACT.
40.px This user is highly... um... What's that word again?
Female.svg This user is a female.
Flag of Ireland.svg This user is of Irish ancestry.
Coat of arms of Poland-official3.png This user is of Polish ancestry
No Day Like Today.jpg This user sleeps, but not for predictable amounts of time.
Userbox Child.jpg This user is a child at heart. They might have grown older, but they'll never grow up.
N This user is a loyal fan of Nintendo hardware and software, and as one, prefers Nintendo consoles over non-Nintendo consoles.
Wii console.png This user plays games on the Wii console.
Rounded Rectangles.svg This user plays games on the Nintendo DS portable console.
Triforce.svg This user plays games from The Legend of Zelda series.

Avatar This user watches Avatar: The Last Airbender religiously.
This user is an Airbender.
Female.svgMale.svg This user identifies as straight.
Scorpio.svg This user is a Scorpio.