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updated Talk:Lewis Carroll

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updated Talk:John Masefield

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updated Talk:J. K. Rowling
updated Talk:Rudyard Kipling
updated Talk:The Lord of the Rings
updated Talk:The Hobbit
updated Talk:The Adventures of Tintin
updated Talk:Ursula K. Le Guin
updated Talk:Lois Lowry
updated Talk:Terry Pratchett
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updated Talk:Anne of Green Gables
updated Talk:Lucy Maud Montgomery
updated Talk:Roald Dahl
updated Talk:Blackberry (disambiguation)
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updated Talk:Julie Andrews
updated Talk:Lemony Snicket
updated Talk:Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
updated Talk:Brothers Grimm
updated Talk:Madonna (entertainer)
updated Talk:Daniel Handler
updated Talk:Cheshire Cat
updated Talk:Cinderella
updated Talk:The Fellowship of the Ring
updated Talk:Christopher Pike (author)
updated Talk:Earthsea
updated Talk:Peter and Wendy
updated Talk:Oscar Wilde
updated Talk:Farley Mowat
updated Talk:To Kill a Mockingbird
updated Talk:Horrid Henry
updated Talk:Frederick Marryat
updated Talk:The Adventures of Captain Underpants
updated Talk:Captain Underpants
updated Talk:L. Frank Baum
updated Talk:Michael Ende
updated Talk:Hans Christian Andersen
updated Talk:Just William
updated Talk:Louisa May Alcott
updated Talk:The Jungle Book
updated Talk:Mother Goose
updated Talk:Robert McCloskey
updated Talk:Harry Potter
updated Talk:The Dana Girls

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updated Talk:Little Bunny Foo Foo
updated Talk:The Land of Far Beyond
updated Talk:Enid Blyton's illustrators
updated Talk:Claudine at St.Clare's
updated Talk:The Mystery of the Spiteful Letters
updated Talk:The Mystery of the Invisible Thief
updated Talk:Five Go Adventuring Again
updated Talk:Five Go to Smuggler's Top
updated Talk:Five Go Off in a Caravan
updated Talk:Book of Brownies
updated Talk:Sequoyah Book Award
updated Talk:Gayle Lynds
updated Talk:Lone Pine (books)
updated Template talk:AdventureSeries
updated Talk:Trebizon
updated Talk:Graveyard School (novella series)
updated Template talk:Sweet Valley High
updated Talk:Main Street (novel series)
updated Talk:Welcome to Camden Falls
updated Talk:Needle and Thread
updated Talk:Back Home (novel)
updated Talk:The Veldt
updated Talk:Waterstone's Children's Book Prize
updated Talk:Darkside (novel)
updated Talk:Tom Becker
updated Talk:Wolves (book)
updated Talk:The Spook's Mistake
updated Talk:Dust (His Dark Materials)
updated Talk:The Firework-Maker's Daughter
updated Talk:Raven Rise
updated Talk:Point Blanc: The Graphic Novel
updated Talk:Chapter book
updated Talk:Never Land Books
updated Talk:Brave New Words: The Manitoba Writing and Publishing Awards
updated Talk:McNally Robinson
updated Talk:Crichton Award for Children's Book Illustration
updated Talk:Bilby Award Winners
updated Talk:Dame Annabelle Rankin Award
updated Talk:Leila St John Award
updated Talk:Nan Chauncy Award
updated Talk:Canada Library Association Book of the Year for Children Award
updated Talk:Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Canadian Picture Book Award
updated Talk:Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Illustrator's Award
updated Talk:Geoffrey Bilson Award
updated Talk:Norma Fleck Award
updated Talk:Vicky Metcalf Award
updated Talk:The Scarecrow and his Servant
updated Talk:The Diamond of Drury Lane
updated Talk:A Gift of Dragons
updated Talk:The Upstairs Room
updated Talk:Finding Violet Park
updated Talk:Gloria D. Miklowitz
updated Talk:Berserk (novel)
updated Talk:UK children's book publishers
updated Talk:Barrington Stoke
updated Talk:The Bodley Head
updated Talk:Jonathan Cape
updated Talk:Faber and Faber
updated Talk:Hodder & Stoughton
updated Talk:Max (book)
updated Talk:Ginger (book)
updated Talk:Fruits (book)
updated Category talk:Irish children's writers
updated Talk:The Shapeshifter
updated Talk:Pinocchio
updated Talk:Olive Beaupre Miller
updated Talk:List of Gemma Doyle Trilogy characters
updated Talk:Doctor Dolittle and the Secret Lake
updated Talk:Misty of Chincoteague
updated Talk:The Battle of the Labyrinth
updated Talk:Sword Quest
updated Talk:Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride
updated Talk:Alex Rider: Christmas at Gunpoint
updated Talk:The Dream Merchant (novel)
updated Talk:Inventing Elliot
updated Talk:Natalie Savage Carlson
updated Talk:Sydney Prior Hall
updated Talk:Frank Asch
updated Talk:Phyllis Crawford
updated Talk:Peter H. Reynolds
updated Talk:Millicent Selsam
updated Talk:Roderick Townley
updated Talk:L.A. Meyer
updated Talk:Piratica II: Return to Parrot Island
updated Talk:Piratica III: The Family Sea
updated Talk:Everything on a Waffle
updated Talk:The English Roses
updated Talk:Hexwood
updated Talk:Piratica: Being a Daring Tale of a Singular Girl's Adventures Upon the High Seas
updated Talk:More Sideways Arithmetic From Wayside School
updated Talk:Marvin Redpost
updated Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Children's literature/Participants
updated Talk:Josette Frank Award
updated Talk:Finders Keepers?
updated Talk:Teen Power Inc.
updated File talk:The Story Girl.png
updated Talk:Beechwood Bunny Tales
updated Talk:Mitsumasa Anno
updated Talk:Jocelyn Osgood
updated Talk:Periwinkle at the Full Moon Ball
updated Talk:Caldecott Honor
updated Talk:When I Was Young in the Mountains
updated Talk:The Boys Start the War
updated Talk:Rebecca Caudill Young Reader's Book Award
updated Talk:Charlotte Zolotow Award
updated Talk:Artemis Fowl
updated Talk:Regina Medal
updated Talk:Jason and Marceline
updated Talk:Paul Fleischman
updated Talk:Graven Images (book)
updated Talk:A Fate Totally Worse than Death
updated Talk:Socks (novel)
updated Talk:Sons from Afar
updated Talk:Caldecott (disambiguation)
updated Talk:Lyddie
updated Talk:The Tattooed Potato and Other Clues
updated Talk:Vesper Holly
updated Talk:The Cat Who Wished to Be a Man
updated Talk:The Iron Ring (novel)
updated Talk:Knee-Knock Rise
updated Talk:Claire Huchet Bishop
updated Talk:Helen Sewell
updated Talk:Singularity (William Sleator novel)
updated Talk:The Boy Who Reversed Himself
updated Talk:Marco's Millions (novel)
updated Talk:Early in the Morning: A Collection of New Poems
updated Talk:The Bears on Hemlock Mountain
updated Talk:Fire Pony
updated Talk:Inkheart trilogy
updated Talk:Anthony McCarten
updated Talk:Aubrey Ankrum
updated Talk:Cathy Hopkins
updated Talk:Debi Gliori
updated Talk:E. B. Lewis (illustrator)
updated Talk:Miriam bat Mordecai
updated Talk:Mississippi Jack
updated Talk:My Australian Story
updated Talk:Vampirates: Blood Captain
updated Talk:Jasper Hale
updated Talk:Esme Cullen
updated Talk:Emmett Cullen
updated Talk:Charlie Swan (Twilight)
updated Talk:Loïc Jouannigot
updated Talk:Beyond the Valley of Thorns
updated Talk:Characters in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness
updated Talk:Felix Lodd
updated Talk:Gloamgloazer
updated Talk:Necropolis (2008 novel)
updated Talk:The Dark Hills Divide
updated Talk:The Emerald Wand of Oz
updated Talk:The Lost Barkscrolls
updated Talk:The Magician's House
updated Talk:The Piratica Series
updated Talk:Tedd Arnold
updated Talk:Trouble Under Oz
updated Portal talk:Oscar Wilde
updated Talk:Rachel Cosgrove Payes
updated Talk:Hotel for Dogs
updated Talk:Madeline and the Bad Hat
updated Talk:Madeline in America and Other Holiday Tales
updated Talk:Madeline and the Gypsies
updated Talk:Madeline in London
updated Talk:Madeline's Christmas
updated Talk:List of Alex Rider characters
updated Talk:Jurassic Adventures: Survivor
updated Talk:Jurassic Park Adventures: Flyers
updated Talk:Jurassic Park Adventures: Prey
updated Category talk:Children's short story collections
updated Category talk:Enid Blyton series
updated Talk:Fifth Formers at St. Clare's
updated Talk:Farmer Boy
updated Talk:Little House in the Big Woods
updated Talk:The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (novel)
updated Talk:Charles D. Alexander
updated Template talk:Beano
updated Template talk:Dandy
updated Template talk:Ga'Hoole
updated Category talk:Polish children's writers
updated Talk:Cat among the Pigeons (Cat Royal)
updated Talk:Dustbin Baby
updated Talk:Jinx (novel)
updated Talk:The Master Key (novel)
updated Talk:Alba Bouwer
updated Talk:List of works based on Peter Pan
updated Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Children's literature/Assessment
updated Talk:Gwynedd Rae
updated Talk:Life As We Knew It
updated Talk:Recruit
updated Talk:Alba Bouwer Prize
updated Talk:The Spook's Battle
updated Talk:The Cry of the Icemark
updated Talk:Characters in the Icemark Chronicles
updated Talk:The Icemark Chronicles
updated Talk:Truck Dogs
updated Talk:The Richleighs of Tantamount
updated Talk:The Time Twister
updated Talk:Beth Webb
updated Talk:Fire Dreamer
updated Talk:A Song for Summer
updated Talk:A Countess Below Stairs
updated Talk:The Christmas Mystery
updated Talk:George's Secret Key to the Universe
updated Talk:Beacon Street Girls
updated Talk:Mates, Dates series
updated Talk:List of organisations in Artemis Fowl
updated Talk:Space Brat
updated Talk:The Monsters of Morley Manor
updated Talk:I Was a Sixth Grade Alien
updated Talk:Angels Unlimited
updated Talk:Helen Fox
updated Talk:Groosham Grange
updated Talk:Felix Phoenix
updated Talk:The Murder House Trilogy
updated Talk:The Good Master
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updated Talk:Tonke Dragt
updated Talk:Wild Chicks
updated Talk:Tenderness (novel)
updated Talk:The Deptford Mice
updated Talk:Family Moving Day
updated Talk:Gillian Avery
updated Talk:The Far-Distant Oxus
updated Talk:There and Back Again (disambiguation)
updated Talk:Poison Study
updated Talk:May Hill Arbuthnot
updated Talk:Egmont Publishing
updated Talk:Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat
updated Talk:Tom Swift and His Wireless Message
updated Talk:Tom Swift and His Electric Runabout
updated Talk:Tom Swift Among the Diamond Makers
updated Talk:Tom Swift in the Caves of Ice
updated Talk:Doctor Dolittle and the Green Canary
updated Talk:The Blue Boa
