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Greetings. I am one of many users who volunteer their time to occasionally monitor recent changes for vandalism, mistakes, and obvious inappropriate changes. I will also take extra time to investigate suspicious changes to established facts such as names, dates, and statistics.

If I have made an error in my endeavors, I apologize in advance. Please drop me a note on my Talk Page, so I am aware of the mistake.

Currently I use the following tools:

  • The Huggle A stand-alone tool set for quickly rolling back pages and adding warning templates to user pages.
  • The Twinkle another tool that works from within my browser that does much of the same.

Often when I see a borderline case in Huggle, I'll take the time to research further before taking hasty action. That is why my patrolling is a mix of Huggle and Twinkle activity.

A while back, I worked on the 2008 Summer Olympics#Sports event pages. I'm not a major contributor, but am looking for and fixing problems and standardisation issues. (Lins to events here: User:Tcncv/Olympics)

I'm also a defender of the new contributor who might get unduly bitten by the Wikipedia establishment.

Comments, raves, or rants?
Please direct them to my Talk Page. I will not likely see them here.