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The Warhammer 40,000 game is a table top battle game developed and run by Games Workshop. Participants use miniatures to depict various factions in a science fiction setting based around the Milky Way galaxy but set in the 41st millennium. These factions battle it out for supremacy and one of the most powerful are known as the Space Marines. In the background of the hobby the Space Marines are the elite forces of the Imperium of Man, a vast human empire that stretches across much of the Milky Way. They are genetically engineered to be much stronger and tougher than regular humans and are gifted the most powerful weapons and vehicles that the human race can produce. They are organised into chapters each of which is a powerful army in its own right and the following list provides a breakdown of all the chapters that have been encountered in the various books and rule books that make up the background to the Warhammer 40,000 universe and game. Some are also drawn from the monthly magazine that accompanies the hobby known as White Dwarf (magazine). Different chapters in the game were created at different points in the games' timeline. Some were founded many millennia ago whilst others have been founded only very recently. The term 'founding' refers to the different points at which several chapters were created at the same time. Players of the game can paint their miniature models in the colours of any of the following chapters or can even make up their own chapters to personalise their set of miniatures.

Please note that this list includes only those chapters which are mentioned in official Games Workshop rulebooks or army lists (each of which is known as a Codex) from which players choose their modelscodex It also includes the Chapters that have betrayed the human race and instead chosen to fight for one of other factions known collectively as the forces of Chaos. ChaosSecond Founding.

The following are the names ot the other factions referred to at various points in the list. Imperial Guard, Witch Hunters, Daemonhunters, Orks, Chaos, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Tau, Tyranids and Necrons.

This list does not include fan-made Chapters, Golden Daemon winners, Chapters for which only the name and colour scheme is known or (in general) Chapters mentioned only in White Dwarf.

Chapter name Founding chapter Second Founding Appearances in fiction Parent chapter Description Short history


Angels Encarmine[edit]

A Second Founding chapter of the Blood Angels.[1] They participated in the effort to reclaim the Crimson Fists' homeworld from the Orks. Their power armour is painted red, with black trim and a black backpack. The Chapter symbol is a bat-winged drop of blood.

The Angels Encarmine were excommunicated by Inquisitor Veil in the Constantia Crusade, in which Lord Angelos was possessed by the daemon Syn. The Angels Encarmine eluded both the Ordo Hereticus and Malleus for thirteen hundred years until the 13th Black Crusade, in which Lord Dante of the Blood Angels executed Angelos in personal combat, although he was severely wounded, leading to his permanent use of the Death Mask of Sanguinius and the Inquisition's investigations into the chapter becoming more active, however the Angels Encarmine were accepted back into the Imperial rule.[citation needed]

Angels of Absolution[edit]

A Second Founding chapter of the Dark Angels.[2] The power armour of the Angels of Absolution is painted bone-white, and the Chapter's symbol is a skull superimposed over a stylised wing.[2]

The entire Chapter is listed as serving during the 13th Black Crusade.[3]

Angels of Redemption[edit]

A Second Founding chapter of the Dark Angels.[2] The Chapter's power armour is halved bone-white and dark green, and the Chapter's symbol is a winged skull.[2] They participated in the Third War for Armageddon.[4]

Angels of Vengeance[edit]

A Second Founding chapter of the Dark Angels.[2] The power armour worn by this chapter is black, and the Chapter's symbol is a white winged skull.[2] An inverted red V rests over the skull; a stylised hood.[2]

Angels Porhpyr[edit]

The Angels Porphyr color scheme is nearly identical to the Eagle Warriors, differing only in location of company colors and the chapter symbol. They committed eight companies to the Third War for Armageddon.

Angels Sanguine[edit]

A Second Founding chapter of the Blood Angels.[1] Their power armour is halved red and black.[5] The Chapter's symbol is a winged skull.[5] Librarian Ashok from the novels Warrior Brood (Goto, 2005) and Warrior Coven (Goto, 2006) is a member of the Angels Sanguine chapter, and he wears the Shroud of Lemartes, to stave off the Red Thirst. He also is unique in the aspect that he is one of the few Space Marines to dislike his armour, and senses that its machine spirit is not fond of him either.

The Chapter is listed as serving during the fictional events surrounding the Eye of Terror worldwide campaign.[3]


Angels Vermillion[edit]

A Second Founding chapter of the Blood Angels.[1] The Chapter wears dark red power armour. The Chapter's symbol is a winged blood drop, with a small skull at the base of the drop.


The Aurora Chapter is descended from Ultramarines gene-seed. The Chapter's symbol is a black, lower case alpha inside a white, twelve-pointed star.[6] The Chapter's power armour is painted dark green, with trim in the company colour.[6]

Sources conflict concerning the time of this Chapter's founding; while some claim the Aurora Chapter to be one of the Ultramarines' Second Founding Chapters, others place the date of their foundation as much later. They are mentioned in Dan Abnett's "Eisenhorn" omnibus as having saved an Inquisitor from a Daemonhost after it slew the Inquisitor's entire retinue.


Black Consuls[edit]

A Second Founding chapter of the Ultramarines.[1] The Chapter's powered armour is black with trim in the company colour. The symbol of the Black Consuls is a white eagle's head.

Black Dragons[edit]

The Black Dragons were founded, during the so-called Cursed 21st Founding just prior to the Age of Apostasy, a time of civil war and bloodshed that almost saw the Imperium destroyed. It was a dark time for the Imperium when worlds were destroyed on the whims of the insane Lord Vandire. Perhaps these days of ill omen cursed the founding of the Black Dragons from the beginning or perhaps it was the debased and ritualised medical practices of the Magos Biologis chirurgeons. Whatever the reason it did not take long before the flaw inherent in their gene-seed to become apparent.

The Ossmodula zygote of the Black Dragons functions in an abnormal way causing the growth of bony crests on the head, and blade-like protuberances from the forearm and elbow. Like the Death Company of the Blood Angels, warriors inflicted with such abnormal developments are formed into a separate fighting unit. Known as the Dragon Claws, they sharpen these additional protrusions to a killing edge, and sheath them in adamantium to turn them into deadly close combat weapons. This strains the tolerance of the Inquisition and there are many recorded instances of other Space Marine Chapters (notably the Dark Angels and Marines Malevolent) refusing to fight alongside them. It is even rumoured that the Black Dragon Apothecaries deliberately encourage such growths, even going so far as to knowingly implant aberrant zygotes into some initiates. This is exceptionally dangerous, and the practice is forbidden by Imperial edict. But old traditions die hard as the ferocity of the Dragon Claws is much valued by the Chapter Masters. Each Chapter is required to send 5% of its genetic material to the Adeptus Mechanicus on Mars. This 'tithe' serves two purposes, enabling the Adeptus Mechanicus to monitor the health of each Marine Chapter and store gene-seed with a view to founding new Chapters. The Adeptus Mechanicus has on several occasions threatened the Black Dragons with military action unless it complies with this decree and even when the Chapter has submitted genetic data, its veracity has often been considered suspect as each sample provided has passed the most stringent genetic purity checks without fail. Without being able to prove anything, many Adepts believe that the Black Dragons submit genetic material culled from other sources. How this can be possible is unknown and the Adeptus Mechanicus is eager to fully investigate the medical practices within the Black Dragons.

Black Guard[edit]

A Second Founding chapter of the Raven Guard This is all the information known on the chapter.[1]

Black Templars[edit]

Blood Angels[edit]

Blood Drinkers[edit]

A Second Founding chapter of the Blood Angels.[1] Unlike the other Blood Angels Successor Chapters, the Blood Drinkers are strict followers of the Codex Astartes. The Chapter participated in the effort to reclaim the Crimson Fists' homeworld from the Orks. The Chapter's armour is painted red, with yellow trim. The Chapter's symbol is a drop of blood above a chalice.

The name "Blood Drinkers" comes from the Chapter's craving for blood, the result of a mutated omophagea gene-seed.

Blood Ravens[edit]

Brazen Claws[edit]

A Second Founding chapter of the Iron Hands.[1] They participated in the defence against the Thirteenth Black Crusade.[3] The Chapter's powered armour is painted in a quartered blue and red pattern. The Chapter's symbol is the depiction of red claws or talons.

Brotherhood of a Thousand[edit]

A later-founding chapter of unknown origin. The Brotherhood follow the Codex Astartes and are loyal to the Imperium of Man. Their armour is painted a bluish grey with the trim on the shoulder pads painted a different colour for each company. Their chapter symbol is a black "M" on a slightly undersized white circle, the M representing the number one thousand. In Rogue Trader, it says this symbol was the symbol of the Thousand Sons traitor Legion, but this seems to have been ignored since their appearance in Insignium Astartes.

