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I began editing and writing for Wikipedia in January 2014. As the titles below indicate, my primary interest is in Old-time radio. I am helping to expand Wikipedia's coverage of that genre in order to make more information about that era of entertainment available to the general public. I also spend much of my Wikipedia time on enhancing existing articles about radio, film, and television personalities of the past, particularly finding citations for under-cited articles.

My collection of links to Online Resources for Old-Time Radio Research is available for anyone who would like to use it.

I have created the following articles.

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Southern Gospel music singers[edit]

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User:Teblick/Works in Progress

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User:Teblick/Wikipedia Resources

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User:Teblick/Index to Manual of Style (work in progress)

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User:Teblick/Links for New Page Patrol comments

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Dates in Wikipedia articles

Two date formats are commonly used in Wikipedia articles: December 2, 2009 and 2 December 2009. These are referred to as alphanumeric dates. The first is used in articles with a connection to the United States, and the second in articles relating to most Commonwealth countries (although no preference is expressed for Canada). In articles with no particular national affiliation, to prevent needless edit warring, the established date format should not be changed. However any given article should use just one of the two formats consistently. Dates that are all numeric are highly discouraged to avoid confusion, however if used must be in the YYYY-MM-DD format and never in YYYY-DD-MM format.

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Finding stubs and making them grow

A stub is an article that provides at least a basic definition but does not go much beyond it. It may not be the perfect article yet, but each stub should have the potential to become one. See Wikipedia:Find or fix a stub for ways to locate stubs. For example, click what links here on that same page, or on Template:Stub (the stub notice).

Still not enough stubs? Then try Wikipedia:Requests for page expansion, or set the threshold for stub display in your user Preferences. That option sets a number of characters threshold value. Links to articles with fewer characters are shown in dark red. This makes it very easy to spot stubs. If the stub notice is a generic notice consider sorting the stub into a stub category.

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