updated Talk:Sally Nicholls
updated Talk:Celia en el colegio
updated Talk:Kathleen Krull
updated Talk:Runemarks
updated Talk:Babette Cole
updated Talk:Something Upstairs
updated Template talk:Peter Pan
updated Talk:Wicked (novel series)
updated Talk:The Gorgon's Gaze
updated Talk:Gudrun Pausewang
updated Talk:Boston Globe-Horn Book Award
updated Talk:The General (Robert Muchamore novel)
updated Talk:Philip Hall Likes Me, I Reckon Maybe
updated Talk:Enchantress from the Stars
updated Talk:Beauty (disambiguation)
updated Talk:Here Come the Blobbies
updated Talk:Paranoid Park (novel)
updated Talk:Michael Gerard Bauer
updated Talk:Dragonwings
updated Talk:The Naughtiest Girl in the School
updated Talk:Midnighters Trilogy
updated Talk:Folk and Fairy Tales
updated Talk:Gianni and the Ogre
updated Talk:Jonnikin and the Flying Basket: French Folk and Fairy Tales
updated Talk:The Cricket in Times Square
updated Talk:A Choice of Magic
updated Talk:Ug (book)
updated Talk:Damian and the Dragon: Modern Greek Folk-Tales
updated Talk:The Haunted Castle (book)
updated Talk:The Saddle Club (books)
updated Talk:Scottish Folk Tales
updated Talk:Pipiolo and the Roof Dogs
updated Talk:Red Indian Folk and Fairy Tales
updated Talk:William the Dictator
updated Talk:Ways to Live Forever
updated Talk:Tortoise Tales
updated Talk:The Three Witch Maidens
updated Talk:Stories from the English and Scottish Ballads
updated Talk:Sir Green Hat and the Wizard
updated Talk:My Many Colored Days
updated Talk:White Is for Magic
updated Talk:Silver Is for Secrets
updated Talk:Red Is for Rememberance
updated Talk:Derek Landy
updated Talk:The Return (Animorphs)
updated Talk:Sun on the Stubble
updated Talk:Red Sky in the Morning
updated Talk:Rainbow Boys
updated Talk:Rainbow High
updated Talk:Rainbow Road (novel)
updated Talk:Youth literature
updated Talk:Noddy (disambiguation)
updated Talk:Rebecca Lisle
updated Talk:Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre
updated Talk:A Little Piece of Ground
updated Talk:The Story Museum
updated Talk:Association for Library Service to Children
updated Talk:Dr. Seuss bibliography
updated Category talk:Chinese children's writers
updated Template talk:Stevenson
updated Talk:Apocalypse (novel)
updated Talk:Doctor Aybolit
updated Talk:Moidodyr
updated Talk:Firestar's Quest
updated Template talk:William Brown
updated Talk:Greg R. Fishbone
updated Talk:The Messenger (Markus Zusak novel)
updated Talk:List of characters in Artemis Fowl
updated Talk:Storm Thief
updated Talk:Shadow Forest
updated Talk:Ottoline and the Yellow Cat
updated Talk:When a Monster is Born
updated Talk:Catcall (novel)
updated Talk:Ivan the Terrible (novel)
updated Talk:Penguin (book)
updated Talk:Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears
updated Talk:Dexter Bexley and the Big Blue Beastie
updated Talk:Mother Goose Award
updated Talk:Elizabeth Laird
updated Talk:Jake's Tower
updated Talk:The Garbage King
updated Talk:Airhead (novel)
updated Talk:The Medici Seal
updated Talk:Aurealis Award for best young-adult novel
updated Talk:Aurealis Award for Best Young Adult Short Story
updated Talk:Aurealis Award for Best Children's Long Fiction
updated Talk:Aurealis Award for Best Children's Short Fiction
updated Talk:John Burningham
updated Talk:Borka: The Adventures of a Goose With No Feathers
updated Talk:Stoneheart
updated Talk:Jeanne Willis
updated Talk:Susan Varley
updated Talk:Hazel Townson
updated Template talk:Waldo-nav
updated Talk:Bisto Book of the Year Awards
updated Talk:Evil Genius (novel)
updated Talk:Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging
updated Talk:Kurt Maschler Award
updated Talk:The Man (graphic novel)
updated Talk:Girl Underground
updated Talk:Fever Dream
updated Talk:Ray Bradbury bibliography
updated Talk:The Volcano Disaster
updated Talk:Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio
updated Talk:George Ancona
updated Talk:No Jumping on the Bed!
updated Talk:I Can Blink
updated Talk:Milkweed Editions
updated Talk:Tom Swift and His Sky Racer
updated Talk:The Sign of the Seahorse
updated Talk:Deltora Quest 1
updated Template talk:Deltora Quest
updated Talk:Dromkeen medal
updated Talk:Tom Swift and His Electric Rifle
updated Talk:Tom Swift in the City of Gold
updated Talk:Tom Swift and His Airship
updated Talk:Tom Swift and His Motor Boat
updated Talk:Tom Swift and His Motor Cycle
updated Talk:Tom Swift and His Air Glider
updated Talk:Tom Swift in Captivity
updated Talk:Tom Swift and His Wizard Camera
updated File talk:Deathly Hallows Sign.svg
updated Talk:Andrew Davidson (illustrator)
updated Talk:British Children's Author of the Year
updated Talk:British Illustrated Children's Book of the Year
updated Talk:Tom Swift and His Great Searchlight
updated Talk:Tom Swift and His Giant Cannon
updated Talk:Tom Swift and His Photo Telephone
updated Talk:Witch Baby
updated Talk:Celia en el mundo
updated Talk:Blart III: The Boy Who Set Sail on a Questionable Quest
updated Talk:Gouden Griffel
updated Talk:S. F. Said
updated Talk:A Posse of Princesses
updated Talk:Through the Looking Glass (disambiguation)
updated Talk:Napoli (disambiguation)
updated Talk:The Melting of Maggie Bean
updated Talk:Hampshire Illustrated Book Award
updated Talk:Horace Splattly
updated Talk:Barry Lyga
updated Talk:Sweet William (story collection)
updated Talk:Midnight's Choice (novel)
updated Talk:Wild Blood (novel)
updated Talk:Harry Potter (disambiguation)
updated Talk:Constance Rourke
updated Talk:Thomas Lamb (disambiguation)
updated Talk:Jeff Kinney (writer)
updated Talk:Sydney Taylor Book Award
updated Talk:Outcast (Warriors)
updated Talk:Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals
updated Talk:Brian P. Cleary
updated Talk:Under the Blood Red Sun
updated Talk:The Sirens of Surrentum
updated Template talk:Grey Griffins Navbox
updated Category talk:Australian children's writers
updated Talk:Irene Dische
updated Talk:Jay Asher
updated Talk:List of publishers of children's books
updated Talk:Wolf Island (novel)
updated Talk:Ugenia Lavender
updated Talk:Ghosthunters (disambiguation)
updated Talk:Tom Swift and His Aerial Warship
updated Talk:Goose bumps (disambiguation)
updated Talk:Roxy's Baby
updated Talk:The Forbidden Castle
updated Talk:Amelia Bloomer Project
updated Talk:Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award
updated Talk:Royal Society Prizes for Science Books
updated Talk:Willie Perdomo
updated Talk:Switchers Trilogy
updated Talk:Switchers (novel)
updated Talk:The Hills of Varna
updated Talk:Blood Red, Snow White
updated Talk:Finding the Fox
updated Talk:Going to Ground
updated Talk:Tom Swift and His Big Tunnel
updated Talk:The Phantom of Venice
updated Talk:Chinese Cinderella and the Secret Dragon Society
updated Talk:Yonie Wondernose
updated Talk:The Moomins and the Great Flood
updated Talk:List of fictional pirates
updated Talk:Eleanor Spence
updated Talk:Adeline's Dream
updated Talk:Julie Markes
updated Talk:RIF
updated Talk:The Magic Faraway Tree (novel)
updated Talk:Mouse Noses on Toast
updated Talk:That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown
updated Talk:Hugo Pepper
updated Talk:Corby Flood
updated Talk:Fergus Crane
updated Talk:The Emperor of Absurdia
updated Talk:The Pig Who Saved the World
updated Talk:Paul Shipton
updated Talk:The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon
updated Talk:Wibbly Pig's Silly Big Bear
updated Talk:I, Coriander
updated Talk:The Dancing Tiger
updated Talk:The Whispering Road
updated Talk:Biscuit Bear
updated Talk:Cloud Busting
updated Talk:My Big Brother, Boris
updated Talk:Bartholomew and the Bug
updated Talk:The Fire-Eaters
updated Talk:The Witch's Children and the Queen
updated Talk:The Last Castaways
updated Talk:Tadpole's Promise
updated Talk:The Various
updated Talk:The Countess's Calamity
updated Talk:Two Frogs
updated Talk:Tom Swift in the Land of Wonders
updated Talk:Genius Squad
updated Talk:TIM Defender of the Earth
updated Talk:Richard Platt
updated Talk:That Pesky Rat
updated Talk:Jazzy in the Jungle
updated Talk:Pirate Diary
updated Talk:Pizza Kittens
updated Talk:Stop the Train
updated Talk:The Last Wolf
updated Talk:Oscar and Arabella
updated Talk:Jim (Huckleberry Finn)
updated Talk:The Tale of Two Bad Mice
updated Talk:Maurice (Shelley)
updated Talk:Christopher Wormell
updated Talk:Sylvia Waugh
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updated Talk:Bowvayne
updated Talk:On the Run (novel)
updated Talk:Odyssey Award
updated Talk:William C. Morris YA Award
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updated Talk:Celia, lo que dice
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updated Talk:Colin Thompson
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updated Talk:List of CHERUB characters
updated Talk:Tom Swift and His War Tank
updated Talk:James Adams (character)
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updated Category talk:Scottish comics writers
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updated Talk:Free Baseball
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updated Talk:The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship (book)
updated Talk:Melanie Walsh (illustrator/writer)
updated Talk:John Steptoe
updated Talk:Just in Case
updated Talk:The Story of Miss Moppet
updated Talk:The Tale of Pigling Bland
updated Talk:Eleanor Farjeon Award
updated Talk:Emily Gravett
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updated Talk:Ant & Bee
updated Talk:Jay Lynch
updated Talk:Gail Hennessey
updated Talk:Something Else (book)
updated Talk:Gwion Hallam
updated Talk:Clara Elsene Peck
updated Talk:Pauline Clarke
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updated Talk:List of The Clique series characters
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updated Talk:Blue Willow
updated Talk:Christopher Manson
updated Talk:Lifeblood (novel)
updated Talk:The Beggar of Volubilis
updated Talk:The Dolphins of Laurentum
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updated Talk:Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules
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updated Talk:Pendragon: Before the War
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updated Talk:Just Disgusting!