Brotherhood of Ultramar[edit]

A second founding chapter of the Ultramarines.[1] They follow the codex in most aspects except in the fields of stealth and shock in which they excel; this is due to the chapter carrying out its recruitment amongst the warrior peoples of a feral world that is in perpetual twilight, where stealth and shock tactics are the only way to survive more than one battle. All space marines in the chapter are described as being of pale complexion, with dark brown eyes and hair; this has been attributed to the unique conditions of their homeworld, although most shave off all their hair (some of the Brotherhood wear it in an elaborate top-knot). The armour is entirely black with the trims on the shoulder pads painted gold as minute visual recognition symbols visible to only a Space Marine in power armour are used as visual recognition for each company within the chapter. Their chapter symbol is identical to that of the Ultramarines,[1] as they are immensely proud of having descended from this legendary chapter.



A Chapter founded during the 36th millennium.[7] The entire chapter participated in the Third War for Armageddon.[4] Their armour starts with yellow lower legs then seamlessly blends to orange for the mid body and then red for the upper body/helmet/arms; the chapter badge is a winged five-pointed star.[7]

Celestial Lions[edit]

The Celestial Lions were founded during the 38th millennium.[7] Their Home World is Elysium IX. Their armour is primarily gold, with blue shoulder pads and helmet.[7] The chapter symbol is a roaring lion's head, and lion decorations are often incorporated into their armour.[7] The Celestial Lions participated in the Third War for Armageddon,[4] and were almost completely annihilated due to Inquisition treachery.

Children of Purgatos[edit]

A chapter that went excommunicate, their primary colour is emerald green highlighted with gold and they decorate their armour with images of flames. Chapter badge is a large, gold-coloured flame emblem.

The Company of the Shadow[edit]

See Death falcons.

The Consecrators[edit]

A Dark Angels Successor Chapter. Almost entirely absent from Imperial records, it was first recorded in the 3rd century of the 40th millennium. Noted for bearing all manner of holy relics, and ancient patterns, of arms, armour and vehicles.

The Consecrators are essentially the original Rogue Trader Dark Angels; black instead of dark green, and shown in the earlier "beaked" style of power armour, with a red stripe down the centre of the helmet. Their chapter symbol is a variation of the Dark Angels symbol: a winged flame topped by a halo.

Crimson Fists[edit]


Damned Company of Lord Caustos[edit]

A group of Space Marines that turned to the Chaos gods after they were declared traitor by an Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus, based on some flimsy and circumstantial evidence. They only turned to chaos to survive in a galaxy hostile to them, they now live their lives as mercenaries.

Their armour is primarily grey/purple, with gold decoration. Their chapter's symbol is yet to be seen.

Dark Angels[edit]

Dark Hands[edit]

A chapter that fought the Hrud at Chinchare. The Chapter's armour is painted dull green, and the Chapter symbol is of an outstretched black hand facing the viewer as if in a halt gesture. The gauntlets are also painted black.

Death Eagles[edit]

A later founding Codex Chapter of unknown gene-seed origin. The Chapter's armour is all black (including trim), with the exception of the shoulder pads (white with black trim), and helmet and chest eagle (both bone). The chapter badge is an eagle's skull with black wings.

Death Falcons[edit]

The death falcons were first mentioned in Codex Chaos space marines as a chapter that used the world of Bastonbeil as its main recruiting planet. The planet was attacked by an unknown creature and subsequently the chapter turned to chaos and took the planet as their stronghold. They are now known as Company of the Shadow, and now scare the systems around Bastobeil with their surprise attacks and quick retreats.

Death Spectres[edit]

The Death Spectres are a chapter of Space Marines that participated in the Siege of Lelithar and the defence of the Cadian sector against the 13th Black Crusade.[3] During the Black Crusade, the Death Spectres adopted a fluid style of combat, using jump pack equipped troops to quickly capitalise on any gains made by the Imperial Guard.

Their armour is black (including trim), with the exception of the left shoulder pad (white with black trim) and helmet and chest eagle (both bone). The chapter badge is a pair of black scythes located behind a skull.

All members of the Death Spectres are albinos.

Death Strike[edit]

Wearing light blue armour with a yellow winged lightning bolt as a chapter badge, the Death Strike Chapter participated in the Assault on Moros and acted as the rearguard during the Verdan II Extraction.


Desert Lions[edit]

Known to have fought alongside the Legio Cybernetica during Operation Carthage.


A Second Founding chapter of the White Scars.[1] Their armour is acid yellow with a red chevron pattern down the arms. Their symbol is two crossed lightning bolts.

Disciples of Caliban[edit]

A Dark Angels Successor chapter. Believed to have been formed under unusual circumstances, when the then-Dark Angels Chapter Master Anaziel made a request for a Chapter to be raised to the High Lords of Terra. Such a request was, and is, unheard of, and much debate followed before Anaziel's request was granted. It is rumoured that the Chapter was formed for a very specific task - the capture of the Fallen known as Cypher. This theory is supported by the fact that the Disciples of Caliban is a very mobile force, able to cross from one warzone to another with surprising speed.

Doom Eagles[edit]

At a basic level, all Doom Eagles accept that they are already dead. This acceptance is the root of their courage, their unshakeable determination to face the greatest odds. As such the men of this Chapter are almost impossible to deter, but they are dour, grim and depressive, albeit staunchly loyal to the Imperium.

The Doom Eagles may be a Second Founding chapter of the Raven Guard; however, unlike the Raven Guard, their use of dreadnoughts is more extensive, fitting with their belief that they are fighting while dead. They emphasize the use of stealth tactics and speed.

At least five Companies of the Doom Eagles are known to exist, which participated in the defence of the Cadian Sector during the Thirteenth Black Crusade of Abaddon the Despoiler.[3]

Doom Eagles armour is primarily silver, with red decoration.[6] The chapter's symbol is a stylised eagle, with a human skull replacing the eagle's head.[6]

The Doom Eagles also featured in Dan Abnett's short story "Pestilence".


Eagle Warriors[edit]

A Progenitor chapter from the Ultramarines Legion, the Eagle Warriors wear a halved uniform of blue and white and display individual company colours on the left kneepad. The Chapter badge consists of a blue wing and roundel. Weapons and equipment are usually detailed in red.[6] They participated in the Balur Secundus Strike Force.

Emperor's Hawks[edit]

This Chapter has red armour, with a yellow trim on the shoulder pads. Their chapter symbol is a single wing. The Hawks specialise in jump pack-assisted assaults, followed by squadron-strength units of Landspeeders.

Emperor's Swords[edit]

This chapter was decimated by the Alpha Legion, who planted sleeper agents in the Chapter for several centuries, before annihalating the Chapter in an attack on their homeworld. After 300 years of infiltration and subversion by the Alpha Legion, it is unclear if there are any loyalist survivors but several members who were 'conditioned' by the Alpha Legion prior to their recruitment by the Emperor's Swords have gone on to lead their own bands of renegades, some under the colours of the Alpha Legion themselves.


  • (2007) Chaos Space Marines Codex, p21

Emperor's Warbringers[edit]

This Chapter has a grey-green uniform, with crossed swords as its badge. They are not averse to using camouflage on their vehicles.

Emperor's Wolves[edit]

A space marine chapter whose gene seed contains the wolf gene similar to the one that afflicts the Space Wolves. The Emperors Wolves lost their eighth company in the warp.


  • (2007) Chaos Space Marines Codex, p69 under The Blood Disciples


One of the chapters founded to make up the Astartes Praeses, twenty chapters assigned to guard the regions surrounding the Eye of Terror.[3] Their chapter is a stout Codex one. Their armour is white with silver gauntlets and trim, and their symbol is a flaming, double-headed axe.


One of four chapters that rebelled during the Badab Uprising. The Chapter was believed to have found itself on the wrong side through little fault of its own, and was permitted to continue in its service to the Imperium. The Chapter's power armour is painted in a blue and grey camouflage pattern, with the exception of a single shoulder pad which is painted green for tactical squads, yellow for assault squads, purple/blue for devastator squads or red for recon squads. The symbol of the Executioners is an axe on a red background.


The Exorcists were founded during the 36th millennium, some time before the Age of Apostasy. They were created through secret Inquisition experiments in which test subjects were deliberately allowed to be possessed by daemons for a time before the daemons were banished by daemon hunters. There were casualties, but the majority of test subjects survived and were versed in the ways of combating daemonkind. The test subjects, two companies strong (200 Space Marines) were released onto a daemon-infested planet where they displayed extremely impressive results. They have since been sanctioned as an official Chapter and are often involved in operations overseen by the Ordo Malleus of the Inquisition. They wear red power armour with black trim. The chapter's symbol is a horned skull.[8]

The Exorcists participated in the Badab War, the Gothic War, the Third War for Armageddon[8] and in the defence against the Thirteenth Black Crusade.[3]

Extinction Angels[edit]

One of the chapters that turned to chaos after the Horus Heresy, the chapter is famous for its assault skill. During the 13th Black Crusade the chapter fought alongside the Black Legion on the planet Demios Primary, where they scattered the Skitarii forces who were protecting the many forges of the Adeptus Mechanicus. The planet was liberated by the Black Templar space marines and it is believed that the Angels are still hidden in the lower depths.

