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Type of site
[[ | Social media ]]
HeadquartersNew York, New York, USA
RegistrationYes, Free
LaunchedAugust, 2011
Current statusActive

Jux is a service for creating and sharing media: photos, articles, videos, slideshows, countdowns, and Google Street Views. Every post is displayed fullscreen on desktop, iPhone and iPad. Posts are also created fullscreen, in an editor that provide options for colors, fonts, layouts and photo filters. Jux's goal is to "show your content at its best."[1]

Posts can be shared on Twitter and Facebook. People can also explore Jux, follow individual creators, and repost, like or comment on posts.


Jux was founded by Mark Gorton, who also started LimeWire, GeoServer, and is run by Ted Metcalfe.

Work on Jux began in April 2011.



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