updated Talk:Don't Bump the Glump!: and Other Fantasies
updated Talk:Anne Frank
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updated Talk:Henderson's Boys
updated Talk:Ruth White
updated Talk:Modern Wonder (factual boys magazine)
updated Talk:The Naughtiest Girl Again
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updated Talk:Koji Ishikawa (illustrator)
updated Talk:Pamela Freeman
updated Category talk:New Zealand children's writers
updated Talk:Venero Armanno
updated Talk:Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! Voices from a Medieval Village
updated Talk:Hattie Big Sky
updated Talk:Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler's Shadow
updated Talk:Prix Sorcières
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updated Talk:Clara Ingram Judson Award
updated Talk:Buxtehude Bulle
updated Talk:The Root Cellar
updated Talk:Alligator Pie
updated Talk:Elbridge Streeter Brooks
updated Talk:Mini Grey
updated Talk:The Knife That Killed Me
updated Talk:The Knife of Never Letting Go
updated Talk:Laura Amy Schlitz
updated Talk:Treasure Fever!
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updated Talk:Murder House
updated Talk:Jeannette Eyerly
updated Talk:The Infernal Devices
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updated Talk:Jake Cake
updated Talk:The Colossus of Rhodes (novel)
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updated File talk:HauntedStorm.jpg
updated File talk:OutcastOfRedwall US.gif
updated File talk:The Bellmaker US.jpg
updated File talk:Martin the Warrior US.jpg
updated File talk:SalamandastronUS.jpg
updated File talk:Mariel of Redwall US.jpg
updated File talk:Mattimeo US.jpg
updated File talk:Mossflower US.jpg
updated File talk:Outcast of Redwall UK.jpg
updated File talk:BellmakerBookCover.jpg
updated File talk:MartinTheWarriorUK.jpg
updated File talk:SalamandastronUK.gif
updated File talk:Mariel of Redwall.jpg
updated File talk:MattimeoUKCover.jpg
updated File talk:MossflowerUKCover.jpg
updated File talk:PearlsOfLutraUK.jpg
updated File talk:LongPatrolUK.jpg
updated File talk:LegendOfLukeUK.jpg
updated File talk:BrocktreeUK.jpg
updated File talk:Pears of Lutra US.jpg
updated File talk:Legend of Luke US.jpg
updated File talk:Lord Brocktree US.jpg
updated File talk:Triss US.jpg
updated File talk:TaggerungUS.jpg
updated File talk:Loamhedge US.jpg
updated File talk:LoamhedgeUK.jpg
updated File talk:TrissUK.jpg
updated File talk:TaggerungUK.jpg
updated File talk:Rakkety Tam UK.jpg
updated File talk:High Rhulain UK.jpg
updated File talk:RedwallEulalia.JPG
updated File talk:DoomwyteUS.PNG
updated File talk:HighRhulainUS.jpg
updated File talk:Rt1.jpg
updated File talk:007SilverFin.jpg
updated File talk:GarthNix Shade'sChildren HB.jpg
updated File talk:Shade's Children.jpg
updated File talk:Shade'sChildren2.jpg
updated File talk:Rothmc cover.jpg
updated File talk:PercySeamonsters.gif
updated File talk:Lightning thief.jpg
updated File talk:The titan's curse.jpg
updated File talk:PercyBattleLabyrinth.jpg
updated File talk:Lastolympian.gif
updated File talk:The Secret Garden book cover - Project Gutenberg eText 17396.jpg
updated File talk:Virus on Orbis 1 book cover.jpg
updated File talk:Betrayal on Orbis 2 book cover.jpg
updated File talk:Wormhole Pirates on Orbis 3 book cover.jpg
updated File talk:Constantin Hansen 1836 - HC Andersen.jpg
updated File talk:Tom Swift and The Visitor from Planet X - dust jacket - Project Gutenberg eText 17985.jpg
updated File talk:Discworld-Where's-My-Cow.jpg
updated File talk:Ts03.jpg
updated File talk:Ts-Coi.jpg
updated File talk:TomSwift10.jpg
updated File talk:Ts09.jpg
updated File talk:Ts07.jpg
updated File talk:Ts06.jpg
updated File talk:Ts05.jpg
updated File talk:Ts04.jpg
updated File talk:Ts02.jpg
updated File talk:Ts01.jpg
updated File talk:Ts11.jpg
updated File talk:Ts12.jpg
updated File talk:Ts13.jpg
updated File talk:Ts14.jpg
updated File talk:Ts15.jpg
updated File talk:Ts16.jpg
updated File talk:Ts17.jpg
updated File talk:Ts18.jpg
updated File talk:Ts19.jpg
updated File talk:Ts20.jpg
updated File talk:Ts21.jpg
updated File talk:Ts22.jpg
updated File talk:Ts23.jpg
updated File talk:Ts24.jpg
updated File talk:Ts25.jpg
updated File talk:LifeAndAdventuresOfSantaClaus.jpg
updated File talk:Copy of Keys To the Kingdom.JPG
updated File talk:Superior saturday.jpg
updated File talk:Ladyfriday.jpg
updated File talk:Sir Thursday.jpg
updated File talk:Drowned Wednesday.jpg
updated File talk:Grim Tuesday.jpg
updated File talk:Mistermondaycover.jpg
updated File talk:Land of oz cover.jpg
updated File talk:The Outsiders book.jpg
updated File talk:Ted-Hughes-March1993.jpg
updated File talk:SnowWhite.png
updated File talk:Prince Florimund finds the Sleeping Beauty - Project Gutenberg etext 19993.jpg
updated File talk:Brewtnall - Sleeping Beauty.jpg
updated File talk:Walter Crane12.jpg
updated File talk:Ring34.jpg
updated File talk:Sleeping beauty by Edward Burne-Jones.jpg
updated File talk:Labelle4.jpg
updated File talk:Tamora Pierce.jpg
updated File talk:The Song of the Lioness - Alanna The First Adventure - Cover.jpg
updated File talk:Song of the Lioness - In the Hand of the Goddess - Cover.jpg
updated File talk:Song of the Lioness - The Woman Who Rides Like a Man - Cover.jpg
updated File talk:Song of the Lioness - Lioness Rampant.jpg
updated File talk:PiercePageCover.jpg
updated File talk:PierceFirstTestCover.jpg
updated File talk:The Immortals - The Realms of the Gods.jpg
updated File talk:The Immortals - Emperor Mage.jpg
updated File talk:The Immortals - Wolf-Speaker.jpg
updated File talk:The Immortals - Wild Magic.jpg
updated File talk:Trickster's queen.jpg
updated File talk:Sandry's book.jpg
updated File talk:Tris's book.jpg
updated File talk:CoM Daja.jpg
updated File talk:Briar's book.jpg
updated File talk:Pierce MagicSteps.jpg
updated File talk:Pierce StreetMagic.jpg
updated File talk:Pierce ColdFire.jpg
updated File talk:TamoraPierce Shatterglass.jpg
updated File talk:Willoftheempress.jpg
updated Template talk:Hardy Boys
updated File talk:Hardy1.jpg
updated File talk:Curiousincidentofdoginnighttime.jpg
updated File talk:Borrible-Trilogy-TOR-UK.jpg
updated File talk:Borribles-1-TOR-USA.jpg
updated File talk:Borribles-2-TOR-USA.jpg
updated File talk:Borribles-3-TOR-USA.jpg
updated File talk:Blackarrowcover.jpg
updated File talk:RLStevenson BlackArrow title.jpg
updated File talk:RLStevenson BlackArrow.jpg
updated File talk:The Black Arrow 1.jpg
updated File talk:TheSevenLadyGodivas.jpg
updated File talk:Nancy Blackett (Nancy).jpg
updated File talk:Uncle-daddy.png
updated File talk:Thidwick.jpg
updated File talk:And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street.png
updated File talk:The 500 hats of bartholomew cubbins.jpg
updated File talk:The kings stilts.jpg
updated File talk:Horton hatches the egg.jpg
updated File talk:How the Grinch Stole Christmas cover.png
updated File talk:If I Ran the Circus cover.jpg
updated File talk:On Beyond Zebra.jpg
updated File talk:HortonHearsAWhoBookCover.jpg
updated File talk:If i ran the zoo1.jpg
updated File talk:1fish.jpg
updated File talk:Sneetches.gif
updated File talk:FoxInSocksBookCover.jpg
updated File talk:The Lorax.jpg
updated File talk:MarvinKMooneyWillYouPleaseGoNowBookCover.jpg
updated File talk:The Butter Battle Book cover.jpg
updated File talk:Oh, the Places You'll Go.jpg
updated File talk:MyManyColoredDaysBookCover.JPG
updated File talk:Areyoumymother.gif
updated File talk:Cover of Archer's Goon.jpg
updated File talk:Jim Rettig at the 2008 I Love My Librarian awards.jpg
updated File talk:Alalogosmall.png
updated File talk:Stormbreaker.JPG
updated File talk:Pointblanc.JPG
updated File talk:Snakehead Black cover.png
updated File talk:Snakehead britishcover.png
updated File talk:Arkangel.JPG
updated File talk:Skeletonkey.JPG
updated File talk:Eaglestrike.JPG
updated File talk:Ashley Bryan 01.jpg
updated File talk:Mitrohin Old Peter's Russian Tales.jpg
updated File talk:Ransome Autobiography cover.jpg
updated File talk:Giants and Freia.jpg
updated File talk:Jack and the Beanstalk Giant - Project Gutenberg eText 17034.jpg
updated File talk:Sangreal.jpg
updated File talk:Galligantus - Project Gutenberg eText 17034.jpg
updated File talk:Cormoran - Project Gutenberg eText 17034.jpg
updated File talk:The Three Bears - Project Gutenberg eText 17034.jpg
updated File talk:BerquinEnfans.jpg
updated File talk:CITN cover.jpg
updated File talk:Great Northern.jpg
updated File talk:Missee Lee cover.jpg
updated File talk:The Big Six cover.JPG
updated File talk:SecretWater.jpg
updated File talk:WDMTGTS.jpg
updated File talk:Pigeon Post cover.jpg
updated File talk:Coot Club cover.jpg
