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frCet utilisateur a pour langue maternelle le français.
This contributor to Wikipedia is female.

I'm French (of Czech origin; my parents fled Communist Czechoslovakia) and live in Brussels. I've been a Wikipedian for about a decade and my interests on here are quite broad. I used to focus mostly on (Continental) European politics and recent history. Since 2016 I have shifted my attention more to American politics and spent much time on articles relating to the Trump administration (and the investigations of it). It's no secret that I'm fairly critical of Trump, but I always try to edit in an unbiased and fair manner. I'm a liberal in the European tradition, so I essentially see myself as a centrist, but by American standards I'm fairly progressive. Other topic areas I sometimes edit in are academia and current events. I sometimes edit articles in the field of popular culture from a somewhat critical perspective because these articles tend to be written by fans to a large degree, and I believe they need input from those outside the "bubble," but this is not really my primary field of interest. I also still have an interest in totalitarianism, extremism and especially the legacy of totalitarian regimes in Central Europe, seen from a mainstream European perspective; unlike the political debate in other parts of the world (especially the U.S.), this is not really a matter of left versus right to me (or most Europeans, I imagine).

In addition to English and my first language, French, I also speak Czech and German, but not quite fluently.