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Browser/skin compatibility table
Browser\Skin Vector MonoBook Modern Cologne Blue
Chrome 29 untested untested untested untested
FireFox 24 Works untested untested untested
FireFox 23 untested untested untested untested
IE 7 untested untested untested untested
Opera 12.16 untested untested untested untested
Opera 16 untested untested untested untested
Safari 5 untested untested untested untested
Edit counter
Description Broken by latest WMF update
fixes and updates soon™
Author Technical 13
Status Broken
Updated June 25, 2015
Browser support Firefox 24
Skin support Vector
Source User:Technical 13/Scripts/Edit counter.js

This script creates a table with a breakdown of all of your edits by namespace. More details to come.

Using this script[edit]

  1. On any project of the WMF
This script can be loaded to your common.js of any project by adding:
/* [[User:Technical 13/Scripts/Edit counter]] */
var editPage = 'Edit count';// Name of the subpage to save this as in your userspace. This is optional and [[/Edit count]] is the default page.
var tableClass = 'collapsible collapsed';// Any classes that you wish to have added to the template. This is optional.
var tableStyle = 'width: 268px;';// Any additional CSS you wish to add to the overall table's appearance. This is optional.
var tableTopStyle = ;// Any additional CSS you wish to add to the table header's appearance, this is useful for collapsed tables.  Feel free to omit this altogether if not setting any style.
mw.loader.load( '//' );
This is confirmed to work on the following WMF sites...
  • Un-tested at this time
This is confirmed to not work on the following WMF sites...
  • NONE
  1. Once you have saved the above to your common.js, you will have to WP:BYPASS your cache on common.js.
  2. Once that has finished reloading, you will also need to WP:BYPASS your cache on your user page.
  3. Once that is finished reloading, you should see a "Edit counter" link in your "Toolbar" section (which you may have to un-collapse) in the sidebar of the vector skin (unsure of its location in other skins at this time).
  4. Click the link and watch it work, the text of the link should change many times in the process of calculating and counting your edits, and will say "Done!" when it has completed (see images below for an idea of what you will see).
  5. Finally, you should be able to load /Edit count (or wherever you set your table to save) and see your new table.
Edit counter portlet.png Edit counter counting main.png Edit counter Tallying.png Edit counter Done!.png
Click to start! Cycles through and counts
edits in each namespace
Does some calculation
and builds the table
You're done and can
navigate to your table
Reload the page to see
the updated transclusion.
Edit counter Result collapsed.png Edit counter Result expanded.png
⇑ The final product of the table if collapsed ⇑
⇒ Un-collapsing opens up all the data ⇒

A: Your total edit count including deleted edits. ⇒
B: The percent of discrepancy between the reported and counted totals,
     it is believed this represents the percentage of edits deleted. ⇒
C: A link to the diff of the most recent update of the table
     (so you can see exactly what namespaces have changes and by how much). ⇒