updated File talk:Winter Holiday cover.jpg
updated File talk:PDuck.jpg
updated File talk:Swallowdale cover.jpg
updated File talk:Brian Jacques1.jpg
updated File talk:Cotfd.jpg
updated File talk:Tac.jpg
updated File talk:Tribes of Redwall Badgers.jpg
updated File talk:Tribes of Redwall Mice.jpg
updated File talk:TOROtters.jpg
updated File talk:GreatRedwallFeast.jpg
updated File talk:Redwall Map and Riddler.jpg
updated File talk:Redwall Friend and Foe.jpg
updated File talk:A Redwall Winter's Tale.jpg
updated File talk:Redwall Cookbook.jpg
updated File talk:The-ribbajack.jpg
updated File talk:Crane beauty5.jpg
updated File talk:BerenstainBears.JPG
updated File talk:Cendrillon2.JPG
updated File talk:Cinderella - Project Gutenberg etext 19993.jpg
updated File talk:Massenet Cendrillon.jpg
updated File talk:Cinderella-ballet-Ashton-Helpmann.jpg
updated File talk:CinderAdelphi.jpg
updated File talk:Cave of time.jpg
updated File talk:Sugarcane island.jpg
updated File talk:Henderson.jpg
updated File talk:Recruit cover big.jpg
updated File talk:Class A cover big.jpg
updated File talk:Maximum security cover big.jpg
updated File talk:Killing cover big.jpg
updated File talk:Divine Madness cover.jpg
updated File talk:Man Versus Beast.jpg
updated File talk:The Fall cover.jpg
updated File talk:Mad Dogs cover.jpg
updated File talk:Image-Sleepwalkercover.jpg
updated File talk:CHERUB-The General Cover.jpg
updated File talk:Brigands MC.jpg
updated File talk:CHERUB- Dark Sun Cover.jpg
updated File talk:Doctor Dolittle and the Secret Lake.jpg
updated File talk:Doctor Dolittle's Caravan.jpg
updated File talk:Doctor Dolittle's Circus small.jpg
updated File talk:Voyages of Doctor Dolittle.jpg
updated File talk:Story of Doctor Dolittle.jpg
updated File talk:Dick and Jane.jpg
updated File talk:Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules.png
updated File talk:Dwjones.jpg
updated File talk:Orphan at My Door.jpg
updated File talk:Enid-blyton-newspaper.jpg
updated File talk:Famous-five-13-1954.jpg
updated File talk:CIMG2655.JPG
updated File talk:The Three Golliwogs.jpg
updated File talk:Enid Blyton Bible Stories.jpg
updated File talk:Nesbit.jpg
updated File talk:Frog and toad cover.jpg
updated File talk:Frances Burnett.jpg
updated File talk:MaryPickford4.jpg
updated File talk:Fauntleroycover.jpg
updated File talk:Five Children and It.jpg
updated File talk:Goodnight Mr Tom Book.jpg
updated File talk:George-MacDonald.jpg
updated File talk:Perspectivegeorge.jpg
updated File talk:Theitgirlbook.jpg
updated File talk:Notoriousbook.jpg
updated File talk:Unforgettablebook.jpg
updated File talk:Recklessbook.jpg
updated File talk:Guardians 12 Golden.jpg
updated File talk:Francehorrible.JPG
updated File talk:Sachar - Holes Coverart.png
updated File talk:Hisdarkm.jpg
updated File talk:HisDarkMaterialsUS.jpg
updated File talk:Just William 2.jpg
updated File talk:Justso rhino.jpg
updated File talk:CM jumanji.jpg
updated File talk:TheDareGame-JacquelineWilson.jpg
updated File talk:Tracybeaker.jpg
updated File talk:Lottieproject.jpg
updated File talk:Just William.jpg
updated File talk:FirstPageGreenGables.gif
updated File talk:Lmmontgomery1884.gif
updated File talk:LMM signed photo.jpg
updated File talk:Alcott-L.jpg
updated File talk:RLS Kidnapped 1886 US.jpg
updated File talk:KennethGrahame.jpg
updated File talk:Paterson Katherine 7.jpg
updated File talk:Lovechase.jpg
updated File talk:JosBoysOrig.jpg
updated File talk:KilmenyOfTheOrchardCover.jpg
updated File talk:GoldenRoad.jpg
updated File talk:EmilyOfNewMoon.JPG
updated File talk:EmilyClimbs.jpg
updated File talk:BlueCastle.jpg
updated File talk:EmilysQuest.jpg
updated File talk:Magic for Marigold.jpg
updated File talk:PatOfSilverBush.jpg
updated File talk:A Tangled Web.jpg
updated File talk:Mistress Pat.jpg
updated File talk:Jane of Lantern Hill.jpg
updated File talk:Chronicles of Avonlea.jpg
updated File talk:The Alpine Path.jpg
updated File talk:Cbox.JPG
updated File talk:Mr. Tickle.jpg
updated File talk:Michael Rosen low quality.jpg
updated File talk:Michael Morpurgo 20090315 Salon du livre 1.jpg
updated File talk:Mreader.jpeg
updated File talk:MatildaCover.jpg
updated File talk:Madeline-1939.jpg
updated File talk:Noddy Goes To Toyland 1949 cover.jpg
updated Template talk:Enid Blyton
updated File talk:Paulsen - Nightjohn.jpg
updated File talk:Puck of Pook's Hill cover.jpg
updated File talk:TaleofPeterRabbit8.jpg
updated File talk:Paradox in oz.jpg
updated File talk:Brownie.jpg
updated File talk:PaddingtonStation-PaddingtonBear.jpg
updated File talk:FishOutOfWater.jpg
updated File talk:Rumpelstiltskin.jpg
updated File talk:Rumpelstiltskin-Crane1886.jpg
updated File talk:Robert Michael Ballantyne.jpg
updated File talk:Johnny Gruelle illustration - Rapunzel - Project Gutenberg etext 11027.jpg
updated File talk:Random House Bertelsmann.svg
updated File talk:Random-house2.jpg
updated File talk:R l stine 2008.jpg
updated File talk:Fath-Madame Stephanie de Genlis.jpg
updated File talk:Skellig cover.jpg
updated File talk:UrsulaLeGuin.01.jpg
updated File talk:Whereswaldologo.jpg
updated File talk:WheresWaldoNesBox.jpg
updated File talk:GWS.SNES.jpg
updated File talk:WheresWaldoAtTheCircus.gif
updated File talk:WheresWaldoGreatPictureHunt.jpg
updated File talk:WheresWaldoWonderBook.jpg
updated File talk:WheresWaldoinHollywood.jpg
updated File talk:Waldo Ultimate Fun Book.jpg
updated File talk:WheresWaldoNowSE.jpg
updated File talk:Where'sWally.jpg
updated File talk:Die-wilden-huehner-Fuchsalarm.jpg
updated File talk:Thomas Day.jpg
updated File talk:ThomasHughesInLawGazette.jpg
updated File talk:Tombrown atoxford cover.jpg
updated File talk:Tombrown atoxford titlepage.jpg
updated File talk:Tombrown atoxford frontispiece.jpg
updated File talk:PhilippaPearce TomsMidnightGarden.jpg
updated File talk:Water Babies(Restored, Alternate crop 2).jpg
updated File talk:Water-babies 2.jpg
updated File talk:Jessie Willcox Smith - The Water Babies - p236 (Restored).jpg
updated File talk:Wind in the willows.jpg
updated File talk:The Railway Children (book).jpg
updated File talk:The Thieves of Ostia cover.jpg
updated File talk:The Secrets of Vesuvius cover.jpg
updated File talk:The Pirates of Pompeii Bookcover.jpg
updated File talk:The Assassins of Rome cover.jpg
updated File talk:The Dolphins of Laurentum cover.jpg
updated File talk:The Twelve Tasks of Flavia Gemina cover.jpg
updated File talk:The Enemies of Jupiter cover.jpg
updated File talk:The Gladiators from Capua cover.jpg
updated File talk:The Prophet from Ephesus cover.jpg
updated File talk:The Scribes from Alexandria cover.jpg
updated File talk:The Beggar of Volubilis cover.jpg
updated File talk:The Slave-girl from Jerusalem cover.jpg
updated File talk:The Charioteer of Delphi cover.jpg
updated File talk:The Sirens of Surrentum cover.jpg
updated File talk:The Fugitive from Corinth cover.jpg
updated File talk:The Colossus of Rhodes cover.jpg
updated File talk:Saga of Darren Shan boxset.jpg
updated Template talk:Sagaofshan
updated File talk:Vampire blood.jpg
updated File talk:CirqueDuFreakByDarrenShan.jpg
updated File talk:TunnelsofBlood.jpg
updated File talk:VampireMountain.jpg
updated File talk:TrialsofDeath.jpg
updated File talk:TheVampirePrince.jpg
updated File talk:SonsofDestiny.jpg
updated File talk:LordoftheShadows.jpg
updated File talk:TheLakeofSouls.jpg
updated File talk:Uktrilogy4full.jpg
updated File talk:KillersoftheDawn.jpg
updated File talk:AlliesoftheNight.jpg
updated File talk:DaySandfordMerton.png
updated File talk:TheNeverendingStory1997Edition.jpg
updated File talk:NewEnglandPrimerNtoZ.jpg
updated File talk:TheBorrowers BookCover.png
updated File talk:The Borrowers Aloft Book Cover 2.jpg
updated File talk:Coral Island 1893.jpg
updated File talk:The Giver Cover.gif
updated File talk:Fairuse Gruffalo.jpg
updated File talk:FamousFive2.jpg
updated File talk:FamousFive3.jpg
updated File talk:FamousFive4.jpg
updated File talk:FamousFive5.jpg
updated File talk:FamousFive6.jpg
updated File talk:FamousFive7.jpg
updated File talk:FamousFive18.jpg
updated File talk:Scan10745 small.jpg
updated File talk:Riverboat.jpg
updated File talk:The Treasure in the Royal Tower Book Cover.jpg
updated File talk:Race againts time.gif
updated File talk:Captive witness.gif
updated File talk:Kachina doll mystery.gif
updated File talk:Swami's ring.gif
updated File talk:Greek symbol mystery.gif
updated File talk:Secret in the old lace.gif
updated File talk:Flying saucer mystery.gif
updated File talk:Ndttpbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtmocibkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtspbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtsotfcbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtmotgebkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtdjmbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Nancy Drew The Triple Hoax Version 1.jpg
