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Welcome to Rishabh Tatiraju's user page

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Hi and thanks for visiting!

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Who am i?

I am Rishabh. I live in Pune, India and I am a male, in my teens.

What am i interested in?

My interest in Wikipedia is Tropical Cyclones, in which i spend considerable time editing articles or creating new ones. Apart from that, i like contriputing about structures, monuments, bridges, Indian Highways and Roadways, Hill forts and lot more. Outside Wikipedia, i like singing, and make up a good singer too. I also like photography, and also have contributed to Wikipedia using my photos.

What do I do routinely?

My daily work starts by checking my talk page. I don't understand why but it has become an obsession for me to do that. I supply or edit information about tropical cyclones in every aspect - Facts, data, cyclone tracks, satellite imagery etc. Once there's no more to edit, I peep into my other fields of interests, which i have mentioned previously.

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Why do I edit Wikipedia?

I support the motion that every person in this world has a right to learn about anything free of cost. I'm here to share some piece of information to the entire globe so that someone else can benefit from my work. For me, Wikipedia is the best way to serve the entire globe.


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My Wikipedia Stats

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