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C'est moi. Nothing much to say about me, except that I'm just trying, if I know something appropriate, to add details and sources and links and interlinks when and where I can. Like my own interests, there's no real pattern to what I'm contributing; I tend to be interested in random things and when I get interested, I try to learn a lot — be it pandas, Tiradentes, fiddlehead ferns, the place where I live, or the town where I grew up. I'm perpetually curious, so working on Wikipedia articles has helped scratch that itch.

Articles of note[edit]

Articles of note that I created, translated, or significantly revamped:

Following on from the Francisco Bouligny article, I've tried to fill out infoboxes and articles for all the French and Spanish colonial governors of Louisiana. For fun, I've also been figuring out how to design userboxes that change based upon the inputs provided. I've also been adding pictures and maps to Wikimedia Commons, including reworking JPG/PNG files as SVGs.

COI statement[edit]

Potential WP:COI: I have edited in some areas where I have a personal or professional association. However, at no time have I been explicitly paid to edit on behalf of any group or individual. I aim to hold myself to Wikipedia's standards for WP:NPOV, no WP:ADVOCACY, and for ensuring things are properly WP:RS cited. If anyone has concerns about my edits, please let me know.

  • Asphalt: I worked in communications for the National Asphalt Pavement Association from January 2012 to March 2020.
  • Bouligny family: I am a descendant of Francisco Bouligny and have edited and created articles about a few notable Bouligny family members (all listed above).
  • KNWD: I worked on air and in station management at KNWD from January 1987 to May 1991 while in high school and college, including serving as music director in 1989/90 and general manager in 1990/91.
  • Radio World: I was a reporter and editor for Radio World International (and its sister publications) from September 1993 to December 2011, during which time it was owned by IMAS Publishing and NewBay Media. I have continued to write for Radio World on and off since then. (A few articles I wrote have been used by others as WP:RS on various articles, and I've written about radio-related Wikipedia news too.)

Other stuff[edit]

Wikiprojects joined[edit]

Things I intend to get to ...[edit]