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আমি বাংলা উইকিপিডিয়ায় অবদান রাখি।

I support the Bangla language Wikipedia with my contributions.
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Mohammed Tawsif Salam.jpg
Name in real lifeMohammed Tawsif Salam
Current locationDhaka
LanguagesEnglish, Bengali, Arabic
Time zoneUTC+6
Education and employment
EmployerSocial Islami Bank Limited
Previous: National Bank Limited, Anglia Ruskin University,, North South University
EducationMaster's degree
Primary schoolWillis Little Flower School
High schoolGovernment Laboratory High School
CollegeDhaka Residential Model College
UniversityNorth South University, Anglia Ruskin University
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs

Islam, books, writing, traveling, spending time with family

Contact info
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The attention of the entire world was on Puerto Rican capital San Juan, where an internal staff dispute at Dupont Plaza Hotel, now San Juan Marriott, turned into a deadly arson and 97 people including guests and the staff were killed, most of them burned beyond recognition. I was not supposed to have any clue of that at that time. Because when I was finally born at a time very close to the deadly event, I, in fact any human being on earth, did never imagine that there would be something called Wikipedia ever where people would be able to fancy browsing articles to know exactly what the world was busy with when they were born, like I did before making the funny attempt to write this at the introduction of my user page.

Unfortunately it is another business of death that I found out to have happened at the time of my birth. French assisted Chadian Military nearly annihilated its Libyan counterpart in the Battle of Fada at the zero hours of 1 January, 1987, where nearly 50 Libyan personnel died against a single Chadian death. Chad lost only 16 soldiers. The conflict was part of the decade-long Chad-Libya war that caused deaths of some 10,000 people in both sides, and was the closing event, happening roughly ten hours before I was born, of the deadly war. Well that was a good news!

Despite all these arson and conflict, it was a sunny winter morning in the then Comilla town, now a metropolitan, on 1 January, 1987 when I was born at 23°28′8.19″N 91°10′51.39″E / 23.4689417°N 91.1809417°E / 23.4689417; 91.1809417.

My name is Mohammed Tawsif Salam. I am a Muslim and Bangladeshi Wikipedian.

In Wikipedia[edit]

My birth town Comilla.
My hometown Dhaka. The place in the photo is obviously the city's major commercial district, but is not far from where I used to live. Particularly the spot from where the photo appears to have been taken is less than a mile from my home.
Currently I live in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, United Kingdom to attend Lord Ashcroft International Business School of Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. This photo indeed does not identify the town properly and it is difficult to find one that does because Bury St Edmunds in fact is a historical market town where there is no unique urban landscape that could help visualize the place.

I happen to be an avid reader in Wikipedia, on any topic that I have to come by through my works, experiences and the ongoing affairs. But in case of contribution, I roughly have some specific areas of interest, like history, politics and geography of Bangladesh, those of Comilla and Cox's Bazar in particular, military history, international relations, cricket, aviation, photography and traveling. My media contribution to Wikipedia mostly comprises photos taken amid my traveling, inside and outside Bangladesh.

I do have a physical description of a food-loving person, which I am pretty sure is reflected in the media contributions I made, featured below this text, as many of the photos are of various Bangladeshi dishes. So it appears that excellently decorated delicious food does not give me the thought to eat them only, I take their photos before eating them!


I am a Muslim and nearly a practicing one. My parents are sincere and pious Muslims who always want me to live a life that Islam prefers. As they pray for it, I am trying my best.

School and College[edit]

I am a Laboratorian. I passed my secondary school certificate from Government Laboratory High School in 2003. My higher secondary was done in Dhaka Residential Model College in 2005.

I began studying electronics and telecommunication engineering in North South University, Dhaka in 2006, from where I graduated in 2010 with a bachelor degree.

Currently I am attending Lord Ashcroft Business School at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, United Kingdom as a graduate student. The degree I am pursuing studies for is master of business administration. My concentrations are international business, marketing and strategic management.


I love to write. I began writing when I was a junior in school. But I was the only reader of them for many years until I began blogging in 2003. My blogs in first few years were based on things I saw while surviving, most notably while traveling.

From 2007, after an undemocratic and extra-constitutional government took over the charge of Bangladesh and was thoroughly cutting basic civil liberties of its citizens, I began active political blogging, though with a pseudonym. Since then, a few English and Bengali newspapers and internet newspapers, e.g. New Age, Daily Amar Desh, Daily Amader Shomoy,, Weekly Economic Times, Weekly Ekhon etc., have published my writings, mostly covering social and political issues.

My Photos[edit]



From The Gardens[edit]





Panorama of Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge

En Route[edit]


United Kingdom[edit]




I generally upload photos to Wikimedia Commons to make sure that they are available in almost all the Wikimedia projects. Apart from the featured above, here is the automated log of all my media contributions to Wikipedia.

Wiki Achievements and Recognition[edit]

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Thank you for contributing so many files and images of Bangladesh! Ahnaaf (talk) 15:33, 19 April 2012 (UTC)

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