Their armour is a dark purple with gold details and their symbol is a skull wearing a red hood, behind a grey Scythe.


Fire Angels[edit]

This chapter wears white with red trim, and displays a red cross bottony as their symbol. They fought in the Badab War and in the Battle of Sagan's Moon.

Fire Hawks[edit]

One of the chapters created during the Cursed 21st Founding, from Ultramarines gene-seed. The Fire Hawks disappeared into the Warp during the 41st millennium, and were declared Lost in the Warp.[9]

Shortly after this, ghost Space Marines began to appear on various battlefields. These apparitions came to be known as the Legion of the Damned, appearing to support beleaguered Imperial forces, and disappearing again as soon as the battle was won. This has caused some to suspect that the Legion of the Damned and the Fire Hawks are one and the same.[9]

The armour of the Fire Hawks is predominantly yellow, trimmed with red flames. The Chapter's symbol is a mushroom cloud. The Legion of the Damned armour is black and marked with symbols of death and damnation: skulls, bones and flames.

The Fire Hawks participated in the Badab War and in the Assault on Terra at the end of Goge Vandire's Reign of Blood.

Flame Falcons[edit]

One of the cursed Space Marine chapters created during the Cursed 21st Founding.[9] Although their earlier successes promised a great future for the chapter, they were almost completely wiped out by the Inquisition before a hundred years had passed.[9]

The cause of the Inquisition's attack was the fact that during an engagement, members of the Chapter burst into flame.[9] These Marines came to no harm, and believing the flames to be a gift from the Emperor, fought with a fierce savagery that won the day.[9]

The members of the Inquisition did not share this belief, and when the Chapter returned to their homeworld of Lethe to celebrate, they were attacked and almost completely destroyed by a force of Grey Knights.[9]

Flesh Eaters[edit]

The Flesh Eaters are a Third Founding successor chapter of the Blood Angels. Despite their name being "The Flesh Eaters" it is only rumoured they practice cannibalism. They are strongly distrusted by most forces of the Imperium, with some Imperial Guard regiments and Space Marine chapters refusing to fight alongside them due to their ruthlessness and brutality, disregard for human life and the fact they (it is rumoured) ritually devour their slain enemies. There are also persisting rumours that the chapter suffered from an internal conflict arising from heresy and treachery where an untold number of the chapter succumbed to Chaos, although the truth of this cannot be ascertained, for the secrecy and seclusion of the Flesh Eaters have made any investigations futile.

The chapter's armour is dark red. Their helmets are painted with snarling maws and sharp, blood-dripping fangs. The symbol of the Flesh Eaters is a stylised monstrous jaw.

Flesh Tearers[edit]

A Second Founding chapter of the Blood Angels,[1] they are afflicted by a dangerous gene-seed alteration which causes most veterans to succumb to the effects of Black Rage. They are affected by it more than any other chapter, and therefore have dwindling numbers. They favour assault tactics, and they are infamous for their savage style of fighting and rumours of cannibalism and blood-drinking rituals. The Flesh Tearers participated in the Third War for Armageddon[4] where the chapter was nearly declared Excommunicate and subjected to Inquisitorial investigation after they had, in a fit of the Black Rage, fought their way through the Orks and into the refugee camps, slaughtering civilians and members of the Adepta Sororitas. Amongst the Orks of Armageddon the chapter became known as the 'Eaters of the Dead' and it was rumored that during the Chapter's Feast of Victory, enemy prisoners would mysteriously disappear. Later in the campaign, Orks were known to have retreated when Flesh Tearers attacked, a display virtually unheard of.

Notable members include: Chapter Master Seth - Guardian of the Rage and High Chaplain Carnarvon - Watcher of the Lost.

The chapter's colour scheme is primarily dark red, with black shoulderpads, helmet and backpack.[7] The chapter's symbol is a drop of blood on a white design similar to a circular saw blade.[7]


Genesis Chapter[edit]

A Second Founding chapter of the Ultramarines.[1] The chapter's power armour is red with yellow details; their symbol is an "Alpha" or upside-down "V" on top of a white triangle.

Grey Knights[edit]

Grey Slayers[edit]

A chapter only mentioned in the short opening piece to Realm of Chaos, the Grey Slayers became corrupted by Chaos; Inquisitor Thrax purged the Chapter of mutants and daemons, and the Chapter Master took his own life. Untainted officers were raised up to lead the chapter. The purge was apparently not quite thorough enough, as Inquisitor Thrax himself was soon afterwards corrupted and turned into some sort of daemonic Chaos beast. The Grey Slayers' eventual disposition is unknown.

Grief Bringers[edit]

A contingent from this chapter suffered heavy losses fighting against Enslavers on Valhall II. Their armour is described as "principally a sickly pea-green, with engrailed chevrons of headachey purple."


Guardians of the Covenant[edit]

A Dark Angels Successor Chapter, the Guardians of the Covenant's homeworld lies close to the Imperium's western rim. The Chapter is extremely monastic, even compared to other chapters, and its brothers regularly wear crimson robes over their silver armour.



The Harbingers hail from Birmingham ("the Black Planet") and are specialists at drop assaults. They consider themselves sworn enemies of the Death Guard Traitor Legion, and as soon as word reached them of the 13th Black Crusade, they redirected their forces away from the Orks of the Piscinan Belt towards this new threat.

They are currently led by Nimrod Grudge [citation needed], and sent eight companies to combat the threat of the 13th Black Crusade.[3] Their chapter colours are white with a yellow helmet and their chapter symbol is falling star, with the star replaced by a skull.

Hawk Lords[edit]

A Codex chapter whose armour is coloured purple with gold trim and chest eagle.[10] The chapter symbol is of a hawk depicted in a similar style to the German Eagle.[10] This Chapter's symbol is actually identical to the Raven Guard's shoulder eagle, except yellow instead of white. The colour of this chapter is very similar to that of the pre-heresy Emperor's Children.

Heralds of Ultramar[edit]

A Codex chapter derived from the Ultramarines. Their appearance is identical to Ultramarines, except for the use of a winged, five-pointed star as the chapter's symbol, and a white trim on their shoulder pads and chest eagle.

Howling Griffons[edit]

A Codex chapter who traces their origin from the Ultramarines. Their colour scheme is a quartered red and yellow design, with a griffon as their symbol.[6] They are loyalist veterans of the Badab War and saw extensive action in the 13th Black Crusade,[3] fighting against Chaos Plague Marines in the defence of Amistel Majoris.

For millennia, the Howling Griffons had a rancorous hatred of the warband of the Daemon Prince Periclitor, formerly of the Night Lords Legion, who slew their Chapter Master Orlando Furioso and the entire First Company on the 5000th anniversary of the chapter's creation. During the 13th Black Crusade however, the current Chapter Master Alvaro diverted his Battle Barge "Force of Destiny" from the war effort to pursue the Daemon Prince. Revenge was finally obtained when Periclitor was banished at the height of a titanic space battle between the Howling Griffons First Company and the Chosen of the Daemon Prince.

In the novel, Chapter War by Ben Counter, it is said that Lord Mercaeno, Chief Librarian of the Howling Griffons took Periclitor's head with his force axe. Lord Mercaeno subsequently fell in a boarding action of the Soul Drinkers' primary vessel.


Imperial Fists[edit]

Imperial Ravagers[edit]

Their headquarters orbits Vindict V. They were summoned to perform Exterminatus upon the planet Stalinvast in the Inquisition War trilogy novel Draco.

Immortal Hearts[edit]

One company present after the first Season of Fire during the Third War for Armageddon.


A Second Founding chapter of the Ultramarines.[1]

Iron Champions[edit]

The Iron Champions were one of the chapters that participated in the 3rd Armageddon War; they dispatched seven companies.[4] During the war, the chapter launched a massive drop-pod assault to support the Celestial Lions and were it not for the two chapters, Hive Volcanus would have remained in Ork hands.[7]

The chapter's power armour is painted black with the helmet and shoulder pads painted grey.[7] The chest eagle is red and the face of the helmet often has a gold skull painted on it.[7] The chapter's symbol is a skull in the middle of an Iron Halo.[7]

Iron Fists[edit]

They are mentioned in Realm of Chaos as using power shields "moulded with a medieval gauntlet." Their armour is painted a light blue-grey with gold arms. Their symbol is a gold gauntlet in the shape of a fist upon a field of light blue-grey.