updated File talk:Nancy Drew The Triple Hoax Version 2.jpg
updated File talk:Nancy Drew The Triple Hoax Version 3.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtsombbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtcbbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtmmbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtiibkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtssmbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtcitccbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtmotnnsbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtpophbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtcotwbbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtmcmbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtcotdpbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtmotfdbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtsotgpbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndthwmbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtwtsbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:The Scarlet Slipper Mystery.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtrsbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtcotvmbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtmatsjbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtcotbkbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtsotwlbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtcotlcbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtgobhbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtcitoabkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtmoftbbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtcitcwbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtsitoabkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtcitjbbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtqotmmbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtmatm-cmbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtmotbbtbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:Ndtcotthbkcvr.jpg
updated File talk:The Haunted Bridge.jpg
updated File talk:Origndtws.jpg
updated File talk:Origtmotic.jpg
updated File talk:Origndtmitho.jpg
updated File talk:Origndtcotbl.jpg
updated File talk:Origndtptll.jpg
updated File talk:Origndtsottc.jpg
updated File talk:Origndnml.jpg
updated File talk:Origndtcitd.jpg
updated File talk:Origndtsorgf.jpg
updated File talk:Origndtmali.jpg
updated File talk:Thirdndths.jpg
updated File talk:Origndtsotoc.jpg
updated File talk:Origndtbm.jpg
updated File talk:Bennettcerf.jpg
updated File talk:SandorslashIda.jpg
updated File talk:Howard Pyle.png
updated File talk:Sir Kay breaketh his sword.jpg
updated File talk:Pyle pirates treasfight.jpg
updated File talk:Pyle pirate handsome.jpg
updated File talk:FindersKeepersCover.jpg
updated File talk:FindersKeepers?Poster.jpg
updated File talk:Fabulous Histories (Master Frederick and the Young Robins).JPG
updated File talk:Gaiman, Neil (2007).jpg
updated File talk:Marcia.JPG
updated File talk:Kttse.jpg
updated File talk:JohnDoughandtheCherub1974DoverEdition.jpg
updated File talk:Jennaheap.JPG
updated File talk:Dana1.jpg
updated File talk:Septimus-slate.jpg
updated File talk:QueenZixiofIx1971Dover.png
updated File talk:Pat the Bunny image.jpg
updated File talk:Tin woodman cover.jpg
updated File talk:Patchwork girl cover.jpg
updated File talk:Emerald city cover.gif
updated File talk:Road to oz cover.gif
updated File talk:Ozbook04cover.jpeg
updated File talk:Tik tok cover.jpg
updated File talk:Scarecrow of oz cover.jpg
updated File talk:Ozbook10cover.jpeg
updated File talk:Glinda cover.jpg
updated File talk:Magic of oz cover.gif
updated File talk:Lost princess cover.gif
updated File talk:Royal book cover.jpg
updated File talk:Kabumpo cover.jpg
updated File talk:Cowardly lion cover.jpg
updated File talk:Grampa oz cover.jpg
updated File talk:Lost king cover.jpg
updated File talk:Hungry tiger cover.jpg
updated File talk:Gnome king cover.jpg
updated File talk:Giant horse cover.jpg
updated File talk:Jack pumpkinhead cover.jpg
updated File talk:Yellow knight cover.jpg
updated File talk:Pirates cover.jpg
updated File talk:Purple prince cover.jpg
updated File talk:Ojo cover.jpg
updated File talk:Handy mandy cover.jpg
updated File talk:Ozoplaning cover.jpg
updated File talk:Silver princess cover.jpg
updated File talk:Captain salt cover.jpg
updated File talk:Speedy cover.jpg
updated File talk:Wishing horse cover.jpg
updated File talk:Wonder city cover.gif
updated File talk:Scalawagons cover.gif
updated File talk:Lucky bucky cover.jpg
updated File talk:Magical mimics cover.gif
updated File talk:Shaggy man cover.jpg
updated File talk:Hidden valley cover.jpg
updated File talk:Merry go round cover.jpg
updated File talk:Runaway cover.gif
updated File talk:Oz apple 04.jpg
updated File talk:Eaoz.jpg
updated File talk:Tinkeroz.jpg
updated File talk:We Couldn't Leave Dinah cover.jpg
updated File talk:VerdigrisDeep.jpg
updated File talk:Parables 1768.jpg
updated File talk:The Book of Catastrophes.jpg
updated File talk:The Highfield Mole Roderick Gordon & Brian Williams.jpg
updated File talk:Highfieldmole.gif
updated File talk:Tunnels Roderick Gordon & Brian Williams.jpg
updated File talk:The Highfield Mole and Limited Edition Prints.jpg
updated File talk:TheGraveyardBook Hardcover.jpg
updated File talk:Coraline.jpg
updated File talk:Childrensdigest-1950-10.png
updated File talk:Brer Rabbit and the tar baby, 1881.jpg
updated File talk:The Wishing-Chair Again; front cover.jpg
updated File talk:Come to circus.JPG
updated File talk:The Magic Faraway Tree 1st edition.jpg
updated File talk:The Enchanted Wood cover.jpg
updated File talk:The Magic Faraway Tree.jpg
updated File talk:Osulivantwins.jpg
updated File talk:The Twins at St. Clare's book cover.jpg
updated File talk:Mary Mouse cover.jpg
updated File talk:Missingman1956.jpg
updated File talk:Disappearingcat1944.jpg
updated File talk:Sea adventure.JPG
updated File talk:1001-nights.jpg
updated File talk:Sultan Pardons Scheherazade.jpg
updated File talk:Kelileh va Demneh.jpg
updated File talk:Arabian nights manuscript.jpg
updated File talk:CharlotteSmith.jpg
updated File talk:Title evenings home2.jpg
updated File talk:Frontis evening home2.jpg
updated File talk:FennRationalDame.jpg
updated File talk:Bluestockings3.jpg
updated File talk:Hannah More.jpg
updated File talk:KilnerMouse.png
updated File talk:Fielding-DavidSimple.png
updated File talk:Isaac Watts from NPG.jpg
updated File talk:Isaac Watts.jpg
updated File talk:Bewick Thomas 1753-1828.png
updated File talk:Bewickthief big.jpg
updated File talk:Bewick Thomas Barn Owl Tyto alba.png
updated File talk:A Popular Schoolgirl - book cover - Project Gutenberg eText 18505.jpg
updated File talk:Frank Richards.jpg
updated File talk:A. A. Milne.jpg
updated File talk:James Matthew Barrie00.jpg
updated File talk:Elinor Brent-Dyer.jpg
updated File talk:Evadne Price at work.jpg
updated File talk:Littlegreymen.JPG
updated File talk:Dimsie goes to school springbooks cover.jpg
updated File talk:Seniorprefect frontis.jpg
updated File talk:Seniorprefect titlepage.jpg
updated File talk:Dimsie goestoschool oxfordcover.jpg
updated File talk:Dimsie movesup oxfordcover.jpg
updated File talk:Dimsie movesup frontis.jpg
updated File talk:Dimsie movesup titlepage.jpg
updated File talk:P1010029-BillBADger.JPG
updated File talk:KGR Black Brothers.jpg
updated File talk:Gluck and KGR.jpg
updated File talk:Ruskin TheKingOfTheGoldenRiver title.jpg
updated File talk:Eric little by little cover.jpg
updated File talk:Eric little by little title page.jpg
updated File talk:Eric little by little frontispiece.jpg
updated File talk:The Young Rajah.jpg
updated File talk:Mrs overtheways titlepage.jpg
updated File talk:Mrs overtheways illustration.jpg
updated File talk:Palmer Cox-Brownie.jpg
updated File talk:DanceOfTheBrowniesCover.jpg
updated File talk:Owlpussycat.jpg
updated File talk:Flat iron for farthing frontispiece.jpg
updated File talk:Flat iron for farthing illustration.jpg
updated File talk:Flat iron for farthing titlepage.jpg
updated File talk:Fifthform stdominics cover.jpg
updated File talk:Yellow Fairy Book 1894.jpg
updated File talk:Grey Fairy Book 1900.jpg
updated File talk:Violet Fairy Book 1902.jpg
updated File talk:Crimson Fairy Book 1903.jpg
updated File talk:Brown Fairy Book 190.jpg
updated File talk:Orange Fairy Book 1906.jpg
updated File talk:Carved lions cover.jpg
updated File talk:SecondJungleBookCover1895.jpg
updated File talk:CaptainsCourageous.JPG
