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MediaWiki notes[edit]

Literal {{ and }}[edit]

Literal {{ and }} can be achieved by enclosing them within <nowiki></nowiki>.

Note that this also applies within <code></code>.

Embedding XHTML IETF entities[edit]


  • Example:  {{mdash}} → —
  • Another example:  {{hellip}} → …

As you can see, this doesn’t work for certain characters such as &amp;, &lt;, &gt;, &hellip;, &lsquo;, &rsquo;, &ldquo;, &rdquo;, &larr;, &rarr;, &uarr;, &darr;, etc.  In such cases, fall back on standard XHTML IETF syntax:  &entity;

  • Example:  &hellip; → …

Embedding right-to-left text[edit]

{{rtl|lc|טקסט מימין לשמאל}}

  • …where lc is the two- or three-character ISO 639 language code.

Calculating the saved file size[edit]

The saved file size is the size of the Unicode UTF-8-encoded text file in bytes, after stripping trailing whitespace from the end of the file including the terminal newline.

For example, when this edit is saved, it will result in a file size of 2200 bytes, whereas saving the copied text in vi would result in a saved file size of 2201 bytes due to the terminal newline.