Iron Hands[edit]

Iron Hearts[edit]

Briefly mentioned in the short story "Hell in a Bottle" by Simon Jowett published in Let the Galaxy Burn. Their Primarch is mentioned as "Primarch Rubineck", possibly one of the unknown primarchs listed in the space marine codex. The removal of this chapter's name may be resultant of the content of the short story where at the end a chaos lord gains entrance to a training centre via the body of a failed space marine. Further canon disregards the use of the name primarch and goes on to state that the Chapter was all but annihilated fighting the Chaos Lord who manifested in their system. Only two companies, the Sixth and Tenth, remain at full strength.

Iron Knights[edit]

A chapter of Space Marines who were on a self-imposed penitence crusade when they were called into action during the 13th Black Crusade.[3] They are described as having "gleaming, blue-grey armour".

The chapter's marines curiously bear their squad marking on both shoulderpads, with the chapter badge relegated to a small shield located in the front corner of their left shoulderpad.

The Iron Knights are a smaller chapter and are primarily a strike force style chapter which focus on attacking with terminators and other heavily armoured units and vehicles.

Iron Snakes[edit]

A Second Founding chapter, the Iron Snakes were one of the many who participated in the defence against the Thirteenth Black Crusade.[3] The chapter also contributed Marines towards the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. Amongst the battles fought in that Crusade were: the relief of the Guard on Ambold Eleven and the assault on Pelbury Civitas, the cleansing of the daemon-infested Fornax Aleph, the support of the final extermination of the Zoican horde on Verghast, and the destruction of the mechanised mutant army of Presarius.

However, their primary task is to guard a cluster of solar systems known as the Reef Stars, the closest to their homeworld of Ithaka, and which is frequently plagued by Dark Eldar attacks and occasionally by major Ork excursions. The Iron Snakes take their name from the giant sea serpents that inhabit Ithaka's oceans and one of the Chapter's rites of passage is to hunt and kill a serpent using only a sea lance (generally thrown). It is a particular honour for a brother to slay a serpent with a single cast.

Though their Fortress Monastery is actually based on Ithaka's moon, Karybdis, they frequently descend to Ithaka itself, using its many hostile environments in training exercises to sharpen battle brothers and new recruits alike. Such is their attachment to this world that all Iron Snakes fighting away from Ithaka will take a flask filled with Ithakan salt water, using it to anoint and purify their armour and battle gear before and after battle.

Their power armour is gunmetal, and the Chapter's symbol is a blue snake on a white background. Their shoulder pads are lined in red. In battle brothers usually carry bolters, but are also commonly armed with swords, combat shields and lances (which can be thrown or used hand to hand).

The chapter does not seem to follow a codex structure. Instead of having ten companies split by function, it appears to be divided on a squad level, with most led by sergeants but some by captains. The chapter does not appear to make use of Veteran or Scout Squads. Initiates (called Petitioners) are inducted directly into squads, with the very best being offered places in the five “notable” squads, while veterans are usually given their own squad of raw warriors to command.

Each squad has an apothecary, who is also tasked with guidance of the squad and is second in seniority to the squad leader, and a special weapon bearer, with flamers or plasma guns either favoured or exclusively used. Heavy weapons, both within normal squads and in special units, do not appear to be used, and the chapter seems to prefer hand-to-hand combat and close in gun fights. Chaplain Cyclion (Brothers of the Snake) is the Master Chaplain of the Iron Snakes, with the Apothecaries and squad commanders seeming to take responsibility for their battle-brother’s faith and welfare on the squad level.

The gene seed which forms the stock of the Iron Snakes is unclear, and seems to be kept deliberately ambiguous. Frequent references are made to “the Primarch”, but not to which one. While Brother-Sergeant Priad (In Brothers of the Snake) praises both Roboute Guilliman’s Ultramarines and his Codex Astartes, the extremely unorthodox structure and fighting style of the Iron Snakes makes it strange that they should stem from this most orthodox of chapters. Nevertheless, as they are not named as second founding chapters for any other of the original chapters, this would seem their most likely origin.


Knights of Gryphonne[edit]

A Chapter of unknown origin, the Knights of Gryphonne primarily bear the colours red and black on their power armour. Their symbol is a black heraldric griffin on a red backdrop.

Kraken Legion[edit]

A Chapter mentioned in passing in the original "Lost and the Damned" book, the Kraken Legion wear teal armour with a verdigris-bronze trim. Their emblem is, apparently, some sort of sea serpent (the passage in question was not that informative).



One of the chapters created during the Cursed 21st Founding.[9] The Lamenters are believed to have been created from Blood Angels gene-seed, modified to remove the effects of the Black Rage and Red Thirst.[9] This appeared to have been in some way successful;[9] however, the Lamenters are noted for suffering from a kind of melancholy, although it is unclear if this is due to some uncalculated flaw in their geneseed or if it is simply a result of the unfortunate events that have repeatedly befallen the Chapter.[9]

The Lamenters are considered an unfortunate, or even cursed chapter.[9] During the early centuries of the 41st millennium, they became involved on the wrong side of the Badab Uprising.[9] Investigation after the event showed that the Lamenters had not rebelled out of treachery, but of pride.[9] They saw the attacks by the Imperium on the Astral Claws as infringing upon the autonomy of the Adeptus Astartes.[9] They were eventually granted forgiveness for their actions and sent on a one hundred year crusade of penance.[9]

Unfortunately, their bad luck seemed to follow them, as this crusade led them straight into the path of the Tyranid Hive Fleet Kraken.[9] Although they were instrumental in slowing the advance of the alien menace, the Lamenters took devastating losses as a result.[9] In one particularly notable battle, a number of Lamenters Space Marines fought a heroic last stand on the planet Malvolion which was being rapidly consumed by Tyranid organisms. The actions of the Lamenters allowed for many Imperial civilians to escape the doomed world, but they lost their lives in the process. As a result of the horrific losses they suffered in their many battles with the Tyranids, barely 3 companies of the Lamenters still remain.[9]

The power armour of the Lamenters was originally (according to WD101) yellow except for a red helmet stripe and the right shoulder pad which was decorated with white and black checks, upon which rested the Chapter's symbol: a bleeding heart.

The above scheme referred to MkVI Corvus pattern Power Armour. The recent How To Paint Space Marines book includes a MkVII Eagle pattern Power Armour scheme that darkens the armour to a mustard yellow, and (following standard MkVI to MkVII conversion rules) transfers the chapter badge (and the checked pattern) to the left shoulderpad and drops the helmet stripe completely.

Legion of the Damned[edit]

See also Fire Hawks

The Legion of the Damned is rumored to appear out of nowhere to aid Imperium forces in dire conditions. They are rumored to be the Fire Hawks, part of the Cursed 21st Founding, whom were lost in the Immaterium. By the time they escaped,they had been reduced to little more than animated corpses, seeking a final death. Their armor is black, decorated with skulls and other symbols of death. After a battle is over, they simply fade away. New rules have been supplied in the Space Marine codex. They may be taken as Elites.


A Second Founding chapter of the Ultramarines.[1] Their armour is blue with a maroon checked pattern on the leg armour; their emblem is two crossed black pickaxes on a red field. The colour changes to designate the company. Their one peculiarity is that their basic weapon is the storm bolter.

Lords of Wrath[edit]

Lords of Wrath chapter is mentioned in the 3rd edition of Codex: Imperial Guard on P.32. They are said to have participated in the capture of Decius Mus a.k.a. Arch-Heretic of Auscum with assistance from the 23rd Bruttiam Regiment.


Mantis Legion[edit]

Sometimes referred to as the Mantis Warriors, the Mantis Legion was one of the three chapters that joined the Astral Claws in rebelling during the Badab Uprising. However they later rejoined the Imperial forces and joined the attack on Huron Blackheart and the Astral Claws.

At the end of the rebellion, they were granted the Emperor's forgiveness, subject to undertaking a hundred-year crusade. The Mantis Legion's homeworld was forfeited to the Badab War-loyalist Space Sharks.

Since then they have been treated with suspicion and are under constant scrutiny. Before they rebelled they had an above average induction rate for the Deathwatch, but since rebelling only a handful have been accepted. They are no longer banned from recruiting by the Inquisition, although the chapter size is still dangerously low. The chapter was birthed from the Mordriana System, near the Eye of Terror, though they have had their right to a homeworld revoked and so currently reside in their space fleet.

Mantis Warriors who are veterans of the Tranquility Campaign are formed into Sniper Squads known as 'Tranquility Sniper Squads'. These marines are known widely for their use of the Sniper Rifle and their yellow and black tiger-stripe armour.