updated File talk:Treasureseekers.jpg
updated Template talk:E. Nesbit
updated File talk:Poor little birdie teased by Richard Doyle.jpg
updated File talk:Richard Doyle - Spurned Suitor.jpg
updated File talk:Richard Doyle.png
updated File talk:Jabberwocky creatures.jpg
updated File talk:John Tenniel00.jpg
updated File talk:John Tenniel.png
updated File talk:1862ca-a-book-of-nonsense--edward-lear-001.jpg
updated File talk:Edwardlear.jpg
updated File talk:George cruikshankyoung.jpg
updated File talk:1844 cruikshank oliver twist.jpg
updated File talk:Cruikshank portrait.jpg
updated File talk:Kate Greenaway00.jpg
updated File talk:May day greenaway.jpg
updated File talk:Pied Piper - illustration by Kate Greenaway - Project Gutenberg eText 18343.jpg
updated File talk:Polly - Kate Greenaway - Project Gutenberg eText 17168.jpg
updated File talk:CollapseOfTemple.jpg
updated File talk:Walter crane small.jpg
updated File talk:Princess Belle-Etoile 2 - illustration by Walter Crane - Project Gutenberg eText 18344.jpg
updated File talk:Crane frog4.jpg
updated File talk:Babes in the Wood - cover - illustrated by Randolph Caldecott - Project Gutenberg eText 19361.jpg
updated File talk:The Farmer's Boy - cover - by & illustrated by Randolph Caldecott - Project Gutenberg eText 18341.jpg
updated File talk:The lasses held the stakes - illustration by Randolph Caldecott - Project Gutenberg eText 18341.jpg
updated File talk:Cian and Ethnea Millar.jpg
updated File talk:Frederick Marryat by John Simpson.jpg
updated File talk:Anna-Maria-Hall.jpg
updated File talk:In the Rocky Mountains - book cover - Project Gutenberg eText 19419.jpg
updated File talk:CharlesKingsley.jpeg
updated File talk:Charles Kingsley - project Gutenberg eText 13103.jpg
updated File talk:Charlotte Mary Yonge.jpg
updated File talk:BlackBeautyCoverFirstEd1877.jpeg
updated File talk:BlackBeautyErstauflage.jpg
updated Portal talk:Children's and young adult literature/DYK
updated File talk:George Alfred Henty.jpg
updated File talk:Juliana Horatia Ewing - Project Gutenberg eText 17085.jpg
updated File talk:Andrew Lang.jpg
updated File talk:Century Mag Andrew Lang at work.png
updated File talk:Giberne Midnight in Saturn.gif
updated File talk:Jefferies1872.jpg
updated File talk:The Boy's Own Paper, front page, 11 April 1891.jpg
updated File talk:Selby Shattered.JPG
updated File talk:Bobbsey Twins - Gutenberg.jpg
updated File talk:Motor Boys cover.png
updated File talk:MakeBelieveStoriescovers.JPG
updated File talk:MakeBelieveStoriesdustjackets.JPG
updated File talk:MakeBelieveStoriesboxofbooks01.JPG
updated File talk:MakeBelieveStoriesendpapers02.JPG
updated File talk:MakeBelieveStoriesendpapers03.JPG
updated File talk:Ted Scott german edition.jpg
updated File talk:Ted Scott Book cover 1927.jpg
updated File talk:Rick Brant Volume1.jpg
updated File talk:Happyhollisters.jpg
updated Talk:List of Hardy Boys books
updated Portal talk:Children's and young adult literature/Selected quote
updated File talk:Hardyboysspythatneverlies163.jpg
updated File talk:Deathgame.png
updated File talk:Hardyboyscluesbrothers16fish.jpg
updated File talk:Hardy boysUBdeprivation house.jpg
updated File talk:Wanted hardyboys.jpg
updated File talk:HardyBoysUB5.jpg
updated File talk:Hardy boys10undercover.jpg
updated File talk:HardyBoysUBHouseArrest.jpg
updated File talk:HardyBoysComicBook1.jpg
updated File talk:EnglishRosesBook.jpg
updated Talk:Lionel Bender (author)
updated File talk:JJaneway.jpg
updated File talk:Token for Children.jpg
updated File talk:James Janeway.jpg
updated Talk:Ana Maria Rodriguez
updated Talk:Dugald Steer
updated File talk:Buildings.gif
updated File talk:Steer - Dragonology - The Complete Book of Dragons Coverart.png
updated File talk:Steer - Egyptology - Search for the Tomb of Osiris Coverart.png
updated File talk:Steer - Wizardology - The Secrets of Merlin Coverart.png
updated File talk:Steer - Pirateology - A Pirate Hunter's Companion Coverart.png
updated File talk:Steer - Mythology - Greek Gods, Heroes, & Monsters Coverart.png
updated File talk:Steer - Monsterology - The Complete Book of Monstrous Creatures Coverart.png
updated File talk:Spyology cover.jpg
updated File talk:HollyMediumCloseup.png
updated File talk:The Secret of Terror Castle.jpg
updated Talk:The Mystery of the Whispering Mummy
updated File talk:Harriet the Spy.jpg
updated File talk:Encyclopedia Brown - Boy Detective.jpg
updated File talk:Eoin Colfer.jpg
updated File talk:Ratyping.jpg
updated File talk:Louise Fitzhugh.jpg
updated File talk:7thdwarf.JPG
updated File talk:The artemis fowl Files.jpg
updated File talk:Eng 1.jpg
updated File talk:Airman.jpg
updated File talk:Supernaturalist.JPG
updated File talk:The Wish List Cover.gif
updated File talk:Candlewick Press logo.jpg
updated File talk:Dk-logo.png
updated Talk:Gallimard Jeunesse
updated Talk:Ladybird Books
updated Talk:J. Lumsden and Son
updated File talk:Harpercollins-logo.JPG
updated File talk:Ladybird logo2.jpg
updated Talk:Mascot Books
updated Talk:Mackinac Island Press
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updated File talk:Puffin Books logo.png
updated File talk:Scholastic logo.svg
updated File talk:Peter Starcatchers.gif
updated File talk:PeterCover.jpg
updated File talk:Peter Rundoon.JPG
updated File talk:Peter Pan In Scarlet.jpg
updated File talk:Blue Fin 1978DVD.png
updated File talk:Ray Bradbury.jpg
updated File talk:Toynbee book.jpg
updated File talk:Ray Bradbury (1975) -cropped-.jpg
updated File talk:Neil Gaiman (NBF 2005).jpg
updated File talk:BOOK.JPG
updated File talk:Walker Books logo.png
updated File talk:OUP logo.svg
updated Talk:Andersen Press
updated File talk:Andersenpresslogo.png
updated File talk:Hh logo.png
updated File talk:Misty1abk.jpg
updated File talk:ZforZachariah.png
updated File talk:Sywbaw cover.jpg
updated File talk:Young Samurai cover.jpg
updated Talk:Beverly Gray
updated File talk:Connie Blair no3.jpg
updated File talk:Judy Voice In Suitcase.jpg
updated File talk:Sue Barton 1.jpg
updated File talk:Tbatsotm.jpg
updated File talk:VivkiBarrv1.jpg
updated File talk:Tom Quest 1.jpg
updated File talk:Bronc Burnett v1.jpg
updated File talk:Ken Holt.jpg
updated File talk:Biff Brewster v1.jpg
updated File talk:Pay Off Pitch 01.JPG
updated File talk:Hoop Crazy 02.jpg
updated File talk:Wolf brother.jpg
updated File talk:Wolf brother2.jpg
updated File talk:Witch Week Cover.jpg
updated File talk:William's Doll-HCpic-9780064430678.jpg
updated File talk:Cover Of The Lives of Christopher Chant.jpg
updated File talk:Cover of Conrad's Fate.jpg
updated File talk:Charmed Life.jpg
updated File talk:Cover of The Magicians of Caprona.jpg
updated File talk:Pinhoe Egg Cover.jpeg
updated File talk:How Willy Got His Wheels cover.jpg
updated File talk:How Willy Got His Wings cover.jpg
updated File talk:Whispers in the Graveyard cover.jpg
updated File talk:Willard Price Amazon Adventure.jpg
updated File talk:Willard Price South Sea Adventure.jpg
updated File talk:Willard Price Underwater Adventure.jpg
updated File talk:Willard Price Volcano Adventure.jpg
updated File talk:Willard Price Whale Adventure.jpg
updated File talk:Willard Price African Adventure.jpg
updated File talk:Willard Price Elephant Adventure.jpg
updated File talk:Willard Price Safari Adventure.jpg
updated File talk:Willard Price Lion Adventure.jpg
updated File talk:Willard Price Gorilla Adventure.jpg
updated File talk:Willard Price Diving Adventure.jpg
updated File talk:Willard Price Cannibal Adventure.jpg
updated File talk:Willard Price Tiger Adventure.jpg
updated File talk:Willard Price Arctic Adventure.jpg
updated File talk:Walter de la Mare by Lady Ottoline Morrell.jpg
updated File talk:SharonCreech WalkTwoMoons.jpg
updated File talk:Eight tales.jpg
updated File talk:V. Colin.JPG
updated File talk:Visitors from London cover.jpg
updated File talk:Uglies book.jpg
updated File talk:Twilight-comes-twice.jpg
updated File talk:Pretties.jpg
updated File talk:Specials2.jpg
updated File talk:Extrascover1.jpg
updated File talk:Tuck Everlasting25.png
updated File talk:TimeTeam2007.jpg
updated File talk:Tony DiTerlizzi.jpg
updated File talk:Tommy-Trouble-and-the-Magic-Marble.gif
updated File talk:TomCorbettCVR3.jpg
updated File talk:TTale-cover.jpg
updated File talk:Sachar - There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom Coverart.jpg
updated File talk:Theodor Storm 1886.JPG
updated File talk:Betrayed.jpg
updated File talk:Barons.jpg
updated File talk:Enemy.aspx.jpg
updated File talk:Brave.jpg
updated Talk:Mărgărita Miller Verghy
updated File talk:Westing cover.jpg
updated File talk:Thieflordbookcover.jpg
updated File talk:Nesbit-amulet046.gif
updated File talk:The-Sandman.jpg
