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Judy Kibinge, born in Nairobi, Kenya in 1967, is a writer, film maker, and director. As a film maker, she showcases work that relates to her culture and the issues surrounding political, social and racial problems experienced by the people of Kenya. Kibinge has been recognized for her film, Dangerous Affair, winning first prize at the 2003 Zanzibar International Film Festival.[1] She has won numerous awards for her short stories which include The Man Who Knew too Much. In 2008, she was awarded Best Kenyan Director for her film Killer Necklace,[2] which was produced by her production company Seven Productions Ltd., where she is the co-founder and creative director.[2]

Early Life[edit]

A few years after her birth, her family relocated to Washington DC., where she spent five years of her childhood. During her teenage years, she attended Kenya High school. After graduation, she attended Malvern Girls College, where she studied academic subjects such as English, and Geography. Kibinge completed her A-level, a set of exams used in the UK for completing and achieving her General Certificate of Education. Kibinge graduated with a Baccalaureate of the Arts in Communication and Media from what is now called Manchester Metropolitan University.[2]


Kibinge began her career in the world of advertising as a copywriter. She worked for McCann Erickson from 1992 to 1999 as Creative Director. As creative director she worked with the creative department in television, radio and press.[1] From December 1999 to present, Kibinge worked for Mzima Development Ltd., a real estate firm, which she served as director.[2] While working for Mzima, she also worked for Baraka Films as a director and writer from 2001 through 2006. While working as a writer and director at Baraka, she won the overall prize at the Zanzibar film festival for Dangerous Affair (2002). In 2002, Kibinge directed the film The Aftermath funded by MNET.[3] MNET New Directions is a subscription funded television channel from South Africa.[4] Kibinge directed numerous documentaries for MNET, including A Voice In The Dark (The Story of a Whistleblower) in 2005, and directed Bless This Land in 2005.[2]

Kibinge's main work includes writing and directing political documentaries including Coming Of Age made in 2008, which won Best Short Documentary at The Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2009.[5] Coming Of Age depicts democracy throughout Kenyan history. The Kenyatta era is the first, which is a time of great hope for the people. The second era, under dictator Daniel arap Moi, produced oppression and confusion. We see this oppression through the little girl as she blossoms into womanhood. The last stage, under Mwai Kibaki, the protagonist wonders if free speech can really exist for her as a Kenyan woman.[5] One of the other films that depicts and circulates around political issues is Peace Wanted Alive which was launched in 2009. Kibinge uses her films to depict and tell her story of politics that she has and her country experienced through her stories as well as her films. This use of her films and stories to display political trifes her country has experienced has made her receive and achieve world renown acknowledgment.

Kibinge directed the short screenplay Killer Necklace in 2008 for MNET Africa and won the best director for it at the Kalasha Awards in 2009.[6] This film has been screened in festivals worldwide including The New York African Film Festival.[2] Kibinge authored a variety of short stories including "The Wake" which was published in Kwani? [3] in 2004.


The Aftermath 2002

Dangerous Affair 2002

Project Daddy 2004

A Voice In the Dark 2005

Bless This Land 2005

Coming Of Age 2008

Killer Necklace 2008

Peace Wanted Alive 2009


The Man Who Knew too Much: Short Film Win

Dangerous Affair Won the large prize at the 2003 Zanzibar film festival Project Daddy - best director Cineweek Kenya

Killer Necklace: Kibinge was awarded Best Kenyan Director for her film

Coming Of Age: Made in 2008,won Best Short Documentary at The Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2009.

Peace Wanted Alive: Judy Kibinge is nominated for an African Movie Academy Award Director: Judy Kibinge

Producer: Peter Kariuki, Judy Kibinge

" Something Necessary" director, screen adaptation - 2013


The Goethe-Institut has paid homage to Judy Kibinge’s work, most recently her documentary Coming Of Age. On February 4-5 2011 The Goethe Institute organized a series of screenings and public discussion on the Kenya film scene and Kenyan filmmakers, including Judy Kibinge. [7]


Kibinge is a member of Concerned Kenyan Writers.


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