The only other non-Codex troops mentioned are the elite 'praying mantidae'. This elite cadre are selected from the most driven and pious members of the chapter and live for the sole purpose of hunting the Red Corsairs in order to bring honour back to the chapter. They are recognisable by snake-like tattoos covering their body, extending high up their necks.

Though a successor chapter, Mantis Warrior gene-seed is unusual and is rumoured to allow the Mantis Warriors to enter a haze-like state in which the warrior's perception of space and time are slowed down, allowing him to react and fight at an accelerated speed. This battle haze is a permanent state and the marine is caught in it until he dies. Their melee combat is also helped by the notched adamantine blades attached to the lower arm armour.

The chapter colour scheme was originally green, their chapter symbol depicted as a mantis head (The Badab War, White Dwarf), but has changed to shining green with gold edging. The chapter symbol is a flaming mantis claw. All marines in this chapter appear to have green eyes and long black hair.

A few members who have "unofficially" joined the Deathwatch through death in battle: Librarian Shaidan, Sergeant Ruinus (Devastator Squad), and Sergeant Soron (Assault Squad). Another famous Mantis Warrior is Kruidan the Assault Squad Sergeant from Warrior Coven.


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A Second Founding chapter of the White Scars.[1] The Marauders' power armour is yellow,[6] and their symbol is a black sword with a red flame engulfing the blade.

Marines Errant[edit]

They use a two-colour scheme of half white and blue, with a shooting star, graduating from red to yellow, as their symbol. Their name apparently refers to the wandering nature of the Chapter, as they are mentioned as to have been recalled by the Emperor from the Eastern Fringe to take part in the Badab War, and to have formed the "Second Outer Galactic Expeditionary Force."

Marines Exemplar[edit]

The Marines Exemplar dedicated all but one reserve company to the efforts against the 13th Black Crusade of Chaos.[3] They were one of the chapters founded to make up the Astartes Praeses, twenty chapters created to guard the regions surrounding the Eye of Terror.[3]

Their power armour is black with red arms and shoulderpads (including trim); their chapter badge is a black skull with spikes radiating from the top.

Marines Malevolent[edit]

The Marines Malevolent Chapter was founded in the 32nd millennium.[7] Their power armour is yellow (including trim) with the exception of the torso and backpack which are black.[7] Their chapter symbol is a black winged thunderbolt.[7]

During the Third War for Armageddon, the Marines Malevolent were censured for launching attacks that cost the lives of thousands of innocent civilians. Apparently this chapter believes that the end justifies the means and are therefore prepared to conduct war as they see fit regardless of who is hurt in the crossfire. Captain Vineyard of the Marines Malevolent and Master Tu'Shan of the Salamanders were involved in a tense altercation in the aftermath of this incident. Some sources imply that one participant went so far as to strike the other - a severe gesture in the ethos of the Adeptus Astartes - but this is unconfirmed.


Often referred to as the Mentor Legion. The Mentors are a Twenty-Sixth Founding Chapter and are the second chapter to be designated number 888 (the first one being the destroyed Star Scorpions). The Mentors are a special chapter; the chapter does not fight in force but instead seconds squads of Marines to other Imperial forces. The chapter also acts as a test bed for new Imperial technology. (White Dwarf 98)

The Mentors' armour is painted dark green over the body and helmet, with white arms, shoulders and legs.[10] The chapter's badge was originally the stylised face of an owl, (as shown in White Dwarf 98) but was later changed to a plain red falcon's head, seen in profile.[10] The Chapter Master of the Mentors, named Nisk Ran-Thawll, has visited Terra (Earth), and is rumoured to have been granted an audience with the Emperor.

The chapter enjoys close links with the Adeptus Mechanicus, and is known to be technologically innovative in its own right. Consequently, Mentors' equipment is of a superior standard in terms of reliability and technical complexity.


A Space Marine Chapter that participated in the 13th Black Crusade. The Metamarines' helmets, backpacks, and shoulder guard borders are blue, with every thing else white. Their chapter symbol is a blue sun with a skull in the centre.


One of the chapters created during the Cursed 21st Founding, the Minotaurs possess a reputation for being extremely xenophobic soldiers, along with being considered an unreliable and unpredictable force by many commanders within the Imperium.[9] This chapter saw action on Rynn's World during the attempt to reclaim it from the Orks. The most famous of the Minotaurs actions though, were the savage boarding actions conducted against the Lamenters' fleet during the Badab Uprising. in which the Lamenters sided with the renegade Astral Claws in what they thought was a threat to the sovereignty and independence of the Adeptus Astartes as a whole. The Minotaurs' ferocious strength proved true in such close quarters, and it broke the back of the Lamenters, who, numbers depleted, had no choice but to surrender and play no further part in the conflict.

Minotaur power armour is yellow, with red decorations (usually warning markings). The chapter's symbol is a blue bull's head.


A Second Founding chapter created from the Ultramarines gene-seed. The Mortifactors' armour is painted bone and black, with the shoulder pad trim being in the company colour.[8] The Mortifactors recruit from the night world Posul, where the nomad population practice cannibalism. The fortress monastery of the Mortifactors is adorned with skulls and bones as well as the mummified remains of those that died in the service of the chapter.

The chapter symbol is a human skull on a black background.[8] This chapter participated in the Third War for Armageddon.[8]

Brother Artemis of the Deathwatch was a member of the Mortifactors chapter.

The chapter was mentioned in Warriors of Ultramar by Graham McNeil. In this novel they were led by Chaplain Astador and with their strike cruiser, the Mortis Probati as they fought with the Ultramarines 4th company and the Deathwatch against the Tyranid invasion on the world of Tarsis Ultra.


Night Watch[edit]

One of the chapters founded to make up the Astartes Praeses, twenty chapters created to guard the regions surrounding the Eye of Terror.[3] The Night Watch do not appear to follow the Codex Astartes as rigidly as most chapters, having at least eleven active companies at the start of the 13th Black Crusade. Their armour is grey with light blue trim.[3]


A Second Founding chapter of the Ultramarines.[1] The Novamarines contributed six companies to the defence against the Thirteenth Black Crusade.[3] The Novamarines were also involved in the Damocles Gulf Crusade and the Lithesh Sector Crusade, both wars fought against the Tau empire. The power armour of the Novamarines is quartered navy blue and bone. The chapter's symbol is of a skull surrounded by a stylised star.


Omega Marines[edit]

A chapter founded during the 40th millennium.[7] The Omega Marines wear divided white and black armour, shoulder pad trim and chest eagle are in the company colour, veterans wear entirely black helmets.[7] The chapter symbol is a white omega on a black background, with a skull surrounded by the omega.[7] They participated in the Third War for Armageddon.[4]


Praetors of Orpheus[edit]

A Second Founding chapter of the Ultramarines.[1] Stationed on the world of Beta Entebes II within a subterranean base called the Labyrinthe of Orphia (sourced from Imperial Armour Vol. II), these Space Marines wear predominantly white armour with distinctive sky-blue shoulderpad trims, backpack, chest eagle and gun casing. Company is denoted both by a Roman numeral on the left kneepad and also the colour of the pad itself. The chapter badge is a blue shield with a yellow sunburst in the centre, with the exception of the top left quarter which is white with a blue Ultramarines symbol.

The Pyre[edit]

A chapter that went excommunicate before the 13th Black Crusade, they use assault troops mainly backed up with armoured fire support, The Pyre possesses an unusually high number of Predators and Defilers. Their armour is orange with a black rim. Their chapter badge is currently unknown and they do not have a certain Chaos god that they rally to, using the benefits of the four Chaos Gods to their advantage.

Purple Stars[edit]

A Space Marine Chapter featured in "Eye of Terror" by Barrington J. Bayley. The armour is a royal purple with five gold coloured stars on the right shoulder. In the novel "Eye of Terror" Purple Star Marines were sent on a one way mission into the Eye of Terror with a research team, and were wiped out to the last man when their shuttle was boarded.



Rainbow Warriors[edit]

The Rainbow Warriors appeared as an example chapter in Rogue Trader (the first edition of Warhammer 40,000), but there is no mention of them in later editions of the game. They are however illustrated in the Space Marine Chapter Gallery (Games Workshop) as having dark blue armour with a multi-coloured rainbow stripe along the centre of their helmets. Due to their appearance in Rogue Trader, they are often erroneously referred to as a First Founding Legion. However, this legion 'apparently' came to the attention of the Ordos Hereticus for some reason unknown and were wiped out to a single company (as read in a White Dwarf). Also in Rogue Trader there is a picture of a Sister of Battle (Sister Sin) slaying a Rainbow Warrior (Brother Vermilion).

Their chapter symbol is a winged lightning bolt.