updated File talk:The Sea of Trolls cover.jpg
updated Template talk:Robert Cormier
updated File talk:Road of the dead britsh cover.JPG
updated File talk:Rofthedeadcover.JPG
updated File talk:Rofthedeadcoverus.JPG
updated File talk:Phoenix & Carpet.jpg
updated File talk:EdithNesbit ThePhoenixAndTheCarpet.jpg
updated File talk:EdithNesbit ThePhoenixAndTheCarpet bookmark.jpg
updated File talk:Poweroffivelogo.JPG
updated File talk:The-One-O'Clock-Chop.JPG
updated File talk:The Other Side of Truth cover.jpg
updated File talk:Owl servicePB 1973.jpg
updated File talk:The magic thief by sarah prineas.jpg
updated File talk:TheMonsterBed.JPG
updated File talk:MonsterBedscene2.JPG
updated File talk:MonsterBedscene.JPG
updated File talk:MonsterBedcover2.JPG
updated File talk:Lgwcover.JPG
updated File talk:MagicCity.png
updated File talk:The Homeward Bounders.jpg
updated File talk:TheHouseoftheScorpion.jpg
updated File talk:Dhana cover.jpg
updated File talk:TIK.jpg
updated File talk:TIK Intro.jpg
updated File talk:The Grange at High Force cover.jpg
updated File talk:Guardians.jpg
updated File talk:The Hero and the Crown.jpg
updated File talk:The Fall.jpg
updated File talk:The Family from One End Street cover.jpg
updated File talk:The Crossroads.JPG
updated File talk:Cover of The Crown of Dalemark.jpg
updated File talk:Darkisrising.jpg
updated File talk:TDATG.jpg
updated File talk:Terry Pratchett The Carpet People 2.jpg
updated File talk:The Changeover cover.jpg
updated File talk:The-circus-surprise.jpg
updated File talk:The Clique.jpg
updated File talk:Theboyinthestripedpyjamas.jpg
updated File talk:StephenieMeyer2008.jpg
updated File talk:John Green in Minneapolis.jpg
updated File talk:Sunwing.jpg
updated File talk:Silverwing.JPG
updated File talk:Firewing.jpg
updated File talk:Darkwing cover.jpg
updated File talk:Sounder.jpg
updated File talk:Spellfall - Book Cover.jpg
updated File talk:Spider-boy.jpg
updated File talk:Splat the Cat.jpg
updated File talk:Jerry Spinelli - Stargirl.jpg
updated File talk:Love stargirl book.jpg
updated File talk:Skulduggery pleasant cover 1.jpg
updated File talk:Oppel - Skybreaker Coverart.png
updated File talk:Sleeping Dogs (Sonya Hartnett) Cover.jpg
updated Template talk:Sonya Hartnett Novels
updated File talk:Sachar - Sixth Grade Secrets Coverart.jpg
updated File talk:ScottWesterfeld.jpg
updated File talk:Sea Change cover.jpg
updated File talk:Sharyn November by David Shankbone.jpg
updated File talk:Youth's World.jpg
updated File talk:SharonCreech RubyHoller.jpg
updated File talk:Runemarks cover.jpg
updated File talk:RunningOutofTime.jpg
updated File talk:Russell Hoban.jpg
updated File talk:HaroldKeith RiflesForWatie.jpg
updated File talk:Rinrinrenacuajo.jpg
updated File talk:River Boy cover.jpg
updated File talk:Raggedy Ann & Andy - Project Gutenberg eText 17371.jpg
updated File talk:Jarrell Randall.gif
updated File talk:Rvnsgte.jpg
updated File talk:Rebecca Clarke.jpg
updated File talk:Sophie May's nieces.jpg
updated File talk:Little Prudy frontispiece.jpg
updated File talk:ARH20081116-4377 (Large).JPG
updated File talk:0307-9-7807783-2433-1-bigw.jpg
updated File talk:Dorothy and the Scarecrow 1900.jpg
updated File talk:Cover of Power of Three.jpg
updated File talk:Peter Pan by nk.svg
updated File talk:Peter Pohl, 2007.jpg
updated File talk:OnlyYouCanSave.jpg
updated File talk:KarenHesse OutOfTheDust.jpg
updated File talk:SusanCooper OverSeaUnderStone.jpg
updated File talk:Rheadsdw.jpg
updated File talk:DoroDilemma.jpg
updated File talk:PadraicColum.jpeg
updated File talk:Padraic Colum - Project Gutenberg eText 19028.jpg
updated File talk:Paul Jennings - Hedley Hopkins.jpg
updated File talk:Nordy Bank cover.jpg
updated File talk:Mojdodyrej2.jpg
updated File talk:Toad map.jpg
updated File talk:Mydadjohn.png
updated File talk:Myfathersdragon.jpeg
updated File talk:QueenofBabble2.jpg
updated File talk:Princessmia.jpg
updated File talk:ThePrincessDiariesNovel.jpg
updated File talk:Princessdiaries2.jpg
updated File talk:Princessdiaries3.jpg
updated File talk:Princessdiaries4.jpg
updated File talk:Valentineprincess.jpg
updated File talk:Projectprincess.jpg
updated File talk:Princessdiaries5.jpg
updated File talk:Princessdiaries6.jpg
updated File talk:Princessdiaries7.jpg
updated File talk:Sweetsixteenprincess.jpg
updated File talk:Princessdiaries8.jpg
updated File talk:PrincessMiaNovel.jpg
updated File talk:Popularnovel.jpg
updated Talk:Ready or Not (novel)
updated Talk:Twilight (The Mediator)
updated Talk:Haunted (The Mediator)
updated File talk:Shadowland (novel).jpg
updated File talk:Marcos-millions.jpg
updated File talk:Mari Sandoz.jpg
updated File talk:Lordlossukfull.jpg
updated Template talk:Demonata
updated File talk:Maurice Boutet de Monvel.jpg
updated File talk:Lucasnovel1.jpg
updated File talk:Lirael.jpg
updated File talk:LittleBlackSamboCover.jpg
updated File talk:LittleBlackSambofrontis.jpg
updated File talk:Lemonysnicketgrave.PNG
updated File talk:Helquist Snicket.jpg
updated File talk:LemonySnicketUA.PNG
updated File talk:Libba Bray by David Shankbone.jpg
updated File talk:Pfeffer Life As We Knew It 2006.jpg
updated File talk:Linda sue park 2007.jpg
updated File talk:SingleShard.jpg
updated File talk:KarlMay Raupp.jpg
updated File talk:Dicamillo by LOC.jpg
updated File talk:Kenneth Oppel.jpg
updated File talk:Chukovsky.jpg
updated File talk:John Updike with Bushes new.jpg
updated Template talk:John Updike
updated File talk:JohnnyBomb.jpg
updated File talk:JohnnyDead.jpg
updated File talk:Julieofthewolves2003.png
updated File talk:Julieofthewolves72.png
updated File talk:JuliusRootCloseup.png
updated File talk:MelvinBurgess Junk.jpg
updated File talk:KatherineApplegate.JPG
updated File talk:Jennings Follows A Clue cover.jpg
updated File talk:John Masefield.jpg
updated File talk:Just a plant book.jpg
updated File talk:James patterson small.jpg
updated File talk:The Dangerous Days of Daniel X.jpg
updated File talk:Maximum Ride 5.jpg
updated File talk:Maximum Ride Series.jpg
updated File talk:Maximum Ride4.jpg
updated File talk:Maximum Ride3.jpg
updated File talk:Maximum Ride2.jpg
updated File talk:Maximum Ride1.jpg
updated File talk:Sendak-nightkitchen.jpg
updated File talk:Inkheart book.jpg
updated File talk:InkspellBookCover.jpg
updated Template talk:Inkworld
updated File talk:Inkdeathcover.jpg
updated File talk:Blue dolphins.jpg
updated File talk:Hugh Lofting.jpg
updated File talk:HollyBlack.jpg
updated File talk:Houseofstairs.jpg
updated File talk:Hurricane Gold.jpg
updated File talk:I-am-cheese-cover.jpg
updated File talk:Halfmooninvestigations.jpg
updated File talk:Anderson (gold medal).jpg
updated File talk:Eleanor Farjeon (Элеанор Фарджон).jpg
updated File talk:HeartbeatBookCover.jpg
updated File talk:Hello-harvest-moon.jpg
updated File talk:HereLiesArthur-PhilipReeve.jpg
updated File talk:AreYouReallySellingThat.jpg
updated File talk:Golliwogg1.jpg
updated File talk:Goodnightmoon.jpg
updated File talk:Grandpa-never-lies.jpg
updated File talk:Buffer Girl cover.jpg
updated File talk:Basil E Frankweiler.jpg
updated File talk:Newberry Award.jpg
updated File talk:GarthNix.jpg
updated File talk:Paulsen.jpg
updated File talk:Lowry gathering blue cover.jpg
updated File talk:GideonTheCutpurse-LindaBuckleyArcher.jpg
updated File talk:Flying-solo.jpg
updated File talk:FoalyCloseup.png
updated File talk:Freedomsummerbook.jpg
updated File talk:Ernie.jpg
updated File talk:Everworld Book1.jpg
updated File talk:Evil Genius Cover.jpg
updated File talk:Crown Prince Akihito and Elizabeth Gray Vining.JPG
updated File talk:Ella enchanted (book cover).jpg
updated File talk:Eloise Logo.svg
updated File talk:Stamp Emil und die Detektive.jpg
updated File talk:Stig Dump.JPG
updated File talk:Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Last Straw.png
updated File talk:Ozbook04illo2.jpeg
updated File talk:DoubleorDie.jpg
updated File talk:BloodFever.jpg
updated File talk:By Royal Command Cover Art.jpg
updated File talk:YoungJamesBond.jpg
updated File talk:Dragon Rider.jpg
updated File talk:Dave McKean.jpg
updated File talk:Cages.jpg
updated File talk:Dear Nobody cover.jpg
updated File talk:DeepW.jpg
updated File talk:DianeDuaneCharlesStross.jpg
updated File talk:Diary of a wimpy kid.jpg
updated File talk:Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.png
updated File talk:DarkCalling.jpg
updated File talk:WolfIslandHB.jpg
updated File talk:Death's Shadow.jpg
updated File talk:Blood Beast Cover.JPG
updated File talk:BecCover.jpg
updated File talk:Slawtercoveruk.jpg
updated File talk:Demon Thief UK Cover.jpg
updated File talk:Cue for Treason.jpg
updated File talk:Handlertheend.PNG
updated File talk:Daniel Handler in SSF 02-06 3.JPG
