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Me in 2007

Hi, I'm Tim Malone.

I haven't bothered to put anything of much use on this page yet, but my e-mail address if you wish to contact me is tim at timmalone dot id dot au, or you can just use my talk page.

Click here to leave me a message

Stuff: /Projects - /Work - /Sandbox - /Userboxes

A bit about me[edit]

I live in Melbourne, Australia (used to live in Canberra). I'm an IT & media nut.

And I'll write more here one day.

My contributions[edit]

Nothing major yet, but:

  • Added images to Canberra related articles
  • Adjusted some templates
  • Created some small articles
  • Typo/grammar & factual corrections in various articles I come across
  • Redirections in various places for common misspellings and alternative capitalisations
  • Member of WikiProject Melbourne
  • Member of WikiProject Canberra

I have made over 300 edits, and may have the potential to develop Editcountitis if I'm not careful. Latest count here.

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