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Early Life[edit]

Tatum Sherman knows that being a successful entrepreneur is something that takes hard work and dedication.Sherman knows this because she is the owner of Resource Referral, a staffing firm that helps link up professionals with companies in need of their skills.


Unemployment rates have plagued Tatum Sherman’s hometown for many years. It was the devastation of unemployment that Sherman witnessed in her community that prompted her to start her own staffing firm. She has been using the company, Resource Referral, to help build a network and employ qualified individuals.Though Tatum Sherman is the owner of a big business, Resource Referral, creating a successful business has not been the most daunting challenge in her life.

Family Woman[edit]

Tatum Sherman became a mother that she realized what a real challenge looked like. Her two children occupy a considerable amount of her time. Sherman says they are both worth it, and she learns something new from them every day.When Tatum Sherman is not helping combat the unemployment rate at her company, Resource Referral, she enjoys spending time with her family.


  • Employment Staffing firm
  • Successful Female Entrepreneur
  • Young, Black and in Business