updated Talk:Emily Nasrallah
updated File talk:Chasing Vermeer cover.jpeg
updated File talk:Chver.jpg
updated File talk:Cheshire Cat Tenniel.jpg
updated File talk:Chicka 1 2 3.jpg
updated File talk:City of Bones.jpg
updated File talk:City of bones German.jpg
updated File talk:Coblentz-CC.jpg
updated File talk:Celia en el colegio.JPG
updated File talk:Celia en el mundo.jpg
updated Template talk:The Icemark Chronicles
updated Talk:Last Battle of the Icemark
updated File talk:Charlie Higson.jpg
updated File talk:Bowvayne.jpg
updated File talk:Otori Moon.jpg
updated File talk:BlinkyBill.JPG
updated File talk:BlinkyBill.png
updated File talk:Blood and chocolate.jpg
updated File talk:Bloody Jack cover.jpeg
updated File talk:UJRcover.jpeg
updated File talk:MississippiJackcover.jpeg
updated File talk:Mistletoe paints a picture in bed.jpg
updated Template talk:Benjamin Zephaniah
updated File talk:Baseball Card Adventures covers.jpg
updated File talk:Sample Baseball Card Adventure Covers.JPG
updated Talk:Shoeless Joe & Me
updated Talk:Jim & Me
updated File talk:Honus & Me.jpg
updated File talk:Jackie & Me cover.jpg
updated File talk:Babe & Me cover.jpg
updated File talk:Astrosaurs - The Star Pirates.jpg
updated File talk:Lindgren 1960.jpg
updated File talk:Astrid Lindgren 1924.jpg
updated File talk:AnthonyBuckeridge.jpg
updated File talk:Oppel - Airborn Coverart.png
updated File talk:Ntimewar.jpg
updated File talk:Adeline.jpg
updated File talk:Abhorsen.jpg
updated File talk:Abbgsmall.jpg
updated File talk:Nagdw.jpg
updated File talk:Songoa.jpg
updated File talk:Captfifth.jpg
updated File talk:Schcampf.jpg
updated File talk:A M Homes by David Shankbone.jpg
updated File talk:Windinthedoorhb.jpg
updated File talk:WindInTheDoorBookCover.JPG
updated File talk:Swiftlytiltingplanet.jpg
updated Talk:List of 18th-century British children's literature publishers
updated Talk:Cobwebs to Catch Flies
updated File talk:Marywollstonecraft.jpg
updated File talk:EdgeworthAssistant.png
updated File talk:Parents assist illustation2.jpg
updated File talk:GTShoesWoodcut.jpg
updated File talk:Libbabraybeauty.jpg
updated File talk:Rebel Angels.jpg
updated File talk:Sweet Far Thing.jpg
updated File talk:13 Shocking Secrets.jpg
updated File talk:Thedismaldinner.JPG
updated File talk:Pointblancgn cover.jpg
updated Talk:Babar's Museum of Art
updated File talk:Babar museum of art.JPG
updated File talk:Amuletsamarkand.jpg
updated File talk:Ptolemysgate.jpg
updated File talk:Golemseye.jpg
updated File talk:Maud Hart Lovelace.jpg
updated File talk:Beaconstreetgirls1.jpg
updated File talk:Beaconstreetgirls2.jpg
updated File talk:Beaconstreetgirls3.jpg
updated File talk:Beaconstreetgirls4.jpg
updated File talk:CharlieGlassCover1972.jpg
updated File talk:CharlieGlassCover2001.jpg
updated File talk:Captainunderpantscover.jpg
updated File talk:Captain Underpants Talking Toilets.jpg
updated File talk:Captain Underpants Lunch Ladies.jpg
updated File talk:Poopypants Captain Underpants.jpg
updated File talk:Wicked Wedgie Woman.jpg
updated File talk:Nasty Nostril Nuggets.jpg
updated File talk:Robo Booger.jpg
updated File talk:Purplepottypeople.jpg
updated File talk:Chitty bang.JPG
updated Talk:Two Bad Ants
updated File talk:Zathura book cover.jpg
updated File talk:The-sweetest-fig.jpg
updated File talk:CM polar express.jpg
updated Talk:Dalemark Quartet
updated Talk:House of Many Ways
updated File talk:DalemarkQuartet1.JPG
updated File talk:DalemarkQuartet2.JPG
updated File talk:DalemarkQuartet3.jpg
updated File talk:DalemarkQuartet4.jpg
updated File talk:Cover of Cart and Cwidder.jpg
updated File talk:DrownedAmmet.jpg
updated File talk:Cover of The Spellcoats.jpg
updated File talk:Castle in the Air Cover.jpg
updated File talk:House of Many Ways.jpg
updated File talk:Darklordofderkholmcover.jpg
updated File talk:Cover of Year of the Griffin.jpg
updated File talk:Deep Secret Cover.jpg
updated File talk:Merlin Conspiracy Cover.jpg
updated File talk:Cover Of Dogsbody.jpg
updated File talk:Cover of Eight Days of Luke.jpg
updated File talk:Cover of Fire and Hemlock.jpg
updated File talk:The time of the ghost.jpg
updated File talk:Jeff Kinney photo.jpg
updated File talk:The Enchanted Castle cover.jpg
updated File talk:The deepwoods 2.jpg
updated File talk:Sky pirates 2.jpg
updated File talk:Cotsgamerican.jpg
updated File talk:Clash of the Sky Galleons.jpg
updated Talk:List of British children's and young adults' literature titles (1900–1949)
updated File talk:Bunter.jpg
updated File talk:Floreat Greyfriars.jpg
updated File talk:Biggles Delivers The Goods - WE Johns 1952 hardback book cover.jpg
updated File talk:Biggles Pioneer Air Fighter - WE Johns - c1971 book dust jacket.jpg
updated File talk:ReturnOfTheKing.JPG
updated File talk:TwoTowers.JPG
updated File talk:FellowshipOfTheRing.JPG
updated File talk:Janeunlucky.jpg
updated File talk:Janefourth.jpg
updated File talk:HouseAtPoohCorner.jpg
updated Template talk:Winnie-the-Pooh
updated File talk:WinnieThePooh.JPG
updated Talk:The Magnet
updated Talk:The Gem
updated File talk:Boy's Own Annual, volume XIII 1890-91.jpg
updated File talk:Jabberwock 2.jpg
updated File talk:Magnet 1.jpg
updated File talk:MagnetCompanion 77.jpg
updated File talk:ChildrensNewspaper-01-1919-03-22.jpg
updated File talk:Gem1.jpg
updated File talk:Beano Jan 6 1940.jpg
updated Talk:List of early 20th-century British children's literature illustrators
updated File talk:William Outlaw 1.JPG
updated File talk:AcrossTheWall.jpg
updated File talk:Above the Veil.jpg
updated File talk:The Violet Keystone.jpg
updated File talk:The Faerie Path.jpg
updated File talk:The Lost Queen.jpg
updated File talk:Hungrycitychronicles.jpg
updated File talk:PhilipReeve2008.png
updated File talk:Predatorsgold.JPG
updated File talk:Infernaldevices1.jpg
updated File talk:Darkling Plain.JPG
updated File talk:Fantastic beasts.JPG
updated File talk:Beedle St UK.jpg
updated File talk:The Tales of Beedle the Bard.jpg
updated File talk:The Key.jpg
updated File talk:The Named.jpg
updated File talk:Inkheart original book covers.jpg
updated File talk:Cornelia Funke.JPG
updated File talk:This can't be happening!.jpg
updated File talk:Alternate cover of This Can't Be Happening!.jpg
updated File talk:Go! (2).jpg
updated File talk:Beware The Fish!.jpg
updated File talk:Otori map.png
updated File talk:Otori HNIW.jpg
updated File talk:Otori Nightingale.jpg
updated File talk:Otori Grass.jpg
updated File talk:Otori Heron.jpg
updated File talk:Pendragon boxed set.jpg
updated File talk:DJMacHale TheLostCityOfFaar.jpg
updated File talk:DJMacHale TheNeverWar.jpg
updated File talk:DJMacHale TheRealityBug.jpg
updated File talk:DJMacHale BlackWater.jpg
updated File talk:DJMacHale TheRiversOfZadaa.jpg
updated File talk:DJMacHale TheQuillanGames.jpg
updated File talk:Pilgrimsofrayne.jpg
updated File talk:RavenRisecover.jpg
updated File talk:SoldiersofHalla.jpg
updated File talk:Pendragon Guide To the Territories.jpg
updated File talk:Before the War.png
updated File talk:Anne McCaffrey 1.jpg
updated File talk:AnneMcCaffrey Dragonflight.jpg
updated File talk:Dragonquest(1stEd).jpg
updated File talk:TheWhiteDragon(1stEd).jpg
updated File talk:McCaffrey dragonseye.jpg
updated File talk:McCaffrey dolphins.jpg
updated File talk:AnneMcCaffrey AllTheWeyrsOfPern.jpg
updated File talk:Renegades.gif
updated File talk:Dragonsdawn.gif
updated File talk:Nerilkastory.jpg
updated File talk:MoretaPern(1stEd).jpg
updated File talk:McCaffrey dragons kin.jpg
updated File talk:McCaffrey dragonsblood.jpg
updated File talk:DRAGONHARPER .jpg
updated File talk:McCaffrey Dragons fire cover.jpg
updated File talk:Giftofdragons.gif
updated File talk:Chroniclesofpern.gif
updated File talk:McCaffrey skies of pern.jpg
updated File talk:McCaffrey masterharper.jpg
updated File talk:TheBFG.jpg
updated File talk:TheWitches.jpg
updated File talk:GiraffePellyMe.jpg
updated File talk:EsioTrotCover2.gif
updated File talk:Vicarofnibbleswicke.jpg
updated File talk:RhymeStew.jpg
updated File talk:Revolting Rhymes.jpg
updated File talk:Gremcov.jpg
updated File talk:JamesAndTheGiantPeach.jpg
updated File talk:TheMagicFinger.jpg
updated File talk:FantasticFoxDahl.gif
updated File talk:FantasticFoxDahl2.gif
updated File talk:HenrySugar.jpg
updated File talk:DannyChampionOfTheWorld.JPG
updated Talk:Other Bells for Us to Ring
updated File talk:Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book cover.gif
updated File talk:Ann Brashares 2 by David Shankbone.jpg
updated File talk:Foreverinblue.jpg
updated File talk:Thursday's Child (Sonya Hartnett) Cover.jpg
updated File talk:AlchymistsCat.jpg
updated File talk:FinalReckoningBook.jpg
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