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The Powerbook G3 Series was a line of Apple Professional computers. The first one came out in 1998 on May 6. It was codenamed "Wallstreet." All of these computers utilized the same processor, the PowerPC G3. These were faster than the Motorola/Freescale 68k processors previously used in Macs. (To see more about the PowerPC 740/750 (G3) processor, please see PowerPC_G3. For Motorola/Freescale 68k info, see 68k.)

The Wallstreet[edit]

PowerBook G3 Wallstreet
The last Old World Mac: the PowerBook G3 "Wallstreet"
Developer Apple Computer
Type Laptop
Release date May 6, 1998
Discontinued September 1, 1998
Media Floppy Disk, CD-ROM
Operating system Mac OS 8.6 - Mac OS X 10.2.8 (Jaguar) Out-of-the-Box; Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther)/10.4 (Tiger) with XPostFacto
CPU PowerPC G3
Memory PC-100 32 MB Standard, Upgradable to 192 MB through 2 RAM Slots; some users report success with up to 256 MB.
Storage 2 GB Standard (EIDE/ATA-2)
Display 12.1 - 14.1" STN
Input Full-Size Keyboard, Touchpad
Camera None
Touchpad One-button PS/2
Connectivity Ethernet
Power 1-2 Batteries, AC
Weight 7.2-7.8 Lbs.
Predecessor PowerBook G3 Kanga
Successor PowerBook G3 Lombard

The first laptop in the Powerbook G3 Series line of Apple laptops was the "Wallstreet." Before the Wallstreet was the "Kanga." The Kanga was not part of the series, but rather the first G3 laptop Apple made. In fact, it was the first G3 COMPUTER Apple made. This was the "Original PowerBook G3."