A Rainbow Warriors chapter badge is present in the Command Centre room on the board of MB Games Space Crusade.



A Second Founding chapter of the White Scars.[1] Their power armour is red.[6] The chapter symbol is of a fist clenching a yellow lightning bolt.[6] According to How To Paint Space Marines, squad badges are placed on the outer side of the right greave.


A Second Founding chapter of the Raven Guard.[1] The chapter first appeared in Rogue Trader era Warhammer 40K as the "Raptor Legion," and wore blue armour with yellow face, shoulder pads, gloves, boots, and greaves. Their chapter symbol was a white hawk's head. When the chapter was revisited during 3rd edition the 'Legion' was dropped from their name and they became specialists in jungle warfare. At this point their armour colour changed to a dull green, with the white hawk's head symbol retained,[6] ideal for fighting within flora-dominated spaces. How To Paint Space Marines shows that during the 4th Edition release of Space Marine-related material, the colour scheme was reverted to blue and yellow, although material published by Forgeworld after this time retains the 3rd Edition dull green. It is possible the Raptors and the Raptor Legion is supposed to be two different chapters, but no official statement on this can be found in any sourcebooks.

Further- there was a story where the entire Chapter became stranded on a jungle deathworld, leading to them repainting their armour green in order to better survive. However, as stated, the issue of the Chapter's colour has not been cleared up by Games Workshop.

The chapter prides itself on extreme zeal, but "their reckless disregard for the Codex is legendary" according to Captain Ardias of the Ultramarines.

The Raptors appeared in the background material surrounding the Armageddon3 worldwide campaign.[8] The chapter is featured in the game Fire Warrior.

Raven Guard[edit]


A chapter that took part in the anti-Tyranid action at Coronia. They are mentioned several times in Sandy Mitchell's Ciaphas Cain series of novels, and are also one of the Astartes Praeses. They wear cherry-red armour and their symbol is a pair of gauntleted fists imposed on a blue pentagram

Red Hunters[edit]

This chapter has strong ties to the Inquisition; the entire Chapter has been known to serve under an Inquisitor Lord on occasion. Their uniform is red, with a white skull with a black Inquisition symbol on its head as a Chapter badge.

Red Scorpions[edit]

The Red Scorpions are the chapter responsible for the Land Raider Helios artillery support vehicle. The chapter is characterized by its obsession with purity and totally strict adherence to Codex dogma. It considers deviation from even the traditional patterns of Codex-sanctioned camouflage to be tantamount to heresy, leading the chapter on occasion to refuse to fight alongside other chapters.

Red Scorpions power armour was originally black with yellow helmet stripe and shoulder plate, leg and arm trims. Imperial Armour Volume Four has amended this to charcoal grey with mustard shoulder plate trim, chest eagle and helmet stripe (irrespective of company). The chapter's symbol is a red scorpion centred on a white field.

They are known to have participated in the Badab War and the Third War for Armageddon, appearing at the end of the first year of conflict, as well as heavily assisting the Death Korps Of Krieg in breaking through the final defense line around the Citadel of Cardinal Zaphan during the Siege of Vraks. They also appear to have fought in the Anphelion project alongside Inquisitor Soloman Lok against the Tyranids.

The Forge World miniatures of their veterans also shows that their veterans exclusively wear Mk. IV armour, which is very unusual, as the armour has become rare in the extreme, most chapters being lucky to have even a few suits of this pre-Heresy armour.

Notable Red Scorpion characters include the Captain of the First Company, Commander Carab Culln. Inducted into the Red Scorpions from the isolated primitive world of Zaebus Minoris, Culln’s record of service to his Chapter is exemplary. From a raw recruit he has risen through countless campaigns to command the first company. He hasserved in every rank, as a Scout, Tactical Marine, Assault Marine, Sergeant, Veteran and Terminator. He was honoured with a promotion to 1st company after his heroic efforts leading his assault squad during the Chapter’s attack on the breach of the Citadel of Vraks.Culln’sbravery during the operation saw him place a teleport beacon at the breach, allowing assault Terminator squads to land on target and seize the objective. During the battle he also saved the life of Commander Ainea whilst leading the defence of the breach against counter-attacking Chaos forces.

Since that day Culln has served in first company, first in a Vanguard assault squad, eventually rising to lead them, and then as a Terminator, eventually becoming the Sergeant of the company’s elite first squad. He was appointed as Commander of first company following the death of Commander Usaml on the Space Hulk Vulgator.It was Veteran Sergeant Culln who assumed command of the mission and organised the company’s successful extraction. Since then he has led the company with honour and distinction, including commanding the Red Scorpion’s mission alongside Inquisitor Lok to the fourth moon of Beta-Anphelion to investigate a growing Tyranid threat. His actions during the ill-fated mission have earned him and his Chapter the ire of some factions within the Ordo Xenos.

Taciturn, proud, courageous and above all fiercely loyal to the Chapter and its beliefs, Culln has grown into the very image of a Space Marine hero. He has won every honour the Chapter can bestow on him, and when it comes time for the Commanders and Masters of Red Scorpions to select a new Lord High Commander then there can only be one outcome –Culln is unanimously regarded as the heir in waiting.

The Red Scorpions recruit from a feral world where every family must present their eldest male child at the first full moon of its life to the Red Scorpions. It is then subjected to very strict genetic testing to determine its purity; if it passes these tests then it is inducted into the Space Marines - as such the chapter is all that they know. These beliefs in 'Purity above all' are enforced by the Chapter's Apothecary to the point of fanaticism, and thus Apothecaries are regularly deployed to monitor their troops in battle and be on hand immediately to recover valuable progenoid glands. On the tabletop, this rule allows a Red Scorpion Tactical squad to upgrade it's Sargeant to an Apothecary.

Red Talons[edit]

A Second Founding chapter of the Iron Hands.[1] Their power armour is red with black trim, and the chapter's symbol is of a red bird's talons on a black circular background.[6]

Red Templars[edit]

A Chapter of unknown origin, possibly founded from the Black Templars previous to the Second War for Armageddon, although the zeal of the Black Templars makes this unlikely and there is no evidence to support this theory. Their power armour is red with a gold aquila. The Chapter's symbol is a gold Fleur-de-lys


Founded in the 36th millennium as one of the twenty Astartes Praeses Chapters, created to protect the regions surrounding the Eye of Terror.[3] The Relictors were a radical chapter that utilised the weapons of Chaos to destroy the minions of Chaos themselves. This frequently brought them into conflict with the Inquisition, eventually culminating in their space-going fortress monastery being attacked and destroyed by the Grey Knights along with a large proportion of the chapter. Relictors are known for following their own means and objectives during conflicts. It is known they participated in the defense of Cadia during the 13th Black Crusade. A recent White Dwarf article includes a short piece of fiction about their subsequent excommunication by the Inquisition and the destruction of their fortress monastery. Their power armour is dark grey (including trim) with black shoulder pads, and often bears white penitence markings.[7]

The Chapter participated in both the Third War for Armageddon[8] and the defence of the Cadian sector against the 13th Black Crusade.[3]


  • Green, Jonathan (2006). Conquest of Armageddon. Nottingham: Black Library. ISBN 1-84416-196-X. 


A Second Founding chapter of the Raven Guard.[1] Their armour colour is grey; the chapter symbol is a human skull shot through from top left to lower right by a yellow lightning bolt (although some depictions forego the lightning bolt)[6][5] Each company is assigned a colour, which is painted on a stripe on each Marine's helmet.



Scythes of the Emperor[edit]

Adeptus Astartes Chapter 874, the Scythes of the Emperor were founded at some point during the middle of the 41st millennium. Their gene-stock is speculated to have come from either The Imperial Fists or Ultramarines geneseed (records are contradictory). The Scythes served during the Damocles Gulf Crusade, and played a vital role in the capture of Sy'l'kell from the Tau Empire. However, the crusade stalled and withdrew when it was learned that the newly discovered Tyranids were heading for Ultramar, home of the Ultramarines. They also purged the world of Arthas Moloch in the Damocles Gulf, the planet where infamous Tau leader Commander Farsight later recovered his favoured weapon-the Dawn Blade. (Tau Empire Codex 2005)

After the Badab War, the Scythes were charged to watch over the Lamenters, who were performing a crusade of penance for their role in the rebellion. They continued in this role until the final years of the 41st millennium, when the chapter's homeworld Sotha was attacked and destroyed by Hive Fleet Kraken. The Scythes were originally presumed destroyed with their homeworld, but a small number of survivors (only around 200 - 300 marines) are still active, led by Chief Librarian Tormal and are pursuing splinters of Kraken and any other Tyranids that they can find, such is their hatred for them. They are also recruiting from any suitable worlds they come across (often in fact those worlds that they have saved from destruction by Tyranid splinter fleets).

