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My User boxes[edit]

to add my user boxes to your page, simply copy the link, including the brackets {{}} to where you would like it appear. you can modify my boxes, but you must tell or show me what you did, Here.


Page One
Page Two
Code Comments Result
{{User:Tbone55/wiki/UBS/Matterhorn}} Matterhorn (My first UBX)
Matterhorn This User Likes the Matterhorn.

{{User:Tbone55/wiki/UBS/Spices}} Spices
Kruiden in Egyptische bazaar Eminönü Istanbul.JPG This user likes Spices.
{{User:Tbone55/wiki/UBS/Carnivore}} User likes meat
This user is a carnivore.
{User:Tbone55/wiki/UBS/Houston-1}} Houston (Wiki Project)
DowntownHouston.jpg This user is part of Wikipedia:WikiProject Houston.
{{User:Tbone55/wiki/UBS/Houston-2}} Houston (Lives in)
DowntownHouston.jpg This user lives in Houston, Texas.
{{User:Tbone55/wiki/UBS/Houston-3}} Houston (contributes from)
DowntownHouston.jpg This user contributes to wikipedia from Houston, Texas.
{{User:Tbone55/wiki/UBS/oldschoolgoogle}} Old School Google!!
This user knew what Google was before most other people did.
{{User:Tbone55/wiki/UBS/google-2}} Searches with Google (better logo)
{{User:Tbone55/wiki/UBS/Firefox-1}} A Simple Firefox User Box
Firefox This user prefers Mozilla Firefox
{{User:Tbone55/wiki/UBS/HighSchool}} High School User Box
hs This user is a high school student.
{{User:Tbone55/wiki/UBS/42}} The Infamous 42
{{User:Tbone55/wiki/UBS/Rock}} Rock Music
Crystal Clear app kguitar.png This user enjoys rock music.
{{User:Tbone55/wiki/UBS/kleptomaniac}} A fun User Box! :) True about me!
! This user is a userbox kleptomaniac.
{{User:Tbone55/wiki/UBS/Esperanza}} My own Esperanza User Box - diff image
This user calls for the return of Esperanza.
{{User:Tbone55/wiki/UBS/Male}} Male user
Male.svg This user is male.
{{User:Tbone55/wiki/UBS/Sig}} If you like sig's then you need this!

Credit to Why1991

Button sig.png
This user likes their signature and doesn't care how long it is in Wiki markup.
{{User:Tbone55/wiki/UBS/EsperanzaResponce}} Another Copied one, this time from Feureau
This user calls for the return of Esperanza.
{{User:Tbone55/wiki/UBS/Tbone55}} Wiki friend (Tbone55)
Frnd This user knows Tbone55
{{User:Tbone55/wiki/UBS/Tbone55/2}} Fancy wiki friend (Tbone55)
Frnd This user knows •Tbone55
{{User:Tbone55/Wiki/UBS/Why1991}} Do you know Why 1991 ?
Frnd This user knows Why1991
{{User:Tbone55/wiki/UBS/More}} If you have more UBX, then you need this!
UBX This user has more userbox's here


(Still in dev)

See some of the tests

Other User Boxes[edit]