The armour of the Scythes of the Emperor is black and yellow, with crossed yellow scythes depicted on the shoulder panels.[1]

Silver Guards[edit]

Fights in the 2nd Sabbat Crusade in 765 M 41.


  • (2007) Taniths ghost : Straight Silver

Silver Skulls[edit]

An Ultramarines successor chapter founded during the 31st millennium. The armour of the Silver Skulls is silver (including trim) with black shoulderpads.[1] According to some sources the chapter denotes company by the colour of the squad badge. The chapter symbol is a silver, stylised skull mask.[1] They participated in the Third War for Armageddon.[4] They are headhunters, wearing the heads and skulls of their enemies as trophies.

Skull Bearers[edit]

This chapter wears bone-coloured power armour. Its chapter symbol is a black skull with yellow eye sockets and nasal cavity. They participated in the Imbach Genocide.

Sons of Antaeus[edit]

A chapter created during the Cursed 21st Founding, records of the Sons of Antaeus are few.[9] In these, the reporters marvel at the Space Marines bearing grey and black livery, the Marines apparently larger and hardier than even the other superhumans of the Adeptus Astartes.[9] Only sighted once in M41, appearing out of nowhere to aid The Subjugators who were under attack by the Eldar, then vanishing without a trace.[9]

In the battle, Eldar forces attacked the Sons of Antaeus believing them the weaker foe, however the Marines were far more resistant to the eldar's firepower and stood their ground. As soon as the Eldar were defeated and the Subjugators were victorious the Sons of Antaeus vanished as mysteriously as they had arrived.

Sons of Guilliman[edit]

A chapter created during the 33rd millennium from Ultramarines gene-seed.[7] The Sons of Guilliman wear quartered, alternating blue and white powered armour.[7] They have been shown with both red and yellow chest eagles; Insignium Astartes however states that they denote company by the colour of the left kneepad (pad trims match the respective pads). The chapter symbol is an inverted omega, imposed over a pair of wings.[7] This chapter participated in the Third War for Armageddon and the Chaos Invasion of Salinas, the latter of which saw at least a company perish.[4]

Sons of Justice[edit]

The Sons Of Justice armour is purple with bronze shoulder pad trim, backpack and head. The Sons Of Justice are also known as "The Defenders of Varlite" because they fought alongside the Storm Lords and the Black Ravens in an apocalyptic battle to defend the fortress of Varlite, an important air field and military camp built around and over the mountain ranges of Valkador V.[citation needed]

Sons of Orar[edit]

Shown wearing red power armor with white shoulder pads and helmet. Their symbol is a red omega.


  • (2004) Space Marines Codex pg. 80

Sons of Malice[edit]

The Sons of Malice turned to Chaos some time prior to the Thirteenth Black Crusade. The chapter was founded to watch over the Eye of Terror, but were excommunicated for ritually sacrificing and devouring an Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus who had attacked them for ritually devouring Chaos cultists they had fought against.

Their homeworld was Scelus, in the Cadian Sector, although it was declared Perdita when the Chapter turned on the Imperium. In retaliation, the chapter allied itself with Abbadon's 13th Crusade.

The armour of the Sons of Malice is quartered black and white, with silver trim. Their symbol, colours and name associates the chapter with the Chaos God Malal. Although turning to Chaos they maintain their enmity against it.

Sons of Medusa[edit]

A loyalist chapter involved in the Badab War. They are depicted with scorpion green armour and a white helmet;[1] their chapter symbol was originally Medusa's head, (W40K Compendium, 1989) but was later stylized into a white skull with a white halo about it.[1] They at present have been seen in major fleet actions along the southern rim of the Eye of Terror and have an oddly high number of Apothecaries in their ranks.

Sons of Vengeance[edit]

Turned Renegade after the "Obscuran Uprisings" in late M34


  • (2007) Chaos Space Marines Codex

Sons of Ulthunas[edit]

Turned Renegade during Ganymathian Betrayal. Now known as the Angels of Ecstacy


  • (2007) Chaos Space Marines Codex

Soul Drinkers[edit]

A rogue Space Marine chapter, were declared Excommunicate Traitoris by the Inquisition after they refused censorship and subsequently killed the Interrogator sent to demand their submission to the Imperium investigation. This was following their assault on an Adeptus Mechanicus ship that stole one of their sacred relics from them (a vortex weapon wielded by the Imperial Fists' Primarch, Rogal Dorn, called the Soulspear). They are still very loyal to the Emperor, even though they have been exposed to the raw stuff of Chaos. They were allegedly formed from the Imperial Fists' orbital assault contingent during the Second Founding. They participated along with the Imperial Fists, Fire Hawk and Black Templars chapters in the assault on Terra at the end of the Reign of Blood.

The current Chapter Master is a powerful Librarian by the name of Sarpedon. He is unique in that he has seven real arachnoid like legs and one mechanical, due to a mutation caused by Abraxes, a daemon prince of Tzeentch . He can telepathically send but not receive thoughts as well as being able to generate a mass illusion called 'The Hell', which feeds off the fears of his enemies.

Their armour is purple with bone coloured shoulder pad trims and gold chest eagle. Their chapter badge is a golden chalice with three golden spikes of vapor rising out of the top.

The chapter's name derives from a mutation in their Omophagea. Normally this organ allows a Marine to absorb some of the memories of a creature by consuming its flesh; in addition to this the Soul Drinkers also experience the creature's emotions and memories. Philosophically speaking they "see into the creature's soul".

See also Soul Drinkers contradiction for inconsistencies within published material about the founding of the Soul Drinkers.


Space Sharks[edit]

The Space Sharks Chapter wears grey armour with a red helmet stripe. Its symbol is a black shark, viewed from the front, with its mouth gaping. They were involved in the Badab War for a short period of time, and were given the Mantis Warriors' homeworld as a reward for their contribution.

Space Wolves[edit]

Star Phantoms[edit]

The Star Phantoms participated in the Badab War. This Chapter was responsible for the final assault which ended the Badab War. Over five hundred marines assaulted the palace, and during the assault, crippled Huron Blackheart. The Cities of Death expansion book claims Captain Androcles of the Star Phantoms wounded him with a combi-melta in an ambush, although other sources claim this was an orbital bombardment.

Star Scorpions[edit]

The Star Scorpions were a chapter of the 25th Founding. They had the dual misfortune of producing redundant gene-seed and being utterly devastated by warp entities when the Chapter's Fleet became trapped in the warp. Due to their unusable gene-seed the chapter could not be refounded. In the 26th Founding, the Mentors received the Star Scorpions' colours and chapter designation, number 888, but were given a completely new set of gene-seed. The fate of the Star Scorpions is said to be unknown, however there are reports of ancient Marines in Star Scorpions uniform fighting in the Third War for Armageddon.

Steel Cobras[edit]

A chapter of Space Marines that turned on the Imperium after a bombastic Imperial Cardinal led a puritanical crusade against them for their worship of the Emperor as an animal-totem. The Steel Cobras are now based beneath the ammonia seas of Tukaroe VII, where nothing short of an invasion by another Space Marine Chapter will dislodge them.

The chapter's power armour is dark brass with dark metallic green details; their chapter symbol is yet to be seen.

Steel Confessors[edit]

A chapter created in M36 by the Adeptus Mechanicus for its own use using Iron Hands gene-seed. The Inquisition discovered its existence, but the High Lords allowed it to continue providing it took all the vows other chapters have to take. They are harsh and uncompromising, and are currently under investigation by the Ordo Hereticus after the destruction of the Tallarn 54th for "Failure to complete objectives".

The Steel Confessors featured in a huge battle against the Orks at Games Day 2007, involving the whole Chapter. It promised to be one of the biggest games ever fought, with points values of roughly 40,000 either side.

Steel Fists[edit]

A chapter created in M36 by the Imperial Fists gene-seed. Their home world is the moon Galla V which orbits the forge world Galla Prime. They excel in siege warfare using plasma and melta weapons to bust down the fortresses of their enemies. The chapter is even rumored to use titans on occasion. The Steel Fists have an abundance of tanks and dreadnoughts. It is thought that the extra armored vehicles are gifts from the forge world. Their colors are a mix of codex gray and boltgun metal.

Storm Giants[edit]

A chapter founded during the early 41st millennium.[7] The Storm Giants wear bone-coloured armour (including trim) with a yellow or gold chest eagle;[7] according to Insignium Astartes they bear no company markings on their armour at all. The chapter symbol is a stylised red thunderbolt, pointing upwards.[7] The chapter is believed to be descended from Salamanders gene-seed. They participated in the Third War for Armageddon.[8]

Storm Lords[edit]

A Second Founding chapter of the White Scars.[1] Their power armour is painted half-white half-red with yellow helmet.[8] The chapter's symbol is a skull superimposed over three lightning bolts.[8] The Storm Lords participated in the effort to free the Crimson Fists' homeworld from the Orks.

There is conflicting background as to the chapter's organisation: some sources claim it is a Codex chapter with the helmet being painted in the company colour, other sources claim it follows the White Scars division into "Brotherhoods" in which case the helmet colours are an unknown quantity.

Storm Ravens[edit]

The Storm Ravens are a chapter famous for the first use of the suppression doctrine, the creation of which is credited to Jagrvelj Skyhammer, Master of the Arsenal. This involves Land Speeders, equipped with minimal weaponry and additional sensor arrays, scouting enemy formations and directing fire from supporting Whirlwinds.

The success of this doctrine in the Rhopara Crusade led not only to the doctrine being used by the rest of the Storm Ravens Chapter, but across the Adeptus Astartes.

The Chapter's colours and heraldry are unknown.[11]

Storm Warriors[edit]

The Storm Warriors committed their entire chapter's forces to the defence of the Cadian sector during the Thirteenth Black Crusade.[3] The chapter's power armour is painted grey, with shoulder pad trim in the company colour. The symbol of the Storm Warriors is a vertical sword, flanked by two lightning bolts.


Founded only a short time before the 13th Black Crusade, the Subjugators were almost wiped out during the various actions on Cadia. While fighting a campaign against the Cell-kin of the Technetium Belt, several of the marines were infected by the Xenos they fought (the Cell-kin breed by viral dissemination, their DNA infecting the body of the host, reshaping it into another Cell-kin). Though most of the chapter were cured, twenty of the 3rd Company couldn't be cured; they escaped and are still at large in the galaxy.

They also participated in a battle against Eldar forces in M41, they were at a loss when The Sons of Antaeus appeared and aided them in battle and then vanished when all was done.

Their power armour is mid-green (including trims). The chapter badge is a black clenched fist.


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Terror Tigers[edit]

The Terror Tigers played a small part in the Inquisition War trilogy novel Harlequin. They lost one quarter of their Chapter when a mutant warlord assaulted their homeworld, after which their Chapter Master ordered his own execution as punishment.

An exploration team of Terror Tigers rediscovered the lost feral world of Hannibal, intervening on an Eldar attempt to reclaim the world as their own. The team dramatically came to the primitive human natives' rescue, only to be completely destroyed by the Eldar.


Thunder Barons[edit]

A Traitor Chapter mentioned in Soul Drinker and Daemon World. An fleet based chapter of Imperial Fist gene seed stock, they were one of the chapters that wished to assist with the Second Siege of Terra during Lord Vandire's ill-fated reign, but became lost in the warp during transit. When they reemerged, they had all gone mad. They fled into the Eye of Terror. After a time they were butchered by the Word Bearers. Their fate was planned from the very beginning. The chapter master had wanted to chain all their spirits in to his power armor but he was the first to fall. Since that day the Thunder Barons have become mad spirits that animate the power armor of fallen space marines. When they do this they search for a piece of an amulet that will make the possession permanent, as they can only animate objects for a short time, and the longer the delay, the madder they become. The amulets location is unknown, though it is thought that, as an extremely powerful artifact of Chaos, it may be in the Word Bearer's possession.[citation needed]

Tiger Claws[edit]

The original name of the Astral Claws. They were depicted as wearing black and orange tiger-striped armour with a tiger head as their symbol (The Badab War, Rick Priestley). The name is no longer recognised by Games Workshop as canon.





Originally a First Founding Legion which saw action on the Eastern Fringe against Orks, Eldar, and traitors during the Horus Heresy. They were described in detail in two Epic articles in White Dwarf magazines 126 and 136, circa 1990-91. The status of the Valedictors changed in White Dwarf 235, where they are said to be of a "later founding," (post-Second Founding). Therefore, in the most recent canon literature, the Valedictors are no longer a First Founding Legion.

Some canon lists them as one of the two Legions "deleted from Imperial Records".

The Valedictors armour is oak-leaf green with a teardrop on the kneecap plate with a Roman numeral inside to denote the company. The symbol is a winged "V".


A Traitor Chapter dedicated to Slaanesh. Their armour is a shade of blue and their chapter symbol is a lightning bolt crossed with a dagger.[12] They are known to use electrical pulses to stimulate certain parts of the brain to increase pleasure.

They fought in the 13th Black Crusade; most of their actions during it was in the Cadian Sector. During this war they repeatedly took recruits from the worst Imperial prisons.



War Bearers[edit]

A chapter whose colour scheme is olive green, and whose symbol is a pair of black battleaxes, crossed. They have a Whirlwind Hyperios named "Ferrus Annihilatus" in their armoury.

Warp Ghosts[edit]

A chapter that betrayed the Imperium and turned to Chaos, the chapter allying themselves to Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade. Being only a chapter, they have far fewer marines than the Chaos Legions, but are renowned for their ferocity.

Their chapter colour is a dark green/grey with black and gold details; the renegade chapter's symbol is yet to be seen.

White Consuls[edit]

A Second Founding chapter of the Ultramarines.[1] Their armour is white with a blue hawk's head symbol, with shoulder pad trim in the company colour.[1] White Consul veterans wear blue helmets. Described as a member of the Astartes Praeses in the background and rules book Imperial Armour II, it is assumed that they are based near Cadia. Nevertheless, this description conflicts with information provided about the Astartes Praeses, as this Founding was much later than the Second Founding. One theory to clear up this confusion is that the chapter could have been pulled into the Adeptus Praeses having already been well established, perhaps to train the other 19 chapters.[citation needed]

They participated in the Gothic War, and the defence against the 13th Black Crusade.[3]

White Panthers[edit]

The White Panthers have only been recently founded (26th Founding).

In the year 733.M39 the White Panthers responded to a transmission made by Inquisitor Bastalek Grim, who had uncovered plans of the government of Kethra to secede from the Imperium. A White Panthers strike force proceeded to completely destroy Kethra's military capabilities, its Planetary Defense Forces, storming the Governor's Palace, and executing the traitorous leaders. Inquisitor Grim saw this as needlessly rendering an essentially Imperial world defenseless.[13]

When the planet Thagra IV was invaded by the Alpha Legion, the White Panthers were sent to liberate the planet. The planet had a heavy mutant population, involved as the slave workforce within the planet's manufactoria. During the rebellion many of the mutants joined the Alpha Legion's attacks, while some remained loyal and resisted the invasion through guerrilla warfare. The White Panthers eventually drove the Alpha Legion off, afterwards rounding up most of the mutants, including those who had fought against the invading Alpha Legion, considering them all to be traitors. Ready to execute the entirety, the Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn convinced the Marines to have the loyal mutants spared.

Their armour is black and white, and has been pictured with either red or yellow shoulder trim. Their symbol is a white panther's head.

White Scars[edit]

A First Founding Legion that is known for lightning-fast strikes. It fought on Holy Terra at the end of the Horus Heresy.

White Minotaurs[edit]

A chapter whose founding date is unknown but suspected 2nd. Armour is gold with red shoulder guards. Markings are in white with the chapter symbol being a white bulls head on a red field.

Wolf Brothers[edit]

A Second Founding chapter of the Space Wolves.[1] They were eradicated due to rampant mutation of the unstable Space Wolf geneseed; however, a couple escaped, indeed one is seen in Dead Sky, Black Sun as a renegade.




Zulu Marines[edit]

A later founding chapter with unknown gene-seed origin. Their fortress monastery orbits the death world Malidonia on the outer reaches of "Segmenta": Solar. The marines are abnormally large even for Adeptus Astartes and all have silver hair and entirely black eyes. They follow the Codex Astartes very loosely, having 17 companies and having 2 veteran companies instead of one. One is made up of terminators and the other is made up of veterans. They have 4 scout companies 1 of them is all bikes and another is entirely made up of land speeders.

The chapter favors plasma and melta weapons for special and heavy weapons. The main weapons for the marines are storm bolters and swords. The armor that most of the marines use is the MarkVII but veterans use MarkII armor and have storm bolters and power swords. Terminators have tactical dreadnought armor with teleportation capabilities and assault cannons and power fists, storm bolters and power fists, or two assault cannons. The assault terminators carry 2 power sowords, 2 lightning claws, or a thunder hammer and storm shield. They have very few assault marines only 40 of them. They are heavy in dreadnoughts and land raiders but have very few predators. The chapter is very big in drop pod assaults.

The chapter participated in The Third War for Armageddon, the Sabbatt Crusades, and the Attack on Space Hulk Chargon.

The chapters colors are silver chest plating, a red backpack, gold leggings, and black arms.


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